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  2. Well, I worked at WBTM in 1965-1967, 55 years ago. I don’t remember Alex Vardavas, he must have started after I graduated. Yes, a fellow classmate of mine sent me the obituary of Connie (the C in CEs). She was great. She let us students run a tab and pay when our parents sent us money. Is it true that Dan River Mills closed down? What do people do for jobs there these days?
  3. I adjust volume in Roon which in turn adjusts HQP volume so in the end it is the HQP volume control. Works well.
  4. Thanks Alex, I have no idea what to do with the attenuators on their own in a DIY sense. I'm looking for products that I can pop into my system.
  5. http://www.dact.com/html/attenuators.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw7LX0BRBiEiwA__gNw9b95o6kobwfiyUCQ454HU90qJd-WCDXeC8l1od0h__B9GMzoHPGyxoCFY8QAvD_BwE Includes Balanced types https://goldpt.com/ https://www.hificollective.co.uk/attenuators/khozmo-stereo-stepped-attenuator-mk2.html
  6. Are you sure about the 2A ? I have in mind min 1.2A but perhaps I have a bad memory. Today I use 2 netcard femto external powered by one keces p8 through the usb so clearly not 2A and an uptone js2 (2A not a problem)
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  8. Thanks Eric, I hadn't seen those. Looking more now. Is Roon controlling your volume using HQP or are you using HQP's interface?
  9. Have you looked at the Goldpoint Level Controls? I have one of their 47 step units with balanced input & output. If your need is temporary, you are welcome to borrow mine as I am now using the HQP digital volume control.
  10. Thank you @Miska, I'll check with the spectrum analyzer and report back. I believe you're correct though - the firmware shouldn't lie.
  11. Hi Guys - I've been researching preamps, including those from one of my favorite companied the Bespoke Audio Company. I even configured a preamp from Bespoke with a single input and output. Then I thought, why the heck would I get a preamp with a single in and out, even though that's all I need, when I could just get some type of analog attenuator. I only need a single XLR input and single XLR output. I see Sonore has its analog attenuator, but it's unbalanced only. Question: What are the best analog attenuators people have seen or used (don't worry about price for now)?
  12. I am mostly affected in not being able to play golf.
  13. https://lemire.me/blog/2018/08/15/the-dangers-of-avx-512-throttling-a-3-impact/
  14. Just in case there are Lumin Roon users here who are not on Roon forum, a beta firmware for Lumin X1 / T2 / U1 / U1 MINI with RAAT 1.1.38 is available (PM me if you want to try it).
  15. Lumin optionally does internal re-sampling for X1 / T2 / U1 / U1 MINI from/to up to DSD128 only. To upsample DSD512 re-sampling for playback by Lumin, please try Roon.
  16. Modulators cannot be run on GPU because of the mathematical structure they would be badly sub-optimal there. You can only run filters and convolution engine there.
  17. Yes as we've discussed. Is there a way to send more cycles to CUDA which isn't getting used too much? Perhaps a "prefer-cuda" flag? Or "enable-AVX512". That might just make 44.1x512 work?
  18. Hard to say, but it could be AVX512 capping the clocks, because ASDM7EC puts more load on it.
  19. Peti

    HQ Player

    Default output mode I set to [source} I want to see the CPU consumption of the player if I play back native DSD128 file natively, no upsampling.
  20. I am currently using a tplink module from router and then fiber optic cable to optical module then Ethernet cable to Dac. Is there any advantage of replacing the tp link with a second optical module?
  21. Miska

    HQ Player

    What does HQPlayer indicate as output format? Please make sure to set 44.1k x128 as SDM rate limit in settings.
  22. Does the T2 upsample to DSD 512 or is its max DSD128.
  23. Diana Krall,Live In Paris -A Case of You https://www.dropbox.com/s/kydixds010iyz0w/Diana Krall%2C Live in Paris- A Case of You.mp4?dl=0 Hidden Audio converted to 24/48 .wav https://www.dropbox.com/s/ituji3lsvrx1z74/Diana Krall%2C Live in Paris- A Case of You.wav?dl=0
  24. Peti

    HQ Player

    Well, I ran into some strange trouble when running HQPlayer. A strange hssssssssssss sound comes out of my headphones when I try to play back music through HQPlayer when I want to listen to my DSD64 or DSD128 audio materials. Before doing so, I set the Default Output Mode to "source" and leaving the SDM Pack set to DoP as my Woo WA8 can only do double DSD over DoP. And what I hear is that shhhhh sound. So how can I play back for instance double dsd in its native format without SDM oversampling? Thank you
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