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  2. marce

    Some commonsense

    Used a SMPS in the recording chain!😯 P.S. Note the emojii, like my last comment that was jumped on, its said in humour... Some are so serious all the time, audio is entertainment...
  3. ... the maintenance tools are in Audirvana Preferences, click on the dented wheel in upright corner of the window. All the options could be collapsed, to expand them click on the little arrow you'll find on the right in the same line of the option name use them in the sequence Check, Rebuild, Defragment. Wait until each one is finished, the last one (Defragment) can be long, Audirvana will close and another window will open, don't do anything until Audirvana will restart Once you have done this check the DAC configuration, the little speaker icon in the bottom right corner, click on it then click on the arrow corresponding your dac If you are upsampling how did you configured upsampling? If you configured DSD upsampling consider that a lot of cpu is needed, which kind of iMac do you have? Just to check if everything is going right uncheck upsampling at all, put it to Deactivated try now to play something let me know the result
  4. You can certainly use those units. BT will probably not sound as good as your Touch. Alternatively, you can or buy a Raspberry Pi with a Touch screen to replace the Touch. It has a much bigger screen. You can even load software on it so it is a perfect emulator for the Touch. https://volumio.org/product/sos-solution-volumio-touch-player/ https://archimago.blogspot.com/2017/03/howto-building-and-installing-raspberry.html
  5. OHhh - count me in in Tidal Deathwatch. Has there been new news of Tidal’s eminent demise? Please say yes. 🤬
  6. You're stuck on frequency. I am not sure anyone is claiming the frequency response is the key factor. Whatever that factor or factors happens to be, or what combination of factors. If you listen to a direct analog mic feed, then listen to whatever it records, the sample rate / format that sounds as much like the mic feed is often to be preferred. It’s a fact, though different people choose somewhat different settings as “the best.” That is possibly because of different equipment. Arguing that sample rate provides no benefit because you can’t hear anything that a 16/44.1 recording cannot reproduce is not very productive.
  7. Today
  8. Sorry i saw this later. With the Evox a shure improvement ;wich is the same in de sms200ultra and the sotm switch..
  9. Well they do have frequency cut lower than fs/2 but with more or less ondulation... The amplitude and phase curves present some similitudes. Probably an EQ will generate the same artefacts. I am lacking experience in comparing such files. That is the reason I asked. As a side note, T005 (with higher treble), seems to have undergone additional filtering treatment. I am thinking that T005 is the 16/44 file that was played through HQ player. Anyhow thanks for your comments.
  10. No problem. The JS-2 can output 7.4 amps at 12V round the clock and barely be warm. The Small Green Computer sonicTransporters call for a 5A supply. There are a lot of JS-2/sonicTransporter owners out there.
  11. I was just listening to this earlier! Great album. I am cruising through this thread looking for what to listen to next.
  12. I agree and there is a feeling that the sound is bolder overall.
  13. That's probably the likely culprit.
  14. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Just picked up the RME ADI-2 - menus are currently a puzzle to be solved! Macmini, uRendu, NAA, HQP via Roon (worked ok with ifi micro dsd dac). Thought I had set it to DSD Direct, but both HQP (3.25.3) & ADI-2 show conversion to pcm (2.8224M to 705.6k) ... suggestions for a quick fix, or ...? Need to output pcm to dsd256 as well - change there is just in settings?
  15. It appears the 16/44 has the higher treble. Apodizing filters usually, though not necessarily will result in a subtle treble roll off.
  16. Any chance that 2L is applying apodizing filters with 16/44.1?
  17. 🎧 ⬅ Which I'd have balked at owning a few months ago. Reclining with a nice cold drink, fan, and intimate musical performance hits the spot some nights.
  18. I don't understand the schadenfreude. I am firmly in the anti-MQA camp, but in Canada 7digital is the only place I can consistently find redbook downloads and Tidal is the only lossless streaming service that actually works. I'll be sad to see either of them go.
  19. Still keen on getting the optical module but wondering if the teradak lps units I have will do th oM justice or should I consider a different lps?
  20. Yes, for some basic DAC building this seemed like a simple way to use multiple DACs and reduce crosstalk, also create a differential output with single ended DACs. Upsampling isnt even needed, but the only hope is that it can be done as a sort of post-processing after the player, so you can still use the same one.
  21. Thanks @jabbr, will report how this goes.
  22. I just started the trial but found the Windows Qobuz app's UI super-slow to become totally unusable once playback begins. Is there a fix for this? I have tried both 64-bin and 32-bin version, same thing. Thanks! EDIT: I found that even when just launched nothing playing the app continuously consumes 30% CPU time in my Xeon quad-core system so there is definitely a bug leading to a busy loop. This should be an easy fix so I hope it can be resolved before my trial period ends.
  23. Bad timing, I've got to go out - but I will revisit that material anon; do some more checking.
  24. Which reminds me of the last busker at the nearby Aldi - a concrete cavern at the end of the zig zag of the pedestrian ramp. Just voice and acoustic guitar, an older guy - what was special was his phrasing, and expressive vocal rendering, of a straightforward song; the "touch of magic" that makes one an entertainer, beyond being "just a singer" - wasn't there when we came out only a little bit later, what a pity!
  25. For a 2 channel source, getting 4-8 outputs configured per your needs is pretty easy these days.
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