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For Hi-Fi sound: How best to connect PC to AV Receiver with Speakers?

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My goal is to put together a high fi media system for the purpose of home theater, to play movies and music.


For this purpose, I currently obtained:


Dell XPS 420 desktop (no sound card)


Sony AV Receiver model # STR-DA4400ES

5.1 Infinity Cascade speakers.


I've been debating getting a high-end sound card vs Benchmark DAC, but when I try to figure out how I would connect the Benchmark DAC to the AV Receiver, I can't find any info on the internet. Is this because AV Receivers already have built-in DACs? If so, then I am confused.


The get the highest quality sound possible, what components do I need from my PC to the AV Receiver and Infinity Cascade speakers?

sound card? (which one?)

or DAC (if so, what cables do I use to connect it to the AV receiver? XLR to coaxial converter?)

Sorry if I may be a bit clueless.


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The chain is PC ----> interface (aka soundcard with digital out or usb port, etc.) -----> DAC (either Benchmark Dac1 or your receiver) ------> receiver -----> speakers.


View the output jacks on the Benchmark DAC1 or any other dac as the same as the output from a cd or dvd player. They go into the rca input jacks on the back of your receiver.




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Hi sweetchic - Are you any clearer on your quest to connect your computer with your home theater?


A very easy way is to get a sound card with a Toslink connection and connect that straight to you receiver's toslink input. This would use the DAC in your receiver.


Or, you could always get a Devilsound DAC. Connect it via USB to your computer and to the analog inputs on your receiver. It's a DAC in a cable all-in-one.


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