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Air - La Voyage dans la Lune (Qobuz 24/96)

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What you have there is a 96 kHz upsample from 44.1 kHz. Note the vertical mirroring in the spectrogram because no filter was used in the upsampling process. I've attached an example that I just made with iZotope resampler at lowest quality setting. Demand a refund.





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I did wonder about those, thank you for explaining the chart.


I'm not sure that my French is good enough to ask for a refund, but it will certainly make me think twice about using Qobuz again.




I've received the following message back from Qobuz (via Babelfish translation):


We have telephone appointment this midday with the engineer who mastered the project of Air, we will verify it together; it n' there did not have d' error on this qu' it would have communicated to us. (but a priori all is ok)


From which criteria based to you these assumptions? (Audacity does not allow has any moment to see whether N file is upsamplé or not. It is amateur software allowing it to post the audio signal and its spectrum. He can make it possible to see cuts and possibly compressions. But it is not possible to ensure a upsampling from this software) We hold you informed during the day.


I sent them my files for the second song, and will let you know if I get a response.


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For your information, the Studio Master 24/96 version of Le Voyage Dans La Lune by Air has been deleted from the Qobuz store, because this version did not match our quality standards on this type of HD file.


This week, the mastering studio will provide us with a new adequate HD version in 24/44,1.


Thank you for your understanding


Kindest regards,


The Qobuz Team



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I'm delighted that Qobuz have posted this here, it benefits all of us to have a good dialogue between the consumers and the sellers of these files. Sadly I have not heard directly from Qobuz about what they are going to do for those of us who have purchased this item in good faith believing it to be 24/96.


However when I look at the Qobuz store the Air album does still appear there as a "Studio Master" 24/96.




Je suis ravi que Qobuz ont signalé ceci ici, il bénéficie tous les nous pour avoir un bon dialogue entre les consommateurs et les vendeurs de ces dossiers. Tristement je n'ai pas entendu directement de Qobuz au sujet de ce qu'elles vont faire pour ceux de nous qui ont acheté cet article en bonne foi le pensant pour être 24/96.


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Hello guys,

I have bought over 50 albums from Qobuz lately.


I have had a chance to test their customer services many times, and I have been _very_ please with their response on each occasion.


Since I speak French, if some of you need help, I will be glad to help.




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