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  2. I am sensing that the Gutwire would be your favorite of the group. Gutwire SV-8 Power Cord Contents 1. Intro 2. Neotech NEP-3200 (DIY) 3. Acrolink 7N-P4030II (DIY) 4. NRG Custom Cables The 5 Power Cord 5. Vovox Textura 6. Morrow Audio MAP3 Power Cord 7. Atlas Cables Eos 4dd Power Cord 8. Furutech & ZenWave DPS-4 9. Requisite Audio PC6 10. Verastarr Grand Illusion 3 Power cord 11. ZenWave PL Power Cable 12. Snake River Audio Cottonmouth 13. High Fidelity Cables Reveal Power Cable 14. Gutwire SV-8 Power Cord 15. Triode Wire Labs The Obsession NCF 16. Audioquest Hurricane HC Power Cord 17. Kimber Kable PowerKord 10 Palladian 18. Snake River Audio Signature Cottonmouth 19. Sablon Audio Corona Reserva Elite power cord 20. High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Enhanced 21. ZenWave PSR-14 22. Shunyata Research Sigma NR 23. Synergistic Research Atmosphere UEF Level 3 24. Purist Audio Design Diamond Edition Dominus 25. Audience Au24 SX powerChord 26. Crystal Cable Future Dream Power Cord 27. High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate 28. Audience frontRow powerChord 29. Final Thoughts Comments Price: $1,399/5 ft Conductors: 101%IACS Pure Copper Number of Wire: 16AWG X 8 Shield Coverage: Copper braided shielding Insulation: Air Extensive use of natural minerals: Rare Earth Element Composition IEC Connector: Wattgate 320i 15A or Furutech FI-32(G) 20A AC Connector: Wattgate 5266i
  3. No, it's a 2017 iMac - no T2 chip. I've thought of SMC resets but dislike the idea of having to do a special reboot procedure to read a frickin' SD Card...
  4. That's when their downloads started sounding much better than Rhapsody streams. Wow, wasn't that long ago but seems like the Dark Ages now.
  5. That reminds me... Did the Nazis use lossy compression when they live-streamed their attack on Pearl Harbor?
  6. There is something wrong with the DAC then, or you are having pollution through power lines. If you use NAA, it certainly doesn't matter what kind of things you have in the HQPlayer server. And if that's the case, then any other computer unrelated to HQPlayer would also make the same difference. In my case I have multiple computers around (only one or two playing audio though) with and without GPU, and certainly the computers don't matter when playing through a NAA... Audio computers are behind their own power line filter and audio equipment behind another one. Half of the computers and networking gear are behind multiple UPS' (I want to keep my servers running even during power outage). Most of my development is done using a Xeon workstation with Nvidia 10-series GPU (to be upgraded to 20-series soon), and it has both Holo Spring 1 and RME ADI-2 Pro connected directly through USB. That's how 90% of my listening during development is done. Works very well...
  7. Hello if you returned the Highfidelity Audio ct-2 what did you replace it with ? the Synergistic Research atmosphere Reference is Very good usb also.
  8. It should fall asleep automatically when there's no display connected or the display is entered into DPMS powersave mode. Unless you actually run something on the GPU. You can tell kernel to redirect console somewhere else, like a serial port.
  9. Are you certain of this? Last I heard, the BBC have yet to adopt lossless compressed audio streaming following their experimental FLAC carrying MPEG-DASH trial streams of the 2017 season BBC Proms: http://www.audiomisc.co.uk/BBC/Flac/LackAlas.html I haven't seen any mention of the Apple lossless audio codec being used by the BBC for their internet radio broadcasts. I hope you are not confusing lossless compressed ALAC with lossy compressed AAC (both can be contained in an .m4a file which could lead to confusion). The BBC are certainly using AAC in both their HLS and MPEG-DASH streams!.
  10. It's like you're trying to be at once as off topic as possible while escalating the banal college professor shtick. It's getting progressively more difficult to understand WTF you even mean, or perhaps this is your idea of what high brow trolling looks like.
