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Which to buy, Sennheiser HD800 or Beyerdynamic T1? Video

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Nicely done, thank you for taking the time to do this.


I own some Beyer DT880's which are not like the T1's exactly though their appears to be family resemblence. But they fit comfortably, are satisfying long term, and very well made. I can only expect the T1's are more so. Also, just like speakers, get a good amp for good headphones just as you suggest. It is crucial for getting the most out of them.


I suppose one suggestion would be for you to include which things you tried each headphone with that either did a good job with them or failed to bring out the best it was capable of. You did mention an Ipod wouldn't do it.


And always keep in mind: Cognitive biases, like seeing optical illusions are a sign of a normally functioning brain. We all have them, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, but it is something that affects our objective evaluation of reality. 

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I was trying to keep the video under 8 min. I will definetly try to work the amps into future reviews. I welcome other tips to improve the videos.


I've gotten slammed for saying this in the past, but it's as true now as ever: You can hear the superiority of the HD800 over any other dynamic headphone I've heard, on an iPod. It's that good, that its superior reproduction of upper harmonic detail shows through on the lowliest of amplifiers.

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I agree.I find that even without a proper amp,plugged straight into my samsung smartphone, the HD800 is still superior to my other phones.

At the office I have a cheap superlux HA 3 headphone amp together with a Behringer usb dac,and the sound is amazing.

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The HD800 is king. Dump the stock cable and buy the Cardas Clear cable to replace it. If your headphone amp allows it, buy the Balanced version if possible, it makes a lot of difference. I know because I bought both the Balnaced and Unbalanced versions.


I am using the Bryston BHA-1 headphone Amp, switching between Mytek 192 Stereo and Bel Canto 3.5 MkII VBS DAC. Playback off a MacBook Air linked to a 8TB Thunderbolt drive.



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I think the cable company will lend you both of these. I tend to listen to the LCD-3's a bit more often, but the HD800 is an excellent headphone.

- Mark


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