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Best 16/44 WAV Playback ?

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Dont care for higher Sample Rates. Care for Pace Rythm Timing Imaging Analogue Musicality, Maximum Speed with Meat on the Bones.


Why no I2S standard ? Logitech / Sonus wake up![br]IMO low power devices, such as DAC shall have analogue volume control and battery power. Why buy into preamps, power conditioners and power chords these days ?

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The AMR CD-77 (with USB input) is the most musical CDP/DAC I have encountered. It is getting very close to vinyl.?Try it.


Digital Sources: Optimised HP TouchSmart PC/CEC TL-1X CD Player/AMR DP-777 DAC/Theta Digital DS Pro Basic II (old)

Analogue Sources:Koetsu Jade Platinum MC Cartridge/Tri-Planar arm/Kuzma Stabi Reference turntable/AMR PH-77 Phono Stage

Amplifiers:The Gryphon Elektra Preamplifier/Convergent Audio Technology JL2 Signature Mk 2 Stereo Amplifier

Speakers:Kharma Grand Ceramique Midi[br]Cables:Nordost Valhalla (interconnect and speaker cables)/Shunyata Research power Snakes power cables

Portable: Sony PHA-1/PHA-2; Dragonfly 1.0/1.2; Meridian Explorer, Director; iFi nano iDSD, micro iDAC, micro iDSD; Geek Out; Hdta Serenade DSD

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Care for Pace Rythm Timing Imaging Analogue Musicality, Maximum Speed with Meat on the Bones.


Those are all subjective concepts which is why I think that any one of the good solutions discussed on this whole page will surely give you good sound. And for Maximum Speed with Meat on the Bones you might want to try listening to some speed metal.


Listening Room: ALIX.2D2 (Voyage MPD) --> Arcam rDAC --> Marantz PM-15S2 --> Quadral Wotan Mk V

Drinking Room: ALIX.2D2 --> M2Tech hiFace 2 --> Cambridge Audio Azur 740C --> Rotel RC-06/RB-06 --> B&W XT4

Home head-fi: Grado SR80i, Sennheiser HD 650

On the go head-fi: Sennheiser IE 8

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and play it back on computer, very few CD "players" can equal what your hard drive delivers, assuming you CA system is up to snuff. I can't imagine why anyone would spend $$$$ for a CD player nowadays. I have three in the 2K and up range that can't compete with my Dell.


I have thousands of LPs, hundreds of CDs, and dozens of 24 bit downloads. I mostly listen to the downloads...

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