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Here is another question for everybody that might help some other folks out to. Right now I have a ALO cryo dock cable that runs out of my ipod to my portable amp. I know they have the Imod's from red wine audio and I am wondering what else in my ipod may hurt the sound, even though I am running it of a dock instead of the headphone jack. What is the difference between this set up with my lossless files and say a desk top setup out of the optical port of my mac to a dac and amp.


Thank you for the help!


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Hi attndef,

the real big problem with the iPod is its digital-to-analog converter: it is definitely not hi-fi to say it gently.

Most dock just take the analogue output from the iPod socket and give you unbalanced output.

Some manufacturers like Krell tried to "polish" out its analog output and they manage to do some great job but they were not able to do miracles.


I solved the problem with Wadia 170iTransport: it is the first iPod dock to be allowed by Apple to bypass the DA converter entirely and give you a real digital output.

From there I go either to an Apogee Rosetta 200 or a Benchmark DAC1 and I'm in hi-end heaven.

Believe me, this dock is absolutely unbelievable: like many reviewers all around the world said it really makes the iPod a true hi-end transport!


The real only problem is how to stuff all my 5000+ CDs (converted in Apple Lossless) in the tiny iPod...I've already bought three of them but I'm far from the 1.6TB it took me for all my discs.


And another thing: I discovered how noisy is even the quietest Mac I have with a 2TB hd attached to it.

The iPod+170iTransport combination is completely silent.


Try and have a listen if you can and let me know what you think...






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I have the 170i and it is great, very quiet as Arin mentions. If you are picky, there is are upgrades for the Wadia as well, such as a power supply from CI Audio and a choice of better cables. Some minor issues for me:

-You cannot play true HD 24/96 or better on an iPod-not sure if that matters to you or not. You will be able to play higher def files directly from your Mac, if you want better than "CD quality" playback.

-If you use this combo in an audio system, the iPod's screen becomes useless as a display unless you have it near you.

-The Wadia remote is pretty cheap.



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