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Dave Grohl clarifies Grammy acceptance speech


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Has anybody seen this:




It's on quite a few news sites as well. His speech was, IMHO, the best of the night and I'm surprised to see this needed clarification.


Funny, just this morning I was listening to Stan Getz/Chet Baker Quintessence Vol. 1 thinking what a shame it would have been if Chet was auto-tuned. In his prime he wasn't a great singer and on this album he's certainly not his best, but, I love it .. warts and all! Ok so he didn't have perfect pitch. Ok he wasn't always on key. Who cares .. the man was an incredible talent. He was the total package.


Auto-tune .. no thanks. Go Dave.



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Hi Melvin - Thanks for the link.


Dave's acceptance speech was something I remember vividly after watching the entire Grammy show. I'm glad he said what he said about music sounding perfect but less human. This is similar to what Bill Schnee said in the interview here on CA.


Part 1



Part 2





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Chris .. although I had read the interview when you first published it, I decided another read was in order, and I'm glad I did. My favorite part:


"Robots may want complete perfection in pitch and timing, I don’t think we humans demand it. Passion and emotion are much more important. To me, it’s wrong to try to make more perfect recordings at the expense of emotional impact."


I don't remember thanking you for this interview prior. Thank you.


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