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How to merge two iTunes Libraries - I re-ripped all my CDs in Apple Lossless, and want to overwrite any MP3's or AACs


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Hi All --


Per subject line, I want to overwrite any lossy formats with ALAC files, where new ALAC files exist. My original iTunes Library ("Lib0") has a mix of formats.


I have the newly ripped discs in a clean, new iTunes library ("Lib1").


Lib0 also is missing some music from Lib1 (a few hundred CDs of my wife's stuff.


Lib0 also has some music NOT in Lib1 (discs borrowed from friend's, discs borrowed from the library, and a handful of iTunes and Amazon purchases).


I'm willing to lose some metadata from Lib0, but prefer to keep it if/where possible. There's a lot of hand-curated album art in Lib0, and some manually curated stuff, like annotation of compilations, and fixups of multi-disc set annotation.


And Lib0 has some hand-built playlists -- 'mix tapes' if you will.


So -- the rule I'd like to apply is to "Copy from Lib1 to Lib0"

* overwrite the song in Lib0 where Lib1 has a lossless copy and Lib0 has a lossy copy

* copy into Lib0 if the song doesn't already exist there




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