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Chord company USB cable

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Has anyone bought and / or tried the Chord company's new (and first) USB cable?




Although I generally like the Starlight (Red) from Wireworld, I am not really keen on it's stiffness and the rectangular section. Contrary to some claims, I find the Wireworld cable difficult to route and it puts undue strain on the USB connections due to the inherent stiffness. The Silver version is much more pliable but it does not synergise with my setup nearly as well as the cheaper Red version.


It would seem the new Chord cable may get around the physical characteristics of the Wireworld which I don't like, but I wonder what it sounds like.


I could only find one user opinion on the net (user really likes it, but surprisingly finds a Wireworld Ultraviolet harsh and fatiguing - something I find really hard to understand, as the two lower spec Wireworlds are known to be smooth and rich sounding).




Personally, on the downside I think the Wireworld Red is sometimes overly rich sounding, lending a bit of excessive, uncomfortable bloom to the overall sound with recordings pre-disposed that way. It does seem that the Chord might be a more "open" sounding design. I had thought, however, that the Wireworld Ultraviolet was simply a more budget version of the Red (with a little less silver), so I am having trouble understanding this user's opinion.


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