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Beresford Caiman (Optical) or Music Streamer II?

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Hello! I am trying to improve the sound quality from my computer on a tight budget, and these forums are probably the best place for my question.


I have two options with my limited budget: I found a second hand "modded" Beresford Caiman, or I can find an eBay seller who ships internationally (I live in Turkey) and get a HRT Music Streamer II (basic version).


I'm leaning towards the Music Streamer II since it's a newer model, accepts 96/24 via USB (I would need to connect the Caiman via optical for 96/24) and I read the Caiman is not particularly good with optical input.


Do you think the HRT Music Streamer II can offer better sound quality compared to a Caiman connected via optical? I don't have a coax output.


Thanks in advance!


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I think my message was so long that most people didn't read it; I've shortened it.


The Audioengine D1 also fits in my budget. How does it compare to the HRT Music Streamer II and the Caiman?


I hope these "entry level" DAC's are not too boring compared to the usual gear discussed in these forums. :)


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I can't comment on how the D1compares to the other two; but on it's own it's a great value for the money. I bought one a few weeks ago and can attest to the fact that it works well with Macy's and PC's (althought PC's can require a little work). It makes streams sound very good and high quality rips get you very good results.


I would avoid a modded anything (living in Turkey) unless you know a good technician.


Check out the D1 thread on head-fi.


Good luck.



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Dear Tony, thank you for the reply! I was thinking of updating the topic in the light of recent developments and I'm glad to see a reply.


I agree a modded DAC was probably not a very good choice; I know very little about electronics (can't even tell an opAmp apart) and don't know any audio technicians. If something went wrong I would just have to say goodbye to the DAC.


I also heard of very good things for the D1. The reviews were quite nice, and it also has an optical input and a volume control. Still, I could not learn when the Turkish distributor of Audioengine will bring it to Turkey (the website says "soon in stock") and I didn't want to wait any longer since I had been searching for a DAC for around 2 months already.


Last week I had the chance to have something brought from Germany, so I found the German distributor of HRT and purchased a Music Streamer II (basic version) together with a NuForce Impulse USB cable.


I received them this morning, and they are sitting on my office desk in front of me at the moment. I'm looking forward to getting home and giving them a try! I hope it will be worth the money and hassle.


By the way, 150$ became 150€ since I bought from Germany, and including shipping etc. I paid around 210$ for the Streamer II (and about 26$ for the Impulse). I think I would have paid around the same cost if the D1 was available for sale here, and I would have warranty in Turkey too. I hope the Streamer II will satisfy me so I won't think "Wish I had waited for the D1" later...


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