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a better iTunes for large libraries?

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this is my longtime, on-going obsession - much as I love iTunes, it's not designed to work with larger libraries, and my library is very large.


I have set up a special music server (of the kind described on this website) to run the Linux platform and the Amarok program, but I was curious if anyone else has a very large library on Mac or Windows and what program they're using for it.


somewhere in this site, I came across a windows program called Media Monkey, but they only promise that it will work with libraries of up to 50,000 songs ... obviously, I passed that number a LONG time ago!




[Here's an older article - from almost two years ago - about my trials & tribulations with iTunes (if anyone is interested); incidentally I didn't really claim to have the world's largest iTunes library, that was just something Glenn & I agreed on to attract attention, which it did!]


Glenn Wolsey, a really nice bloke from New Zealand, who is the area's leading Mac & Technology blogger (a bloke who has a blog) interviewed me regarding my iTunes library and program situation... here is the link:




the link






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