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  2. Well, I have just realized, that maybe the indicator is not green/light up only, but the mode is actually ON, will double check. So Direct Mode is also present by default in El Capitan right? How to check it?
  3. Can you check the Debug Info?
  4. So, @damien78 if both in El Capitan, why in 3.5 INT is OFF, while in 3.2 I have it ON?
  5. Let's add a third culprit. Please log into your router and look for a setting named DHCP Lease. When you find this settings make the DHCP Lease time 8 days and press Save. This should be a global setting, but some routers might have a port specific settings you can tweak. Mine was set to 10 minutes and causing me periodic issues during testing today. After increasing the time all issues are now gone. Another thing you can try while you are in the router is to assign the Rendu a fixed IP address in your routers settings.
  6. Both. And the optimisations are in the low level playback engine, so for all cases
  7. Thanks @damien78 So in summary, what we have in El Capitan: INT, Direct or both? Those optimizations in 3.5 are mainly for SoX or overall for sound core inside A+ besides the fact if upsampling is used or not?
  8. Considering the massive price difference between them this speaks well of the Node 2i. Seems your DAC is doing a fine job regardless of source/input. Thanks for sharing this.
  9. During some recent decoding attempts, I decided to make a change to the DHNRDS -- and the results are frightening and astounding both. Back in the olden days, when DolbyA was used for noise reduction instead of a transport/obfuscation and sound effects mechanism, recording engineers with acute hearing would often complain that DolbyA has a 'fog', that the music ends up sounding less detailed. Spurred on by circumstance and my project partner's idea, I taught the DHNRDS DA to ALMOST look back in time, and to undo some of the distortion created by the ENCODING process. Not only is the decoding distortion mostly avoided & cancelled, the encoding distortion is now at least partially cancelled. This code is almost a time machine -- I can hear the suppression of modulation distortion when compared with the original DolbyA -- not just with other decodes!!! The suppressoin cannot be complete, but is very beneficial. I have only decoded a few albums so far, other than some snippets. When I make more progress in decoding, and having material other than ABBA and Supertramp, I'll probably make some extra-long snippets available. These results are worth pushing things a little bit. The decoder has turned into a 'time machine'. Luckily it now knows enough about the expected state of the encoding device to undo some of the original damage to the signal!!! This benefit should extend to ALL feral material, eliminating any disadvantage to decoding. John
  10. If someone insists spark plug make their car go 200 mph, I’m totally fine with it. I’m not big brother, a crusader, or a buzz killer. This is a fun hobby. Nobody is saving babies or killing puppies. Live and let listen.
  11. There have been quite some added optimisations to the sound engine in 3.5 Integer, Direct modes are still present, though this last one requires the kext hack for recent macOS versions. If you are not upsampling, SoX is not used. Regarding INT display, you can check using the Debug Info while playing. The playing stream format is written there. If it says Integer non-mixable, then it is Integer Mode. Note that Integer Mode switch is not applicable for UPnP/DLNA playback, as it is an optimisation of macOS audio. BTW, the audio data sent to a network player is always in integer streams format. Regarding the UI issue, this is a bug/limitation of El Capitan where in some views, the differentiated scroll is not handled correctly. This is something Apple has fixed in Sierra. I've tried to implement as much workaround as possible for this, but it'll be too much work to redevelop a feature of the OS that is now working correctly in all the last 4 macOS released.
  12. Another Qobuz playlist this morning .. Blue Note Tone Poet Reissues
  13. Today
  14. Hi Kenny, Thanks for that....very interesting. Funnily enough I owned a pair of Dahlquist DQ10s and loved the damned things....they made music sound real, especially impressive back then. I also built 8 bass traps using a very interesting recipe that allowed you to tune how much bass was absorbed or reflected, simply by turning the trap and exposing more or less of a reflective panel that covered the absorption layer for half of the circumference. They worked extremely well. When I left Germany I had no further use for them so I gave them away. Some guy came and took 4. The next day he called back practically begging for the other 4. These days I have no bass traps but I may put 2 or 4 into my room corners at some stage. What I do use are Devialet Expert 440 Pro CI monoblocks which includes SAM (Speaker Active Matching) which corrects bass timing down to 0Hz. Turns out this is extremely important also for frequencies above where SAM rolls off (ca. 150) . The results are quite spectacular http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/speaker-active-matching-sam-technology-in-the-devialet-expert-220-pro-integrated-amplifier/
  15. I don’t mind paying for Qobuz, but for casual listening I mainly use the Amazon playlist and I just can’t find the same quality on Qobuz, maybe I should learn to create my own.
  16. Thanks for chiming in. Well, maybe regarding the matching, but from you perspective @damien78 as the developer of A+, is the sound engine core functions significantly updated for better in 3.5 comparing to 3.2? Do we still have direct mode in El Capitan, INT is ON on 3.2, but not on 3.5. I am not using any upsampling, so SoX I guess is not used in that case right? For the UI, what this for instance?
  17. @Gus141 cheers gives me something to think about.....
  18. Come on now Mans, it was pretty clear that the OP wanted suggestions based on observations. If you observed no difference on that device, just say so. This notion that there is no science to back this up isn't applicable in this thread.
  19. Hello, If one purchases from Audiostore UK, will they honour the 30 day guarantee, or is at their discretion ? Thanks.
  20. Updated my ER from v1 to v2 yesterday. Probably as one of the last Mohicans. Can report that there is nothing missing. All qualities are still present and yes, may be even a little more transparent. Yesterday I also posted a comparison between stock SMPS and JS-2 in the other thread and had similar experiences as @thotdoc with his comparison between stock and LPS1.2
  21. This is quite surprising as it goes against the consensus on 3.5 SQ. I have even sound engineers that told me how there were astonished with the SQ achieved with 3.5, telling me there are now able to tell the model of microphone used when hearing a recording. Maybe there was some specific fit between 3.2 and your equipment? Have you tried tweaking the SoX parameters? Regarding the UI, @S.Magus, could you elaborate on "the newer version is too buggy compared to the old one"?
  22. You would love that . You have tried almost everything else to silence those who disagree with you, even down to demanding they be banned from the forum. Besides which, the OP already has the ability to ask Chris for Moderator powers, which at least one from your side uses extensively.
  23. See #2: https://blogs.psychcentral.com/psychology-self/2018/08/narcissist-arguing/.
  24. Can you post a link to the 24/96 download?
  25. Don't forget the linear power supply for the ECU.
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