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Neat App For Mac Control

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This may be old news, but I found an app called "Snatch" that allows full control of your Mac from your iPhone or iPod Touch.


I just purchased a Mac Mini and a monitor for my front end and this app works great. Below is a link to the site where you can download the software and the app is available in the iTunes app store. You can try it free using the app called "Snatchtest". The full app is $7.99 and is called "Snatch".






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Unfortunately, Snatch doesn't show the desktop on your iPod which would be the ultimate IMHO. I'm using it in lieu of a keyboard and mouse. I was planning on a headless system, but I found that duplicate metadata exists for some of my CDs and iTunes needs me to make a selection. Without a screen to alert me, and a way to "click", nothing happens. I purchased a 19" flat screen for $150 and now I'll be able to control the Mac from my chair with just my iPod Touch.


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