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JRiver Question

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Might be being a bit harsh there Bill. I am anything but unexperienced with software, and before version 17, JRMC was unusable in my book. Too many crashes, too many odd things happening.


With v17, they have improved by an order of magnitude, including the release of JRemote. And still, it has odd little quirks. Much less irksome, but still there. Some perhaps, caused by Windows (what do you mean the file name is too long?!) and some caused by the ever changing options and locations of options.


(shurg) Anyone coming from a Mac would find the Windows mindset horrible, and JRiver does tend to give the impression they are anti-Apple. A recent comment on the Interact forum was clear about that - along the lines of saying that JRiver will support Android devices better than iOS.


Still, I have a permanent JRiver install up, though the music files are mounted over the network because of file naming issues that Unix and Mac computers don't have.


It sounds very good.





Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat DAC.

Robert A. Heinlein

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> Might be being a bit harsh there Bill.


Maybe. Jason asked questions and got several answers. However, within a few hours he announced that JRiver was too hard and he was giving up.


> I am anything but unexperienced with software,

> and before version 17, JRMC was unusable in my book.


My experience is different. I have used every version from V. 11 on and every one has been very usable. I have used WaveOut, DirectSound, Kernel Streaming, ASIO and WASAPI (event style). I've used JRMC on five PCs - 2 Win XP desktops, 1 XP laptop, 1 Win 7 laptop and 1 Win 7 desktop. I have used analog and SPDIF onboard sound, 2 PCI soundcards (analog and SPDIF outputs) and a UISB DAC. I have used the Tremote and Library Server features for networed operation and currently run my MusicPC in a headless configuration with a VNC connection for control.


JRiver MC does a lot for me and does it well. It can't read my mind so I have decide what I want and figure out how to make MC do what I want. I take my time, do reversible, incremental changes and once I have things working the way I want them, I leave the system unchanged for long periods of time.


I use V. 16 on my dedicated MusicPC for hours and hours every day. I use V. 16 and V. 17 on my personal PC daily as well. I certainly don't find either V. 16 or V. 17 to be unusable.


> Too many crashes, too many odd things happening.



Are you talking about the app crashing (and Windows remaining usable) or are you talking about the app causing Windows to crash. My experience is that apps. can't crash either Win XP or Win 7 by themselves. Kernel level drivers can crash Windows.


WASAPI can be fussy or a sweetheart depending on the particular device driver. I avoid the KernelStreaming interface unless I had to use it. It just isn't tested as thoroughly as DirectSound and WASAPI.


Older versions of JRMC would occasionally display a dialog announcing that it had to shut down. I never lost any data from those incidents. I can't remember seeing that behavior from V. 16 or V. 17 in recent months.






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Don't get me wrong, it is nice. It's a very good hunk of Windows software.

But with V16 and before, it would often put up a dialog box, for no discernible reason, announcing that JRMC had stopped working and needed to shut down.


With 17, I've had a Win7/64 instance running full time, without a reboot, for four weeks now. The control machine, running V16, has crashed 18 or 19 times in the same period. Perhaps it is my fault, but being as they are on identical, if cheap, machines... meh.


YMMV of course.





Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat DAC.

Robert A. Heinlein

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And thanks for the majority of helpfull comments and suggestions.


I have persevered with MC17 and believe I have now got it sorted and have begun to understand it. I have imported my apple lossless and FLAC files, have downloaded 95% of my artwork and have managed to set a filter that will alow me to find just my FLAC files or browse all my files.


I have downloaded the Jremote for my iPad and this is working and believe I have the most optimised settings for my DAC.....unfortunately though, due to a combination of using Windows XP and my DAC I can't use either ASIO or WASAPI.


As most of you said it was just a case of reading and playing and a little bit of patience. I am sure there is lots more I can do and that it will do....but at least for now it is working.


Once again thanks for all the help :-)



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Hey Jason don't mind these grumpy geezers :), just take your time even if you have no patience (I don't have much either, but it's so easy to say unto others, and every once in a while when I listen to myself, I enjoy that leisurely rather than hurried stroll through computer hell).


You'll find there are many, many ways to distinquish your files. And you can search on almost anything and group them that way too.


I'm not one for reading instructions until a little while after absolutely necessary; my method is to right click on everything (doesn't do much on Macs :) or at least not until the last few years--I haven't lived in that world recently) and see what options come up. It's particularly eventful when you do so on column headers, you'll get long lists of options.


I forget now if you said you're using XP, if you are, and you can switch to Win7 or even Vista, you'll find that more of the output options like WASAPI will work. XP, at least in my experience, limited me in that realm.


I you have any specific questions that aren't too complex and you aren't in too much of a hurry for an answer, feel free to pm me.




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MC 17 is a tad spooky to set up BUT, most of it is done automatically and once set up, is really easy. If, as I do, you only use MC17 for music, you can make the setup a lot easier. Set it up manually and only select audio options. The buttons all make sense and the setup is very flexible. Second point...Every music program I know of thrive on LOTS of RAM...I only know of one netbook with more than 1GB of RAM (Asus with option for 2). I found 2 works but 4 works a LOT better. I guess I am saying a netbook might not be the best platform for the software. In addition, the netbook's speed is, let us be charitable, dead slow. I have a 50mpbs internet service yet my 2GB Asus XP netbook only accepts a wireless download rate of 3-4mpbs. It takes forever to download anything. High resolution files might by trying.


Seriously, even a basic laptop running win 7 and having 4GB or Ram will work MUCH better than your netbook. I know, I tried. In addition, MC17 sounds better when set to play from memory and you simply do not have the memory to do that on a netbook.


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I understand what you are saying with regards to the Netbook.....I am in the process of looking at three options at the moment....upgrading the netbook ..including adding adding a SSD and passive cooling, upgrading the RAM and taking the wireless of board.


Using a laptop that I have at the moment, running windows 7 and having a larger HDD and 4GB RAM...however this is also a work laptop and I really wanted to just keep my music server connected to the amps.


Final option is to build a Dedicated Music Server like the CAPS2 running JRiver.


Just currently weighing up all the options....however at the moment the Netbookmseems to work cpfine controlled via my Apple iPad.



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