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Clicking noise on DAC

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Hi CA folks!


The setup is Peachtree iNova and Pro-Ject Stream Box DS.

Connected via Wireworld Starlight Coax.


The problem is that i can hear some clicking noise in the spearkers.

(like the sound from a good old vinyl)

I've tried different Coax and different sources with no problems.


Of cause the unit could be faulty, but I've heard about the problem with other devices as well.


Could that be something electrical with the Coax communication?


Thanks a million




iMac27\"i5,Apple TV2(SeasonPass)TC2,Pro-Ject Stream Box DS,Peachtree iNOVA,Shahinian Starter,Wireworld,MSB UMT + MSB Platinum DAC IV, XIVA M8.Tom Fletcher Turntable, Tiny Tube Riaa.[br]Working for www.tekni-fi.dk

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Are these random clicks or something with specific timing?


Neil M.


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Maybe woodpeckers have nested in your loudspeakers :)


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