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Digitized 78s

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Does anyone know of any good sources of digitized 78s? So far I'm aware of the following two;








The later link is extremely good as the guy who does the digitizing appears to use minimal re-mastering techniques;


"My goal is to not use much "Digital Jiggery Pokery" as some other blog sites use. the real reason I started the blog was that I was appalled at some of the transfers that other people do,

You know the Jaggies when too much declicking has been used leaving "Holes" and the widespread use of so called Noise Reduction which destroys much of the musical timbe of the recording as it was meant to fix. As I've been doing this work for many years and professionally too I thought it was about time people had Quality Rips."


I'm not talking about 78rpm recordings that are now available on CD. What I'm looking for are original 78 needle-drops.





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Google 'Radio Dismuke' it's good stuff and will give you some pointers.


I find the best results are obtained by digitizing your own 78's but you have to learn how to play them properly first, and it's not like vinyl. 'Expert Pickups' are a world authority on this topic.




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Just in case anyone needs to know how to play 78's, there are a couple of things which are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.


1. You CANNOT use a conventional RIAA phono stage. It would distort the frequency response irrecoverably. It's better to use a plain microphone pre-amp and some EQ from a digital equalizer. Follow your ears when using the EQ.


2. You MUST have a correctly sized and shaped 78 stylus (perhaps several sizes will be necessary). A stereo cartridge is fine, better I think than mono for transcription purposes.


Strangely a 78 turntable is not really necessary as the speed can be altered digitally. Audacity can do this trick. Make a 'flat' recording at 33 or 45 and then apply your eq when you replay at 78 rate.


Just in case it helps anyone. cheers JC.


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