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Anyone here going to CES later this week?

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Hi Joel - Of course I'll be there reporting back to the site as frequently as can. Computer based audio is going to be huge at the Venetian where all the high end audio suites are located. I've talked to countless manufacturers about their systems and even built one music server that will be used in a specific suite. I won't spill the beans on what suite this will be used in, but I can say you'll know it as soon as you see it.


Hint, it will have something resembling this on the front:






Also, take a look at the new Ayre USB DAC. The Async USB interface is from Gordon Rankin at Wavelength Audio. I'm very eager to hear this one.


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I will track down your logo at the Venetian and perhaps get to meet you.


I am hoping RR brings some of their HRx stuff this year to "sell" at THE show and I'm also looking forward to tracking down Design w sound. I downloaded a few of their free hi-rez tracks and am blown away. Have you seen this stuff Chris?:



Regards, Joel

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Hi Joel - RR will definitely have HRx material there to purchase. My guess is it will probably be at T.H.E Show over at Alexis Park where all the music was for sale last year. Let me ask RR and get back to you.


I'd love to meet you. I'll have my Computer Audiophile CES badge on the whole time, please say hi if you see me around.


Thanks for the link to the high resolution music!


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Well that is some great news on the HRx stuff. I've been holding out buying the 3 titles I don't have in hopes it will be at Alexis Park at a discounted rate for show-goers like RR did last year with their stuff.


Hope to see you there, we hang out at the NFS room at night if you know what that it!


Regards, Joel

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Hi Kent - Great to hear from you! I look forward to meeting you in a couple days at the Venetian. I've got to hear the Design w Sound album.



Joel - I talked to RR and they'll have recent releases on CD and a limited quantity of HRx discs will be sold at the Elusive Disc booth at T.H.E. Show, Alexis Park Hotel, Parthenon Ballroom. If they run out, RR is offering coupons at all the HRx demo locations, good for a 20% discount on their website.


Also, HRx is being demonstrated in quite a few exhibits at CES and T.H.E. Show. Here are the ones I know about:



Simaudio Ltd. Venetian 30th floor, Suite #111

Winston Ma, FIM Alexis Park Room 2209 hospitality suite

PS Audio, Venetian

George Ioakimedes, Bladelius

Boulder Amplifiers

Magico, Venetian

TAD Loudspeakers, Venetian

Blue Smoke Entertainment Venetian 31st floor, #126

Also displaying product and playing HRx with

Tara Labs, 29th fl, #126

MSD 29th floor, 211

Half Note Audio, 30th fl, #139


PS Audio, Boulder, and Bladelius are showing players which will play the discs directly.






Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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Thanks guys!!


Chris--Thanks for taking the time to type all that out. Wow, HUGE HRx presence then! I thought it would be in 1 or maybe 2 rooms. Glad to hear others are demoing it! I had no idea they made players that played the discs directly, that is really neat. I'm going to print off your post there and try to hit all those spots!!! Looks like I'll be visiting Elusive Disc too, right when I get to the show so I can snag the HRx titles I need.


Man, Winston Ma is cutting edge both in the future and in the past. Last year, he had open reel going with Tape Project Tapes. I fell so in love that I bought about 6 open reel decks this past year and subscribed to the TP! Now this year he's going the "other way" and doing HRx!!??!! Man, that guy knows the good stuff!


Kent---hoping I can meet you and hopefully pick up the Audiophile Jazz Prologue dvd!!







Regards, Joel

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Hi Joel - It's interesting you mention the Tape Project and Winston Ma in the same post! I was involved in setting up Winston's music server this year after a visit to his house in Washington. He really knows good sound and is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. On the same trip to Washington I traveled to the Bay Area and visit Paul Stubblebine of the Tape Project. He gave me a tour of his facility where the tape are produced. I got to listen to his mastering system for a while. great sound. I'll be going to dinner him on Friday at CES. Also a very nice guy.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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WOW Chris!


Glad to know and find out you are as "hardcore" as me when it comes to this audio thing. I plan on meeting Paul S. and DocB this year at CES. They are going to announce their next series of tapes which has me glued to my seat even now!


Last year though, I had no idea about open reel and only found out about such things at Winston's FIM room. As you said, he's such a nice guy. Who else seats you and asks, "would you like to hear some master tapes???" Not like you hear that invitation every day!!!!!!!!!! I have been buying FIM releases from Winston for some years now. Not cheap, but SO GOOD!!!


From there at the FIM room at CES last year it was off to the TAD room to hear more from the tapes, I was hooked. From that point, it was back home and a whole lot of $$ invested in Technics, Otari and Teac open reel decks.....Along with Bottlehead external tube tape head amps.........and tapes........


Anyhow---- I'm glad that both the "old school" open reel tapes and "new school" PC audio stuff is going to be as big as it is this year. For myself personally, this is a "dream CES"---OLD MEETS NEW!! I am a big fan of BOTH formats. I guess I'm young enough and old enough to appreciate both---I'm 37.


I am awaiting my TP tape of "Exotic Dances" from RR. Once I get it I can do a "digital vs. analog" shootout of Prof. Johnson's master analog (TP tape) and master digital (HRx wav file) sessions comparing the HRx material to the TP stuff. This is the dream we audio-geeks live for!!! Not that it will "answer the ultimate question" of digital vs. analog but it will at least settle my curiosity for a little while.


Hope to see you there!




Regards, Joel

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