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RE: Neat app for mac control (iPod)


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Hi guys,


I found this screen sharing app (mocha VNC lite) that seems to do a better job than the one mentioned previously (it said that it wouldn't show the desktop). It is a full screen sharing program (ie, shows the desktop and anything else that one needs) that allows the user to zoom (making the screen large enough) and type. I have problems dragging stuff using osx 10.4.11, but it says that 10.5 is the one supported and should work perfectly on that. The only downside is that the refresh rate to the screen on the ipod is very slow for certain things like coverflow; although, it seems to make the computer respond instantly. While the remote app is better for itunes, what this app can do is change the midi output settings on a mac. All in all, a pretty neat app to check out.




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Have you tried the application by Apple called "Remote" for iTunes? I have dozens of playlists, some very large and then a bunch of lists saved via the Genius option as well. You can play any of them any way you like.


In addition, you can access your complete library by album, artists or even do a search to find something you want to hear. You can control the selection, volume, pause, play, etc.


When you list by album, the pictures load on the list and as you scroll down they will continue to load as well.

Also I have two sets of speakers, a main system and then another in the bedroom. It allows you to select the speaker group on the fly as well.


There is no delay and the cost is $0. Apple made it available and I would imagine it works as well as on an iPod as on my iPhone 3G.


I have one Apple Express direct to self-powered Audio Engine 5 speakers in a bedroom and the main system is a direct connection from an Intel Mac Mini.


Works flawlessly.


intel mac mini 1.6 Core Solo via WD 500 GB - Lavry DA10 DAC - PS Audio GCP 200 Preamp - NHT x-D 2.1 & modified Sony SACD 777ES SACD all sitting on a fine tuned Grand Prix Audio Monaco stand.

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