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WHS or something else?

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I use an HP EX-490 Media Server running WHS for both back-up duties and music library storage for my voyage mpd/alix. A couple of days ago, I tried to do some admin work on my server, but I could not get to the WHS console. This is the third time I have run into this issue (some corrupted files causing this...), and I am getting tired of it- it's a hassle to restore WHS, and it makes me worry about its reliability and robustness.


Now, I am thinking, should I replace it with other NAS? Or should I split the back-up and music library functions? Or are there ways to make my WHS more robust?


I appreciate your insights. Thanks.


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I also have a HP MSS EX490 and love the thing. To me it is a bit of technology that is still ahead of its time (okay, they only ceased production a year ago, but still ...).


Look through your owners manual PDF. It is quite easy to reinstall Windows Home Server without losing data or anything. That is one of the things servers are designed to do. (...Have you tried just restarting the darned thing?)


You might also post a question on MediaSmartServer.Net:




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Well, it's kind of a radical suggestion, but you could backup all the music files to an external disk, then scratch and reload that machine with Vortexbox. It will easily handle everything you mentioned, and do it very reliably indeed.


It's a big jump, I know, but once you make it you will never look back. :)





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Thank you both for your kind words.


I wound up doing a factory reset- of course, I had backed up all my music first. This is the third time being locked out by WHS. The last couple of times, I did one factory reset and one system reset. It's not that I can't restore it; it's just getting old...


I believe that WHS would lock me out whenever a pc backup image gets corrupted. If I know how to prevent the corruption I'll be a much happier WHS user.


Vortexbox is looking better and better now. If I turn my EX490 into a Vortexbox, though, I would need to get another NAS for regular duty. But that may not be a bad idea after all...


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I don't realize Vortexbox can do regular backup stuff, etc.


One of my concern is that whenever my EX490 causes my Alix to drop out while it starts a backup job (perhaps other kinds of jobs). Would Vortexbox have similar issues?


Another way I am thinking is to build a super mpd machine with all local music and use an NAS to back up this machine.


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If you have enough horsepower in the machine, Vortexbox can do just about all that for you, and it acts as a NAS too. I use one mated with a $230 Squeezebox Touch, which produces glorious sound, and the noisy Vortexbox computer is stashed upstairs in an equipment closet. No noise.


The Vortexbox not only serves a few Squeexbox Touch devices, but also publishes disk space via Appletalk for my Apple TV and WS Live, it publishes the same space as an SMB share for the computer running JRiver Media Center. And it publishes the same space yet again for experimental MPD computers.


It can back up "automatically" to USB devices, but I cheat and backup via rsync to a non-Music NAS device as well.


So yes, I think you can do everything you are thinking of with one machine. :)







Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat DAC.

Robert A. Heinlein

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