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simple vs complex---need or want


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Well- this topic spans beyond servers, but I thought that since we are all revved up by this new venue, I would post here.


If our two channel nirvana is to have a fantastic yet simple system that conveyed music at it's best, why are we all so crazy about every new "must have" item marketed to us.


We always talk about keeping the chain simple yet we seem to look to add tons of tweaks that push us further away from our goal.


I just added to a thread regarding bus vs ac powered drives. I need one and don't know which would be best. I would have thought bus is best because it uses a common current to power it. Speed during playback???


Now it's drives to back up drives to back up drives.


I want more for adding less!


This hobby is a marketers wet dream.

It's all about the music-As I type this, I am listening to a great sax with Garcia player lead- it's sounds like heaven


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