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Can you rip directly to a NAS


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I have nearly completed my ripping process using a dedicated netbook with an external hard drive using the secure mode of dbpoweramp into flac. I am using a hardwired connection with shielded CAT 6a throughout to my readynas duo via a gigbit ethernet switch. I upgraded the memory of the nas from 256mb to 1gb. I was able to listen to my system while ripping and have not experienced a problem. Now I have read that you should not do it this way. I have read in more than one forum that you should rip to a separate hard drive and then transfer to the nas. I never once received an error message and had the error checking on for the flac encoder. Should I be concerned? I spent 2 weeks doing this and only have a few disks left to go. I will begrudgingly repeat the process if I have to...but my system sounds so spectacular that I rarely turn on the TV now. I just want to ensure that I completed the archiving process without error. When I'm done ripping my cds I want to move on the hi res material of which I downloaded one 88.2/24 file already (phenomenal). Any advice?


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Hi Spike - Do not worry one bit! Your computer sees the NAS drive just like another disk. I rip all my music to a 5 TB Thecus 5200B Pro via gigabit Ethernet. No problems whatsoever as long as your network is configured correctly. It sounds like you're doing just fine in the network department as well.


One thing I am considering for my network is picking up a managed gigabit switch so I can bind my two Ethernet ports on my Mac and the two ethernet ports on my Thecus. With full duplex enabled this gives me awesome speed . Granted I'd never get close to reaching the full bandwidth, but more bandwidth never hurts.


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Thanks Chris. I just wanted to be sure. I had spent an entire week doing test ripping in different formats and set ups to work the bugs out. I then reset the nas and ripped away with no problems. I'm a mac person myself but went with the current configuration to ensure that the rips were pristine. I'm now left with less than 20 disks that either are scratched or have tagging problems. I will either borrow or replace the important ones. My macbook and netbook integrate well together on the network.


Grimm MU1 ===> Genelec 8361a

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