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Problem: WASAPI Event Style wont play 96 24 wav file with AES16e

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Just upgraded to J River MC 17.0.46 and Lynx AES16e to driver 2.019c and firmware 12.3, in order to switch from using asio4all.dll to using WASAPI Event Style thru WIndows 7.


The installs went fine. And it plays 44/16 wav files thru WASAPI Event Style wonderfully (noticable sonic improvement!! yeahh!!).


However, when I try to play a 96/24 wav file, J River displays an error message: "something wrong with playback. Playback could not be started on the output WASAPI - Event Style using the format 96kHz 24 bit 2ch. The output format may not be supported by your hardware." A separate message says: "This format would work: 48kHz 24bit 2ch".


The same 96/24 wav file plays using the ASIO output (both with the new Lynx driver, and the old asio4all).


I tried a suggestion from the J River forum to toggle the "Present 24 bit data in a 32 bit package" option, but neither setting worked.


Any other thoughts?


My Lynx AES16e Mixer - Adapter window shows Current Rate and Rate Select as 48k. I can manually change it to 96k or 192k, but it bouncces back to 48k when J River starts. But my understanding is that the J River application overrides these values if Lynx shows Current Source as Internal


out: Windows 7 > jriver mc14 > asio4all > Lynx AES16e > Redco custom Gotham AES/EBU cable (70ft) > Antelope DA Clock > Harmonic Technologies Magic Digital 1 AES/EBU cable > Berkeley Alpha DAC > AudioQuest Cheetah RCA interconnects > NuForce Ref 9 v2 SE amps > Nordost Red Dawn II speaker cables > Magnepan 3.6R speakers.[br]vinyl in: Lucid AD9624 > Redco custom Gotham AES/EBU cable > Lynx AES16e > Windows 7 > Goldwave

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