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New Low Cost DAC

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I bought the V-DAC for my system and I think it sounds terrific. But, I don't have anything to compare it to as this is the first computer audio based system I have set up or heard.


I liked the price point from a Musical Fidelity brand name. I also liked their approach to this line of components: they state that most components breakdown cost of 30% to electronics and 70% to chassis and enclosure. They decided to reverse the ratio for this series. I'm assuming the "V" stands for Value.


Granted, it upsamples all input to 24 bit/192kHz. I didn't have any reservations about this aspect because as noted above I didn't have a reference point to begin with. It looked to me like something that would get the bits right, both in a literal and figurative sense. My first choice was to go super cheap and see about a Devil Sound DAC but their website had 'em sold out until March. May consider one for a secondary system slated for the near future.


At the same time, I purchased a SimAudio Moon i-1 integrated amp and DALI Lecktor 6 speakers. I proceeded to purchase the Macbook White plastic laptop for the computer portion. Side note: was considering a Mac Mini but didn't have an extra keyboard or screen. What's funny is the aluminum case Macbooks are sans firewire where it's available on the White Plastic affair -- which is also three hundred bucks cheaper. Go figure.


And a further note: ain't it great having a clean credit card and that oblivious attitude from seeing your investments take a hit over the months and figuring I may as well invest in some personal assets instead of watching it disappear on its own.


I finally got it set up and am quite, quite pleased with it. What I liked about the Moon is that it didn't color the sound. I was comparing it to a Naim 5i, which did sound good but I preferred the Moon. What I also like about my set-up, granted these are initial impressions with no prior reference, is the "honesty" of the sound. Some ripped files sound incredible and others not so great with all levels of quality in-between. I conclude I'm getting the real sound that was mixed for the master. I don't know how much the V-DAC affects this quality.


Oops, forgot to mention that everything is being ripped to AIFF.


So, I'm spending my time ripping and and listening as the amp and speakers go through their factory stated break-in period of 100 hours. I'm looking forward to what is to be better sound while pleased with the initial take.


Will report as I learn and experience.






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