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  2. Where did you get the linear power supply strand? Did you make it. It looks very nice. I’m surprised some enterprising equipment manufacturers haven’t built stands to hold linear power supplies, Uptone Audio, Sonore, SOTM, ifi etc.
  3. Best not to take literally 🤓. Are you intolerant of metaphorical lactose? We can help with that!.. through a kind of deconditioning therapy. Perhaps a symbolic milk bath?
  4. The listening/ chill room is complete and waiting on the arrival of the Sony 85" 900h tv. I love my Regan in my 2 channel system as it is as simple as it gets. Modem/Router> Supra Etthernet> Regen> Sotm cable> Cary DMS 600 Streamer/dac. I am asking if the Regen will lose SQ if used a switch to the Sony also. Not so much if it will improve the Sony. Just do not want to lose anything from my 2 channel setup. Thanks, Russ
  5. As I have pointed out out in previous post line filtration ideally common and differential mode dual line filters would be desirable to keep the upper frequency rubbish out of the sensitive areas of the equipment. Plus its a requirement for CE
  6. Did you get them with the Orange fuse Markus? What DC cables are you using?
  7. There are more variables that must be considered in audio testing than just the psychological or testing process bias. An obvious one to check is if there's a possible source of testing error due to the test subject's physical hearing impairments. Hearing declines with age, frequency audibility thresholds change, tinnitus may selectively affect certain frequencies, and other disease- and age-related effects must be carefully considered. Some of the studies mentioned here specifically performed audiology testing on test subjects before proceeding to the experiment. Other testing methodologies, like MUSHRA, allow for a rejection of individuals based on their test scores where they can't detect obviously distorted/impaired content. Here's an interesting table from a study that shows higher frequency audibility thresholds for individuals above the age of 60, male and female. The numbers show dB level required for audibility. A higher number indicates that a higher level of that frequency is required for detection:
  8. You may like to read this. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/whats-wrong-with-upnp/2101/2#
  9. I don't want to crap on the direction of the thread, and it's possible that across one of my multiple readings of the thread I may have missed it, but why not consider a Takachi Enclosures case? They are a professional case Maker from Japan and they make the chassis for the UpTone JS-2, the Taiko servers, and many other audio products. They have top notch quality, they take custom orders, and if you start with one of their existing base options and modify it, you can save a lot of money while still getting basically what you want. Another benefit is that they make the same case in multiple, compatible configurations. Back about 2 years ago I found out about them and requested pricing on their audio component standard size aluminum cases, which I have attached below. This line is called "HY", then the other number is the height. Anyway, as you'll see in the pictures, you can get a full size ATX case laying in the horizontal format (think Taiko's size and style) for $300. Then you can go far beyond with alterations like material thickness, screw holes, or maybe even changing out materials like how Taiko swapped the side panel aluminum heatsinks for copper. Anyway, I thought it worth asking because it full achieves the flexibility in unit height, while sharing things like the top panel, bottom panel, footers, and internal mounting plate (if wanted). It opens the door for different buyers needs, all the way from 177mm high down to like 60mm. What're your guys' thoughts about this angle? Or what are the comparisons to the H5? I think almost any work that's been done so far is almost fully transferable to the Takachi HY177, since it focuses around designs to meet the Mobo and CPU placement, not the case manufacturer.
  10. Listening to Gentoo on the USBridge Sig. and finding it very nice indeed. Seems to be a little more clarity at lower volume, which is what I like in my smaller room. Took about an hour to get set up, the web interface is certainly different to the other OS’s out there so there’s a bit of a mindset change needed for a user. But overall, not an ordeal. Will give it an extended audition.
  11. Today
  12. Well, doing anything upfront your diy switch won’t help much as I see it. You may experiment with fiber, etherRegen and/or Sonore optical module after your diy switch. You can experimenting which is best Ethernet or USB on that Lumin D1 I also understand changing PS on D1 is a good option. Regarding the speaker you asked in the other tread, I don’t know. @wizardofoz Maybe you can give some advice here with best way to improve SQ with a Lumin D1 in networking. I understand you also have the etherRegen and can maybe add something about SQ. Did you try USB ?
  13. Yes. For situations where manual changing of firmware may be troublesome, you may consider disabling firmware upgrade in the app.
  14. Here is the description: Router --> Airport Time Capsule --> DIY audio switch My music is stored in Synology NAS, supplied by linear power --> above audio switch with linear power too --> Lumin D1 with CAT 8 Ethernet
  15. Maybe. But if the power line carries a lot of common mode noise as you say, Amir’s test would show the combination of what the filter did to both, normal and common mode noise. To me that’s what matters in the end: does the filter eliminate noise, and if it does, does this have an effect on the output of my audio system. As an engineer, I might like to know more about the filters and the types of noise they reject, but as a consumer, I wouldn’t know what part of my power line noise is common mode and what is normal; I’d just want to know that all noise is not going to make it to my overly sensitive, audiophile components
  16. So maybe you can try to make the http stack more standard conform in future firmware releases, if possible. that will make the Lumin devices more compartible to the rest of DLNA / UPnP capable apps and programs. Like said, its no problem for me currently. I am happy that the device works at all and this is much more then with the Auralic device I had before. I can use more apps and the sound is equal or even better...., so every thing is fine. And ofcourse I hope this will be also the case for future firmwares.... BTW.: Is it possible to roll back a firmware on a U1 if a new release will not longer work? If turned on automated firmware updates, maybe I should disable it to be save that my current setup will work stable? I'd like to have new firmwares ofcourse, but I also have to make sure that my system is accessible and works for me in my special situation as a blind user.... Cheers ans thanks, Schoepp
  17. Maybe you should explain what player, endpoint, streamer etc you are using. Which audio switch ? Try describe the whole chain. You may include what power supply in use. I personally think Apple network gear is horrible, but I don’t think removing that HDD will affect the streaming quality. Assuming your music is stored on NAS and not Airport Time Capsule. Adding the etherRegen as an example will do much more in a positive way.
  18. Normally power line filters have elements to filter common-mode noise (a CM choke for example) as well as normal mode noise (LC filtering perhaps). Wouldn't comprehensive measurements wish to characterize both?
  19. But what does that have to do with the filter? It should filter any noise, regardless of the source. How would you measure it differently to account for common mode noise?
  20. Because a significant amount of power line noise is common-mode.
  21. Why would that be important in measuring the effect of a power line filter?
  22. Dear all, I have used Airport Time Capsule as a wifi router. My Synology NAS connected with Airport Time Capsule through audio switch. Do you think the HDD of Airport Time Capsule could make electrical noise, which affect on sound quality streaming? Should I change it into Airport Extreme without HDD? Thank you
  23. Yeah, I also managed to sign up for the US. Once you sign up it doesn't matter where you are. The only glitch is that my Google account is defined as from a non-Qobuz country, and the play store won't let me download the Qobuz app for Android. Even if I am physically in a country where Qobuz is legal and connected to a local provider. It's doubly curious as the Apple App Store has no such distraction. Neither does Windows/Microsoft. I asked Qobuz about it and they said there is nothing they can do....
  24. I have add a Rel T7i subs into my system with significant improvement. But I still want to try second pair of speakers :-). Do you think Buchardt would be nice alternative, in terms of musicality? Cheers,
  25. Miska Only the registration need US IP-address (or any country you prefer). . After that it works world wide. No VPN needed. I know for sure, as I did.
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