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I stumbled upon this site a few days ago and I must say that it has been most helpful.


I have been working in audio for 40+ years and have been looking for a logical explanation of how to use a computer as a music server. After reading posts on this site I have got a basic system operation from an old PoweBook and now am waiting for a dedicated computer (MacMini) to arrive.


I plan to get started with a 1TB USB drive as my data storage, but will update this and get an external DAC as funds allow.


Thanks to all who provide the great information here.


Larry Elliott

Auckland, New Zealand


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Welcome to the club. As Chris would say, it's very friendly and informative around here. Even the heated debates stay polite - a real breath of fresh air.


Which Powerbook are you using for your first music system? I have an old Titanium model and I'm wondering if it is worth upgrading the RAM to give it a go.


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LinkedIn Audiophile group pointed me here. Been lurking for a week. Grew up with Heath and Dynakits. Have been living in mid-fi heaven with NAD, Quad 44, Snell E's, Amber 70, Kef 104.2's, Rega 3 with RB300, and too much Adcom.


Now that the daughters are finally getting off to college, I may find the space and resources to begin again. 55,000 tunes in FLAC with well over a TB, backing up and organizing is a challenge, re-learning much.


Steve in Atlanta - very interested in iTouch and MiniMac combo to begin listening room


PC Desk > ThinkPad T42 > Creative USB X-Fi > Audioengine A5's


Home System

Digital 'puter Coax > GDD-1 > Adcom GFA-7400 > Snell E's

Analog > Rega > Bellari > Adcom GTP600 > Adcom 7400


Will not have much to add except thanks to all that contribute here




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Hi Guys - It's really great to read comments like this. Computer Audiophile is a laid back site that's inclusive not exclusive. Our wonderful hobby is so much fun when we can collaborate to share information and improve our listening experiences. I have never been more excited about high-end audio than I am right now! Cheaper components and much better sound quality. Who would have thought this would ever happen.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems AudiophileStyleStickerWhite2.0.png AudiophileStyleStickerWhite7.1.4.png

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