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  2. With a simple (and surprisingly good sounding) small Monoprice Cat5e cable, the SQ goes a bit further with the use of Telegartner connectors (high quality metal connector but unshielded cable) instead of the factory plastic ones. Maybe vibrations and benefit of metal shield a the switch, but without a shielded cable. Of course removing the shield of a good cable at the switch end connector is great (protected with plumber teflon or thermo jacket), but some unshielded cable tests can be worth the test time or small money engaged, in my humble opinion.
  3. I own a PTS server which I believe is the server you are referring to Chopin75. Yes sir, it is a new i3 chip and I have not run into a situation where I found it limiting. I do not believe the PTS server is an official Euphony hardware product. I believe it is something put together with Euphony OS installed on it to make it easier for someone to get started easily. If I understand correctly Euphony has plans to release an official product, one most likely to be more powerful. I would just like to say that I am quite pleased with my low power PTS server.
  4. Half price , 150$ , including all costs . Mishel .
  5. Flipped back to AV from HQP, latest version. Can’t get redbook pcm etc to dsd256 upsampling functioning via ultra rendu into rme dac, set to pure dsd, as per HQP. Plays dsd files up to 256 fine. Settings I should check? ... can’t see the issue I’m afraid. Used to work okay!
  6. Have you tried grounding the chassis ground connection ? The diagram that I posted above is from a typical SMPS powered DVD player. The problem of AC voltage at low current is due to the obligatory high voltage capacitors (highlighted in yellow) which are connected between the mains AC input side and the output side of the unit. These capacitors are needed to comply with FCC emission requirements. Other items such as Set Top Boxes etc. also have this problem of up to half the A.C. mains voltage at the " earth" (0 volts) side of the RCA output sockets.If you rub your hand on the metalwork of the case you may also be able to feel a vibrating sensation from this voltage. You can also sometimes get a nasty little bite when plugging an RCA cable from these SMPS powered items into an earthed device such as many Linear Power Amplifiers. I can PM you an article on this subject if you are interested . Alex
  7. Aaaah, I see, thank you.
  8. Today
  9. CAT6A STP, CAT7, CAT7A and CAT8 all have the shield tied at both ends so I think it will be hard to find one with plastic plugs. I bought a bulk CAT7A cable and some of the new Telegärtners MFP 8.1 connectors and built my own cable. The shield is only tied in the end that is in my dCS Network bridge the other is floating at the eR B-side. As the dCS is grounded to mains earth via it's power plug the shield will drain that way. Both cable and connectors are really easy to work with and the cost is around €1 per meter cable and around €20 per connector here in Europe. The heatshrink presents the sheild from geting in touch with the housing.
  10. what problem? gp-update? just give 2/3 times gp-update and it solves...if you have such a problem...in your system i simply gave gp-update one more time.... In the next version it clearly won't show up...
  11. Yes, that is correct ; it has a two prong plug and a chassis ground connection point at the rear panel. So, on both my raspberry network player and this Sansui I have the same issue of ac voltage when measured with respect to power outlet ground at low current.
  12. Okay, thanks. Is this problem specific to my system, or can changes be incorporated into the next update?
  13. you can try this... https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/ or dd ..... https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-create-disk-image-on-mac-os-x-with-dd-command/ but it creates an image as big as the sd... I think... I know methods for linux... to create small images but it takes a little bit of knowledge...
  14. Thank you! Wow, new RT kernel with USBridge/Digione Signature is fantastic! Now I want to send this to a friend with exact same DAC as mine. Will it work with his system? Can I duplicate the image for him somehow?
  15. An award winning composer and pianist that has become a favorite of mine with his recently released 7 album set. This could cover you for album of the evening for a week! And here is an excellent review of this beautiful sequence of music: https://serious.org.uk/einaudi-seven-days-walking-kate-mossman
  16. I am running CAT8 into the ER’s B side port and am coming out from an SFP using an optical cable. Is that the equivalent for these purposes of what Jud is doing or am I subject to ground issues even though my CAT8 is upstream? From an SQ perspective, I don’t know that I hear a significant difference between plastic-terminated CAT6A and metal-shielded CAT8 but I don’t know how ground faults would manifest in this setting.
