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  2. Hi Kenny, Thanks for that....very interesting. Funnily enough I owned a pair of Dahlquist DQ10s and loved the damned things....they made music sound real, especially impressive back then. I also built 8 bass traps using a very interesting recipe that allowed you to tune how much bass was absorbed or reflected, simply by turning the trap and exposing more or less of a reflective panel that covered the absorption layer for half of the circumference. They worked extremely well. When I left Germany I had no further use for them so I gave them away. Some guy came and took 4. The next day he called back practically begging for the other 4. These days I have no bass traps but I may put 2 or 4 into my room corners at some stage. What I do use are Devialet Expert 440 Pro CI monoblocks which includes SAM (Speaker Active Matching) which corrects bass timing down to 0Hz. Turns out this is extremely important also for frequencies above where SAM rolls off (ca. 150) . The results are quite spectacular http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/speaker-active-matching-sam-technology-in-the-devialet-expert-220-pro-integrated-amplifier/
  3. I don’t mind paying for Qobuz, but for casual listening I mainly use the Amazon playlist and I just can’t find the same quality on Qobuz, maybe I should learn to create my own.
  4. Thanks for chiming in. Well, maybe regarding the matching, but from you perspective @damien78 as the developer of A+, is the sound engine core functions significantly updated for better in 3.5 comparing to 3.2? Do we still have direct mode in El Capitan, INT is ON on 3.2, but not on 3.5. I am not using any upsampling, so SoX I guess is not used in that case right? For the UI, what this for instance?
  5. @Gus141 cheers gives me something to think about.....
  6. Come on now Mans, it was pretty clear that the OP wanted suggestions based on observations. If you observed no difference on that device, just say so. This notion that there is no science to back this up isn't applicable in this thread.
  7. Hello, If one purchases from Audiostore UK, will they honour the 30 day guarantee, or is at their discretion ? Thanks.
  8. Updated my ER from v1 to v2 yesterday. Probably as one of the last Mohicans. Can report that there is nothing missing. All qualities are still present and yes, may be even a little more transparent. Yesterday I also posted a comparison between stock SMPS and JS-2 in the other thread and had similar experiences as @thotdoc with his comparison between stock and LPS1.2
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  10. This is quite surprising as it goes against the consensus on 3.5 SQ. I have even sound engineers that told me how there were astonished with the SQ achieved with 3.5, telling me there are now able to tell the model of microphone used when hearing a recording. Maybe there was some specific fit between 3.2 and your equipment? Have you tried tweaking the SoX parameters? Regarding the UI, @S.Magus, could you elaborate on "the newer version is too buggy compared to the old one"?
  11. You would love that . You have tried almost everything else to silence those who disagree with you, even down to demanding they be banned from the forum. Besides which, the OP already has the ability to ask Chris for Moderator powers, which at least one from your side uses extensively.
  12. See #2: https://blogs.psychcentral.com/psychology-self/2018/08/narcissist-arguing/.
  13. Can you post a link to the 24/96 download?
  14. Don't forget the linear power supply for the ECU.
  15. Very well said. In terms of your comment about "the cleaner and more pristine the signals", I think you might find this an interesting read, particularly what they have to say about "sound masking": https://www.acousticsciences.com/media/articles/how-tubetraps-opened-whole-new-realm-precision-performance-audio-playback-systems Quite profound to hear what these can do to make the sound clearer and more pristine. I think I might even prioritize these (or something like them) ahead of a better power cord for the Zenith - and ahead of making the move from SE to Statement.
  16. Can we make it a rule that anyone who opens a thread with a question must identify which answer is acceptable? That way we can all avoid wasting time giving unwanted answers.
  17. Hi all, My Hifi and my HomeCinema system are integrated together, with some components shared and others separate. I currently have a switch onto which the HC player (HTPC running JRiver), the NAS (where movies and music files are stored) and the NAA (an sMS-200 Ultra) are connected. I initially thought the EtherRegen could be a drop-in replacement, hence bringing benefits to both systems, but looking at the recommendations here and on UptoneAudio's website, I can see that it is recommended to connect the NAS directly to the modem/router. I'm now wondering how I could integrate the EtherRegen to benefit both my HC and my Hifi system ? Should my HTPC be connected to it and do you think it would bring any benefits ? (i.e. not having the NAS on the EtherRegen) Thanks Guillaume
  18. No, thank you for your heroic efforts in saving the high-end audio industry from the destructive forces of science and reason.
