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The right to resell downloads

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We will wait and see what happens. There has been a lot of 'for and against' about copying on another thread, though not about commercial copying as this is, more about personal morals.


What amuses me most is these stupid lawyers giving their 'expert view' (Ho Ho) before anything comes to court. Such as Claire McCracken' saying "It is clear...etc. etc".


Nothing is clear until there has been a court decision, and appeals, if any, have been completed.


Her comments mean no more than you or I speculating on the result of tomorrow's football game.


We will have to wait and see! Everyone has an opinion, same as everyone has an (take a guess).




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Yeah lawyers on both sides always try to speak as if they are impartial. I guess that's what they get paid for.


I don't think the record industry ever liked the idea of used CDs and a few years back there was some talk about charging royalties on used CDs. With downloads they thought they had changed the perception because of there's no physical medium. And is was sort of working. Not too long before the younger generation has no memory of a physical medium.


I personally would rather buy the music on a disc with artwork liner notes etc. It has way more value for me.


So the debate goes on and we shall see what happens in court.

My guess is the court will rule against reselling downloads the way they always rule for the corporate interests. But will be based not on law but an opinion like "While legally it seems that most consumers are not committing infringement, we just can't risk an entire segment of the massive entertainment industry."


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