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Lynx Studio AES 16 vs AES 16 SRC

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OK, I just about to join the club and get my computer music server up and running. I have a quick question regarding this 2 cards. According to Lynx Studio website:


"Sample Rate Conversion

Eight channels available with support for conversion ratios up to 8:1

Dynamic range: 142 dB

Multiple-input SRC phase matching

Available on AES16-SRC model only"


If I am reading this correctly, if I want to upsample 44/16 file to 176/24 file to send it to my DA converter, then I would need the AES16-SRC rather than AES16 is that correct?


The price of AES16 with one CBL-AES1604 is about $200 cheaper than AES16-SRC which come with 2 CBL-AES1604 so it is not a huge difference in price, considering everything else I put in to the stereo system. Also if I can upsample everything to 176/24 whether it is 44/16, 88/24 or 176/24 originally, I won't have to keep manually changing the setting in my DA converter which might be worthwhile.



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Hi suteetat - Hmm, My guess is that the SRC version would work, but I haven't used it before and you never know until you or someone else tries it. My guess is that the Lynx SRC would be better than the Core AUdio SRC on a Mac, but it looks like your have a PC based on the AES16 card. I've heard some positive things about certain Windows based SRC. Steve Nugent recommends Secret Rabbit Code SRC, but I'm not sure it supports 24/176.4. Just a thought.


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Ok, I think I will give the SRC version a try and see what happened.

I ordered it through sweetwater.com but looks like it is a special order item

so it will be a few weeks at least.

I also found out that my old computer which I plan to use as a dedicated music server died on

me. Anyhow, it has rather noisy fans so I might as well get something a bit more




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