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Looking for Best Setup NAS + DAC + ???


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hello to all,


i am new to forum and found out it's the right place for me to find a solution.


i am looking for the easiest and most efficient way to play my music archive.


i have a big archive (at least for me) that i cannot store on my computer with many FLAC and APE albums.


i store all my media on my Synology 211 NAS and also have Cambridge Audio DACMagic2 to convert digital audio.


recently i play my archive on my pc laptop via foobar2000 and connect DAC via usb. looking for a pc free solution for it.


first i was thinking about Logitech Squeezebox Touch as my network player. then i've found out that IPAD can transfer digital audio to DAC.


so basicaly i'm looking for a solution get my music data out from NAS and send it to DAC, Logitech SBT or IPAD? if IPAD can handle this it would be more useful to go with IPAD.


my another concern is how can i use iTunes Server on Synology NAS? there will IPAD, Macbook Pro and PC laptop at home, so all these devices should access the music library. running itunes server on Synology NAS can handle this?


thank you for any comment


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