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  2. Do borrow a Chord DAC to try 768/24 if you can. I really wanted 384/24 to work because of disk space savings but that greater sense of "ease" that came with using 768/24 couldn't be denied. It takes a little time to sink in but after about 5 hours of playing I felt that at lower rates the native rate music sounded congested in complex passages, only sounded correct when the instrumentation was simple.
  3. I have an eero mesh network in my house. It works incredibly well. If you have two eeros that both have Ethernet, then any wired Ethernet device plugged into either eero can see any other seemlessly. There’s no fiddling and it’s very reliable. There are probably others brands offering similar performance, but I’ve been very happy with the eero system.
  4. But then we reminisce about the old stuff just working as it should and rebuildable.
  5. I'll try both, lower bit rate and dense, and I'll throw in a busy work. will report back! Also will do some A-B-C with my best mate next week, he has the most acute hearing of anyone I know.
  6. Try something more complicated. Moussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition or any other classical war horse with a lot of instruments playing. Playing a piece that wouldn't challenge CD rates doesn't show whats going on.
  7. Thanks for feedback, the only suggestion I have is to try a lower bit depth (20 bits) also Presentation set to 'Dense'. The former potentially reduces distortions and the later adds more body.
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  9. PiCore player suggested below steps to install OLED on picoreplayer version 8.0.0 onwards Please follow below steps Resize FS on webGUI ssh login with user tc Password piCore tce-load -wi allo-boss2.tcz Then add “boss2_oled_run.sh” to the user commands reboot the player
  10. We would like to share some software tweak for Roon's users time to time. This can optimise the Giesemann 10M OCXO Master Clock to the optimal levels with Roon software. As we can see the setting in Roon under Audio. There is Clock master priority from range 1 to 10. If user is using Giesemann Master Clock to EtherREGEN, or Mutec MC-3 + USB. This optimal setting will be 7 for Giesemann Master Clock user. We are quite confident, after changed this setting, you will be amazed with this little tweak in Roon setting. This setting will give you the most enjoyab
  11. has anyone got the oled to work with picoreplayer 8 64 bit, if you have do you have some advice to help. thanks.
  12. This is so true. Companies would not be in business if items we buy were to survive for longer than 10-20 years.
  13. Well, the Next Gen Intel processors (Alder Lake) might really look like power hogs....
  14. I believe the OP is looking for a streamer including a DAC. Terminology is confusing because "streamer" is used for both types of network devices.
  15. Spoke with Tim from KitsuneHiFi and as everyone suggested, a good xlr switcher would work. I’ll check a few options (including the Goldpoint). I’m hoping there won’t be any noticeable degradation in sound quality….
  16. I was already suspecting the CPU power demands are too dynamic ... I haven't tried a NMVE to PCIe adapter, I want to try one with external power, so I can compare (should the Optane work) Optane vs Samsung Evo plus, and the darkforce femto NVME I will be able to test. Today I ordered heatsinks to try passive cooling of the CPU...fingers crossed as it's quite a beast. I am planning to dig into single phase recitfying for the LPSU, yet I suspect that the required current is a showstopper.
  17. I see that unregulated LPS are the latest fad on the forum. About constant power consumption, I think it all depends on the work done by the CPU. Yes, put in the bios a constant speed and voltages but the cpu will consume less if you do nothing and more if you are doing some kind of work on it. It's on demand. By the way, have you tried any m2 to pcie adapter? https://www.newegg.com/riitop-model-ngftpce-bk-pci-express-controller-card/p/17Z-0061-00018?Description=m.2 pcie adapter&cm_re=m.2_pcie adapter-_-9SIA6V85HC8902-_-Product I don't know about add
  18. Hi R1200CL, Thanks for your suggestions. The RJ45 SFP Convertor is FREE with the package for plug and play when receivedot The Carbon Fiber Clip is tailor made and design for the Corning Fiber Connector only. There is some speical features called "Tight-Buffered" at the SFP connector makes the Carbon Fiber Clips works together. So, we do not planned to sell the Carbon Fiber Clip to avoid damage on other connectors. Why use Corning Fiber Cable? Ultra low-loss optical fiber, much less jitter and higer reflection index The connecto
  19. Thank you. I reread the HQplayer post in parallel... You find PCM flatter even in 1.4/1.5 compared to DSD in EC. I'd have to do some more tests without getting trapped by the level difference (+6db). I don't think that my convolution (matrix HAF in 768) has any influence.
  20. Yes this is true and unfortunate, but also not limited to HIFI. Our whole economic system is based on endless consumption on a finite planet.
  21. The question is if the difference between the version I and II even can be heard in your audio system or if there are other, bigger, limitations that has to be fixed first.
  22. 20-bits or less with correct type of noise shaping is most linear for Holo Audio DACs when in PCM mode. It is way to make the PCM mode work better. Not related to DSD.
  23. Sorry just discover this topic. At present I am using Accourate for DRC. Since my music player ( Jplay Femto ) does not support convolutin , I have to use offline convolution with Accourate NAS (it took several months to convolve my 12TB digital library. So I have two questions if deside to switch to JRiver "Room Shaper can complement any DRC product as it is targeting a different issue (i.e. reducing low frequency decay time) than DRC addresses (i.e. frequency and time domain correction). In my case, I use Audiolense and Acourate. Of course, one can simply use Room Shap
  24. @Miska If I summarize... (I have a Pegasus): PCM 1.4112 in 20bits is the most linear but DSD 256 has a lower jitter. In terms of SQ it is equivalent ? I use either DSD 256 ASDM5EC (7EC too CPU intensive) or PCM 1.4112 (44.1 auto) LNS15. I'm interested in your opinion even if it applies to the Spring which is not the same machine but with an equivalent R2R architecture.
  25. I was trying the new iFi Zen Stream at the weekend. A very simple device, no screen, but I was very impressed with it's performance. In terms of sound quality, it was pretty much identical to my SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo + tX-USBultra, which is impressive as the SOtM kit is about six times the cost. It worked well too, simple to set-up, select a mode, connect the cables, and music played. I am not sure if it would fully meet your needs, but might be worth checking out. Some decent measurements from GoldenSound also: https://goldensound.audio/2021/07/22/ifi-ze
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