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B&W zeppelin problem

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hi all


Does anyone heard or experience static or shhhhhhhhhhh nosie from the zeppelin. I connect my ipod touch and the speaker has the static noise and that is very annoying especially when play with vocal with quiet background. However connecting through headphone jack, the sound is fine.

but what is the point oh having the B&W dock but not be able to use.

I am very upset with this problem. and it seems that B&W does nothing to fix this. and i am going to return the unit.


Please share your comment or experience


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Dear all


I am using mac book with all song in apple loseless file,


is it possible that i can buy external DAC and how to connect them between comp ( via USB??, and external amp/speaker?


does anyone has any recommendation and procedure?


Thanks all







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It happens on many Zeppelins during quiet passages of the music when the volume is also low.


My theory was that it happens because of something to do with using the iPod's volume control. Truncation bringing the signal to down close to the noise floor?


I don't know for sure but I've heard the problem a lot with classical music.


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