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Ipeng and Squeezebox Touch query

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I'm writing in the hope that you can help!

I use Ipeng to control my Squeezebox Touch. I love the sound quality and the convenience.However, I have experienced some operation difficulties. Sometimes, when I change a track, the Touch will crash and reset. This has happened enough times to concern me.Any ideas or solutions to this predicament?




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First, and I hope you don't mind me stating the obvious, would be to make sure the Touch firmware and the Server software are up to date. Do this from the Server software interface on your main computer.


Second, I know it is a very well respected app, but I always had a lot of trouble with iPeng, one way or the other. There was always something, it seemed.


I now use Squeezepad to control my Transporter and it has been flawless for me. Logitech have their own apps out for both the iPad and the iPhone/iPod Touch - I haven't tried either of them but they get good reviews in the app store, from those that have.


If the Touch still crashes after that, then I would say it is probably faulty.


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