  11. I believe this is actually an advantage for sonics: all those other inputs add cost, complexity, and require a switching mechanism on digital signal lines. It is impossible to have a "perfect" switch for digital signals, so having only a single digital input can result in increased performance. I build all of my DIY DACs dedicated for a single input for specifically this reason.
  12. Today
  13. That sounds like it is a huge upgrade! I suspect you will be very happy. Just the change to the JFET first stage is huge, as this probably features Ayre's stock of NOS Toshiba JFETS which are unobtainable now. I had my Ayre K5 preamp upgraded with the JFETs and the difference was not subtle at all, it went from being a very good preamp, to within spitting distance of the best.
  14. Some high end Motherboards and at least one super expensive monitor have an ESS Sabre DAC built in and 24/192 capability. https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/ROG-SWIFT-PG35VQ/ https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-RAMPAGE-VI-EXTREME-OMEGA/
  15. I've heard generally good things about the Asus Xonar cards. Never tried one myself. The Lynx E22 also looks decent, though it's more studio oriented so you'd need some adapters to connect RCA cables. High-end DACs these days tend to be USB connected. Not that many internal cards around any more. Is there any particular reason you can't (or don't want to) use USB?
  16. Great article. I will say that through my cloth ears, and my Vivid Giya 3/Ayre MX 20s/MSB Platinum DAC/Innuous Statement server -- the HD Tracks download is richer, fuller, more detailed than the Gastwirt CD... my completely unscientific back to back plays always ended with me preferring the download?? Hmm...
  17. kudos ! Usability seems on par with Desktop's (up to 192 OK mqa-mp/DSD5EC) and 5 minutes of DSD 64 source OK before crackling (rather than stuttering) SQ might be the best but I need to investigate further than a unique non definitive exemple : would qualify synths at the beginning of Nightclubbing (Iggy Pop) as creating a synthetic landscape vs simpler synth effects with Desktop but with weightier bass.
  18. 256 kbps ACC, but don't let mere facts interfere with a good rant.
  19. 2016 was the last time they published one of these so I was surprised to it. Figured I would link it here for those who might be interested
  20. Agreed, but you can’t dislodge this kind of mythology with logic or fact, once it has taken hold. Many audiophiles rely 100% on their ear/brain, and reject out of hand any thought that their brains are telling them that they are hearing things that aren’t there. You can show them all the physics and math that you want to proving that what they think they are hearing cannot be. It will make no difference. They hear what they hear and that’s all they care about.
  21. The UMIK-1 cal files are text files. Maybe @dennis88 could chime in on this. What mic pre/soundcard are you using?
  22. @sledwards That could work. Important is a calibration file in WAV format and resolutions 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz.
  23. Well said, and very accurately so. But what Apple did expanded the scale massively, literally hundreds of millions of times. It made it legitimate, and so it was embraced by the general public. Napster was on the verge of being shutdown, to a significant degree, by record labels and the legal process and internet providers under pressure to do so. . Apple can also be blamed for staying with the garbage quality 128kb mp3's, and robbing the unknowing of nearly half the fidelity of a cd when they sold them music.They could have at least upgraded to 384k and been able to sleep at night! JC
  24. update i changed the usb cable and the hissing noise went away , which was great , I then decided to add Bluetooth to the setup via an h/k adaptor that I have and it fits the styling perfectly whats unexpected is that the speaker outputs from both the aux in (Bluetooth) and the integrated usb DAC at the same time , I can play a song on my iPad which connected by bt and another song from my pc which is connected by usb and both of them overlay each other
  25. What OS will you be using? That will help to give some direction.
  26. There is a known issue with newer iMacs and USB. If your iMac has the T2 chip, that may be your issue. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/285971-apples-latest-macs-have-a-serious-usb-audio-problem Here are some simple USB fixes to try...... https://macpaw.com/how-to/fix-usb-ports-on-mac
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