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Steve Jobs


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Breaking news in the US is Steve Jobs will step down

as CEO of Apple until possibly June '09.


We all owe Steve a lot, given our interest: computer audio.

Please those of you who would wail on Apple for whatever

your reasons, take a breath. This is not the time.

All of those who love and have benefited from computer

audio, to The Steve -- our respect and best wishes.

We should all be so smart as you dood. Get well soon.








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speedy recovery for Steve and the best to his family in this time. Hopefully this is not related to that rare form of pancreatic cancer he beat. Hoping for the best.


He's been the biggest factor in turning Apple around and what it is today.





intel mac mini 1.6 Core Solo via WD 500 GB - Lavry DA10 DAC - PS Audio GCP 200 Preamp - NHT x-D 2.1 & modified Sony SACD 777ES SACD all sitting on a fine tuned Grand Prix Audio Monaco stand.

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