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Eximus DP1 DAC-pre & headphone amplifier

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Just wondering if anyone has heard the Eximus DP1 DAC as a stand alone DAC (not as a headphone amp)? Its price (~$3K) places it in the same ballpark as the Ayre QB-9. Although the Eximus has many more features (headphone amp, numerous inputs etc.) in comparison to the Ayre, as a stand alone USB DAC, I wonder how it performs along side the Ayre. I am considering purchasing the Ayre as a replacement to my Bryston BDA-1 DAC (linked to a MacBook Pro computer and separate 2 TB hard drive), my price range is $3K to $4K.




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Have wondered about the same question. But also considered, in that price range, Mytek DSD-DAC Preamp for less money and even more features.


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