  17. Moode with MPD the default player. Sorry I am in Singapore. Was asleep when you sent the PM.
  18. Interesting. It doesn't surprise me though.
  19. No, I lost a lot of sidebar items again. "Failed to load script info"
  20. 3 perspectives on the 3 convolutions I will use from now on (JBL Synthesis, RR1, B & K ; psychoacoustic smoothing of L+R) All are smoothed, slope downward and have optimised step and impulse : none is bad whatever the recording and the target that might have been in use in the mastering room. Yet as dB differences show they don't sound alike and there are better convolution/mastering fits. If I had only one to pick it could be good ol' B & K that appear to have been a long time standard. But with Harman's promotion of RR1 and Synthesis they have their best fits too Maybe the most relevant view is the one bundling curves in 1 dB above 160 Hz : the obvious more or less bass and sub bass criteria is not that operational and how vocals are infatuated or not tends to be the go/no go point for RR1 (above the 2 others between 160 and 500 Hz) vs either BK or Synthesis that are equivalent in that region. Also, the extra mids from 800 to 4 K of the Synthesis often act as an appealing reason to go Synthesis even if there's a touch too much bass, because of extra presence and delineation of soundstage, instruments and vocals separation
  21. For a while I ran a classD on my bass/mid and a classAB on my tweeter with the drive unit wires running close together. I did get misbehaviour from the tweeter amp having the noisy classD wires running so close. Screening (i.e coax) in that case probably wouldn't have helped as both amps were BTL.
  22. I'll try that thanks. I thought maybe that might be the better way.
  23. Neither do Canucks either apparently
  24. Hi there - we all have the option to apply varnish(Wife's nail polish will suffice!) to break the conductive link with the metal end connectors. I did not wish to take the option to remove the metal casing of the end connector - It will become loose and create a bad electrical connection. Tested it without and then with the varnish on the end connector. Makes a big difference to my ears. Sound stage collapses (FLAT!) as is and improves a lot with the multiple coatings of varnish. You will have to hard bake it in using a hair dryer or heat gun. Varnish is abraided when you push in the connector. I see wear marks when I pull it out to test. Had to revarnish. The swap of Cat 8 from my HQPlayer Server to the Ether Regen and SOTM Ultra Neo to the EtherRegen beats out the Cat 6 used before. The Ether Regen A-B side Moat should be able to take care of the Earth leakage if any from the varnished End connectors. But I am not so sure for the Upstream connections whether Cat 8 is better than the Cat 6 I have been using so far. It is for this reason I have decided to make more modded Cat 8 cables to swap with my Cat 6 UTP cables (plastic connectors) which go between my ASUS AC86 and my Netgear GS105 and then on to the Ether Regen. This test is still on hold as my supply of ferrite cores ran out. But I believe the benefits of twisted wires in the Cat 8 I am using may not overcome the Earth Leakage from the metal connector casings. The varnish is not a permanent solution as it get abraided in push in connnection even for the first time. How much leakage happens through those abraisons I cannot tell. I will report back if anyone interested to hear my test of Cat6 modded vs Cat 8 modded (JSSG360/Earth wire/Ferrite Cores) between my Asus, GS105 and the Ether Regen. Will take 1 month as I am on long vacations and out of Ferrite cores for the moment. Happy Listening to All Kelvin
  25. Tried to update tonight, multiple error messages, I don’t think it completes the update because the oRendu shuts down. Left this morning with a Burn in disc playing on repeat, got home it had stopped after 40mins because the oRendu shut down by itself. FYI: just received my 2.8 card yesterday, no issues prior. Appreciate any help. Thanks.....Mike
  26. You appear to be confused about the difference between languages and dialects. American English and British English are dialects of the same language. As are Canadian English and Australian English. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dialects_of_English
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