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question about Amarra control via iPad remote.

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Hi Folks,

Not that well up on Computer Audio, but I do love my hifi, have sold off my cd player to make the leap into CA, so go easy.

Just about to purchase a DAC, the Arcam rDac KW and rWave dongle,

I have Amarra running on a Macbook (the Amara software sort of piggybacks iTunes).

Question is this, if I control my Macbook with my iPad (via remote app) will the music that get streamed to my system from iTunes be via Amarra? or will that software be bypassed (making it useless), they are both linked together on my Macbook.

I will hardwire the the DAC also at times, but I just want to be able to use this option at times.

Hope this makes sense?


The rest of my system

Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp.

B&W Nautilaus 805's.


Thanks in advance.



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