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iTunes Match - User feedback and some questions

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It’s been two months since Apple launched this “iTunes Match” service thing. I am considering subscribing, but thought I’d check here to see if anyone has any new experiences (or warnings!) I should be aware of.


I had originally posted these questions under Chris' original review, but the thread quickly got buried since reviews don't show up in the Forum (either that or, well, ...).



I am considering subscribing because a.) I travel a lot and I always seem to want to listen to music I didn’t load onto my 32GB 2nd Gen iPod Touch and b.) my wife has a new iPhone and now has a small interest in listening to some of our music (I immediately bought her a Jawbone Jambox, which she really likes). In our library, her Ally McBeal Soundtrack coexists with my 1933 Artur Schnabel Beethoven recordings.


iTunes Match is an Apple solution, which means it is supported when Diane goes to the Apple Store for One-on-One tutorials. I think this is a very good thing.


I have these questions:


1. Any further user feedback on the service?


2. Is there any risk that Match could somehow overwrite my lossless source files which are stored on my NAS? There is an alarming quote in Chris’ original review which suggests that this could happen if I (or “someone else”) clicked the wrong buttons. The quote is by Chris Foresman who says, “Tracks aren't replaced in either your iTunes library or on your devices unless you request them to be.” We would never do it intentionally, but might accidentally.


3. I am a metadata fanatic including ensuring that there are good quality (usually 750x750 pixel) Album Covers imbedded into all tracks. A bunch of my album covers are alternatives (Canada, Australia, UK, etc) which I've acquired while on the road. Does iTunes Match match my Album Art or their mainstream stuff?


4. (Dumb question) Can I still play music on the iPod when an iPod is in Airplane Mode?


5. Can I “download” different tracks to the iPod for the flight back home?


6. I’ve ripped (err, digitally recorded) a few of my obscure vinyl records. Any user experiences with these kinds of files and Match?



Peachtree Audio DAC-iT, Dynaco Stereo 70 Amp w/ Curcio triode cascode conversion, MCM Systems .7 Monitors

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1. Accuracy does not seem to have improved substantially (much material in the iTunes catalogue is still uploaded rather than matched)--I don't know if things would improve by starting a totally new library, but simply pressing update iTunes match does not noticeably help.


2. This has not happened to me. It does replace--with explicit warning--all music files on the iOS device on which the service has been activated.


3. iTunes match retains all metadata, so unless you trigger an update of the metadata, there should be no change. However, iTunes match does not sync "part of a compilation" very gracefully--a compilation may end up as separate albums in match.


4. Yes--unless airline regulations say otherwise.


5. I do not understand this point.


6. No experience on this.


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can't answer most of yr questions confidently, but as for 4. the answer is when u play something off Match on yr iPhone or iPod it DLs it and takes up space. if you haven't previously DLd it then if you aren't connected, u can see it in the library but can't play it. so u sort of need to be organised upfront and take down what u need for the flight.


as for vinyl rips, my experience is way less than a 50% matching rate i'm afraid. Match doesn't just use metadata (it's actually impossible to work out how and what it does from its behaviour). I think (but nothing seems to pan out consistently) there's a case for only trying to match a few albums at a time (u can open up another iTunes library folder, copy your albums to that then delete them from that folder as they match or upload), there seems to be an advantage to only trying once a day, and there seems to be an advantage to not trying to match ripped cds and vinyl rips together. but i stress that u never really work out whats going on and your first pass will probably only match a third of your library or something.


it's worth it once u have it done, but i would say don't match a whole huge library at once, its a process of a few months.


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Hi all,


My first post here. Whilst I like iTunes Match, it has an awful long way to go yet, IMHO. Most annoying issues for me are partial matching of albums that are clearly available in the iTunes Music Store and constant double counting of play counts in my library. Other than that it's a promising product.

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