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Soundcheck Mods 3.0 With An External DAC

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I'd like to hear first hand experience with the Soundcheck 3.0 Touch Toolbox Modification.


It would be helpful if you include a description of you system.


With subjective audible changes or differences being difficult to describe and quantify it would be a bit more helpful if you could use this scale as a general guide in your experience with the mod.



If you were to replace a generic (cable included) cable with a universally accepted $400 higher end cable that would be an audible change of 1.


If you were to replace a DAC included within the devise or a $150 outboard DAC to a $4000 higher end DAC that would be an audible change of 10.



Of course there is still a great deal of subjectivity with this guide but I would personally find the responses to be more interesting.




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