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Welcome to the Pono community. After bouncing from its original home to another, the Pono community finally has a permanent home :~)
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  2. Think for the average Joe this is true. For people more into sound quality, not so sure. We lost the best sounding portable (PonoPlayer) and best sounding phone (LG). Hmm.
  3. I forgot to mention that the DR value of the Big Red Machine album is borderline and any DSP options, e.g. in Roon, should better be disabled.
  4. High on rotation for me are currently Eric Bibb - Dear America 24/96 and Big Red Machine - How Do You Think It's Gonna Last 24/88.2. Both excellently produced and sounding.
  5. Is the new remix highly anticipated and supposed to be something special? Listening to Pink Floyd - The Later Years 24/96WAV. PonoPlayer, Schiit Loki, and Koss/Massdrop ESP-95X.
  6. All 3 of mine work fine. Listening (when in the car) to a 1000+ song playlist based on a couple top classic rock lists (in chronological order of course).
  7. I don't recall ever seeing an LG ad on the Darko site. Impugning the integrity of Darko and that of other internet review sites is a pretty low blow, with no evidence provided. John Darko has compared an LG phone to a DAP, and to another phone with dongle DAC, as have I. Have you? I wholeheartedly agree that implementation is key to sonics from a DAC. LG uses ESS DAC's, tuned by Meridian Audio. You are wrong about a Quad DAC being purely a marketing tool. More DAC's = lower noise. "LG’s Quad DAC is actually made up of four sub-DACs that work in tandem and this is what make
  8. The time limit is 30 minutes, or once another post has been made in that same thread by anyone.
  9. Ian, were you going to send out an email to all the members of the old Resono community to let them know about our new home here? I noticed that site is now down, so folks can’t see the info you had posted regarding the move.
  10. Chris, when you say “a limited time” is that a specified time — 1 minute, 5 minutes, less/more?
  11. There is a limited time to edit posts. Once it has passed, the editing window closes.
  12. @The Computer Audiophile Hi Chris, how can I edit a post that I have published here in the Clubs section?
  13. For me, John Darko is not really a trustworthy and independent reviewer and source. Like many pure internet services, he is far too dependent on his advertising revenue and other contributions. Those who place many ads or "invite" him to special events get more positive reviews or mentions. But to get back to the actual topic, I would like to remind you of a statement by Charley Hansen, which, as far as I remember, he one posted in the old PonoMusic forum. His point of view was that the DAC chip, regardless of the manufacturer, in its basic function has no significant i
  14. My most recent listen was the Beatles 'Let It Be' in 24-44 flac. Had been a long time since I listened to it but all the talk of the forthcoming remix prompted me to play it. Short but enjoyable! The Pono player brought out sounds and textures I hadn't noticed before.
  15. I still use my Neil Young & Crazy Horse SE Pono player, now with balanced Sennheiser 650 headphones. I used to travel a lot & just played it through the van sound system (a few different vans) so the sound wasn't great. I'm now retired, so I can appreciate the proper sound at home through good headphones. I have the Beatles & some Neil Young on the internal memory, my other music is on 3 different microSD cards (2 for 24-bit music, 1 for 16-bit). I started off with 128gb cards but have upped them recently to 256gb cards. I'm looking forward to s
  16. The sad part is, LG is leaving the mobile phone business. I sure hope mine lasts until someone else picks up on the audiophile phone idea.
  17. Ha! Thanks for your persistence. The first time I tried the link, it would not connect, so I lost interest. Googling separately, I have now watched. For those who have not watched the video--I see that Darko loves the LG and that it is "easily the equal of the iPhone plus Dragonfly" which he had been using instead of the Sony DAP. If I were an Android guy, I would probably buy an LG phone. But if my A&K died tomorrow, I would probably replace it with a Dragonfly into my iPhone. Also, props to both you and LG! I love that they have made a phone with great sou
  18. Clearly you did not watch the video, which addresses your questions. A cell phone with Dragonfly Red is not superior to an LG Quad DAC: https://darko.audio/2018/06/the-dap-days-are-over-part-3-lg-v30/
  19. Currently listening to Elina Duni, Rob Luft - Lost Ships in 24/88.2. Excellently produced melancholic World music between Fado and Chanson. Perfect musical entertainment for after midnight.
  20. My PP is still alive after its start-up problems with two stays in Gilroy, although I must confess that I hardly use it any more. In recent years, I have used it primarily on holiday trips where nothing else was available to listen to music in good quality. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, there have been no trips for me in the last 18 months. I also no longer change my internal memory. I have stored my music on several MicroSD cards with capacities between 200 and 512 GB. In the last few years I have had the opportunity to test various other top DAPs from
  21. Many recent LG phones contain ESS Quad DACs for music. I've tried one or two of them and they compete well.
  22. I have not tried an LG phone, and my A&K was a bit higher up on the food chain than yours, but it's difficult to imagine a cell phone having an internal DAC that can compete with an A&K or Pono. My A&K did not get a direct comparison to my Pono because I upgraded ear buds simultaneously--but both sounded very good and were worth the weight on top of my iPhone (on the plane trips I no longer take...sob). But maybe the best solution today is halfway in between--a cell phone with an external dongle DAC such as a Dragonfly?
  23. My wife has a black Pono, I have yellow. I put a 200 GB SD card in mine. Thinking about getting a second SD card to get more of my collection available to the Pono.

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