  19. I have made further investigations and installed Volumio and Moode Audio for testing DLNA Mode The issues is with High rez (>96 Khz) files Flac playing through DLNA on a USBridge Signature. The music stops and starts again , as if there ware not enough flow rate on my gigabyte network .. 1) Volumio (DLNA mode) = Plays flawlessly all Flac Files (*) 2) moOde Audio (DLNA Mode) = same problem as DietPi with High rez flac (*) There is no problem for playing files, but there is an other slight audio problem. When playing I can here from now and then some "little audio scratches" as if I was listenning to a Vinyl! I did test with and without linking Shanti Ground to USBridge Sig Ground but it does change anything.
  20. Now he tells me .....🙄 Although as it happens, I am too naturally skeptical (and cynical), not about UpTone, but about pretty much everything in life. Joking apart, some of my Devialet Chat post was phrased in a way that genuinely did not reflect what I was trying to say, so personally, I am happy it is forever gone....
  21. Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge. I've seen videos on Youtube of people re-fitting Marantz receivers with new components and basically doing a restoration job to bring the units at least back to original spec, if not better. Most are ex-engineers who do it not for the money, but for the love of the equipment. One guy I was looking at in Charlotte, I think, has stopped doing it for now, for whatever reason. Does anyone know of a good person in the Southeast who can do this? The shops in my locale are mostly TV repair, and even those are getting fewer as people give up on the idea of keeping electronics past their sell-by dates. I don't consider the Marantz disposable, as the sound is sweet, but it has been cranking out music for over 40 years now and probably needs some help, as you all have described. Thanks, P
  22. Is it convenient to set up a relay here through @The Computer Audiophile containing a form we could use to report small issues? Missing or incorrect artwork, typos effecting a small area, general low importance errors that can be put into a neat pile directly atop the correct desk. My suspicion is a large number of us are weeding out petty mistakes in our own areas of expertise too small to bother with otherwise.
  23. Fascinating stuff Kenny. The part I never understand about how these posts go is the nastiness that soon emerges when the logic becomes unarguable. Do people really feel that passionate about ‘saving others’ from theIr own hi-fis or is there something else afoot? I think your post is very insightful in that regard. I have no problem whatsoever in people disagreeing with whatever I post and I’m always willing to enter a debate. Its how I learn things. What I’m not fond of at all are the attempts to drag one into acrimonious arguments, although I do understand how that works from a psychological standpoint. Now back on topic I would like to add that power cables are one way to get more out of a Zenith SE or Statement. Optimising the upstream network is another and may be the more cost effective in terms of the $$$ spent and the SQ improvements realised. Also quite surprising is the type of and number of improvements that bring rewards.......better ethernet cables, linear power supplies for network components, better DC cables, isolation, vibration control. What all these upstream improvements do is to make the whole soundstage more 3 dimensional, immersing and cohesive. There really is a remarkable amount of detail in these files and so far I haven’t reached a point where the improvements stop, so it seems that the upstream side is wide open for improvement. Just to note that the soundstage, 3 dimensionality and cohesiveness are all created in the brain based on the quality of the 2 loudspeaker signals......the cleaner and more pristine the signals, the better the brain can construct the 3 dimensional picture...so I assume that removing noise and jitter allows the system to create a more pure and pristine version of the signal.
  24. @Confused I actually liked your post, having went to the other forum to read it. I too share your healthy skepticism, particularly with UpTone products, but in the end purchasing one says it all. I ordered mine for the Jan batch.
  25. I might be one of those cynical over there (I own a etherREGEN) but I still wonder how you @Superdad thinks about the CE marking of a product that you sell to stores within the EU. https://ec.europa.eu/growth/single-market/ce-marking/manufacturers_en "Manufacturers play a crucial role in ensuring that products placed on the extended single market of the European Economic Area (EEA) are safe. They are responsible for checking that their products meet EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to carry out the conformity assessment, set up the technical file, issue the EU declaration of conformity, and affix the CE marking to a product. Only then can this product be traded on the EEA market.I f you are a manufacturer, you have to follow these 6 steps to affix a CE marking to your product: Identify the applicable directive(s) and harmonised standards Verify product specific requirements Identify whether an independent conformity assessment (by a notified body) is necessary Test the product and check its conformity Draw up and keep available the required technical documentation Affix the CE marking and draw up the EU Declaration of Conformity (27 KB). These 6 steps may differ by product as the conformity assessment procedure varies. Manufacturers must not affix CE marking to products that don’t fall under the scope of one of the directives providing for its affixing."
  26. Price for the L1 is actually just a bit little under 4K. and L2 is just a over 4K and KTE is Under 5K a bit. final prices will be up late this month
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