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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.
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  2. On my side, I took time to reinstall audirvana but once done I've been able to test audirvana connected to jplay through upnp on a single machine and I did experience some issues with qobuz (track playing indefinitely, track stops playing). I personally think on my side that the issue is more on the jplay femto side. I am currently using the jplay driver in audirvana instead of accessing it through upnp and no issue so far. Last thing I'll try will be with WiFi as supported throughput is much higher with WiFi than ethernet. Now that I have setup a new virtual disk with win 19 server desktop for audirvana, I can use it to activate WiFi which I couldn't do on win 19 core. I'll update if it solves problems with Jplay for IOS and qobuz for me Barnabe
  3. 1.0.10 Mar 21, 2023 - Database backup; - Bug fixes and performance improvements; - German translation added; The guide how to make database backup is available here: https://jplay.app/userguide
  4. Cool, will try when it plays up again.
  5. Have you tried to use the refresh option in the Audio Output section? … or to swipe off the app and relaunch it?
  6. Spoke too soon. Was comparing SACD player to Jplay, switching inputs on the amplifier (all analog) and DAC-40 in the E-480. Usually the DAC 'keeps running' and the selector switches the analog out in the preamp. Well Jplay kinda lost it. Turned the Lumin off and on, still no go. Reinstalled JPLAY from scratch, now it works. Back to Audirvana Origin, getting sick of temperamental remotes, Audirvana is another case, can't decide on portrait or landscape, so will remote desktop to the server and play from there. Digital audio is not as robust as often cited. Saw an ad for an Oppo BP-105 for sale, I have one of these and trying it out after at least 5 years of no use, it's not bad at all. Far better than the Yamaha CDS-2100, or the Sony UX-800. My model doesn't have a USB input, but it's fine for SACD/CD playing.
  7. I switch between audirvana Origin and JPLAY/Minimserver, the former for what of a better description sounds 'better' but the margins are very small. After about a month, back on Jplay iOS v 1.09, during that time, the library disks were increased in size to 16 TB, network adapters combined for fault tolerance and load balancing. Minimserver needed to work out two drives to one, so took a bit of time to create a new index, about two hours or so. Jplay version went to 1.09, after the indexing was finished for both, Jplay just 'works'. Transition from DSD to PCM is a lot smoother, no 'waiting on renderer' and tracks can be selected on the fly. Search is very good, I don't mind the 'see more' if the album I'm looking for from artist doesn't show the particular album to play, it's quick. All in all, the bugs are gone, I don't play Qobuz, just local files. I was wondering if there was a method to save all settings, so if there's a new version, the renderer settings are retained, since this doesn't change much, whereas everything else could. On iOS, the file management is not great, maybe an app to restore? Or is the settings page for the renderer enough to copy into a screen shot and that's it?
  8. I added Audirvana to my playback routine and have no issue with Quboz. Same with Roon and Mconnect.
  9. I work in IT and know how people can react when something does not work. Knowledge to the end user we understand you are having an and we are working diligently on a fix. Give them periodic updates to your request. Going dark will make people feel you don't care.
  10. To be very honest, I'm wondering at that stage whether this actually is a jplay for ios issue or if it's not rather linked to jplay/jplay femto. I need to test jplay for ios with something else than jplay femto but I am a bit lazy to install audiolinux to test with a different upnp renderer and server. I have not been experiencing any issue on euphony since I last switched to it although I did experience problems at the beginning of this thread, so I don't know what to think of it. I'll soon try again jplay.
  11. My apologies, my response is out of frustration with the lack of communication from JPLAY support. I give them the log files they request but they never give an update. Overall it is a nice app but the skipping with Qobuz makes it unusable.
  12. Huh? A cash grab? Perhaps you should consider how many years of work went into creating this and the headaches involved, plus the miniscule amount of money being made.
  13. Is there an update on this issue? I emailed log files again this week for review but have not heard back from anyone at JPLAY. I find it interesting that this thread has gone silent and I get no feedback from them. I feel this software release was a cash grab and now is becoming vaporware.
  14. Thank all very much for the quick answers. Now it runs here too. There was a problem when inserting the card into the motherboard. Probably not all pins were connected.
  15. The only problem I've had with that card and Euphony is that upsampling to PCM 1.5M produces static. It's not the card as it works fine via HQPlayer direct and with Windows. The same issue is experienced with both Euphony and Audiolinux. PCM 768 and below works fine.
  16. Yes. I’m running Euphony v4 and Jcat USB card XE. No problem 🙂
  17. Has anyone successfully run the JCAT USB CARD XE on the new Euphony Verison 4? There are problems on a MB with chipset Z390. The USB ports from the motherboard work fine.
  18. Perfect thanks for pointing that out I couldn’t find that feature
  19. Isn’t it the Radio function? To disable it you need to put at least one track in the Queue, then open it and go to the third window on the right (swipe twice to left) In the bottom right corner disable Radio with the button
  20. I can’t seem to figure out how to keep Qobuz via JPLAY iOS from auto-playing new material after my selected album or queue is done playing. I have the function turned off in my Qobuz settings on the actual Qobuz app as well as web based login page, however Qobuz in JPLAY auto plays music always. Anyone figure this out ?
  21. With all the different combinations to workaround the Windows behaviour for the Network Bridge on the main music server, the old Audio-jbox PC was added again. For the moment, until Windows decides to change and wreck the bridge it works. I tried: a) Lumin U1 wired directly from the router with DX-ISO. Music stored on Music-Server Verdict: Ruff, raw, bad distortion, like having the volume up too far. This is now remembered as very bad digital distortion. Unlistenable b) Music-Server dual NICs and Net XE in Teaming Mode, Lumin to one Net XE port. No identification on the Net port, predictable, since Teaming relies on SERVER-SWITCH connections, not SERVER-HOST. So the chain is now: Router LAN Port 2 & 3 -> Music Server Intel NIC x 2 Router LAN Port 4 -> Audio-Jbox PC with NET XE Port A in Netowrk Bridge mode -> XET XE Port B -> EtherRegen Port A -> EtherRegen Port B -> Lumin Ethernet There are DX-ISO filters on every cable except on the B side of the ER to the Lumin. There's an Initio 3 powering the NET XE. The sound quality now is as before, very clean, a very dramatic difference with the NET XE Card in place and working. Made all that work worthwhile to see the end. Now to find a linear supply for the router, alternatively an English Electric Switch to keep the music system on the one switch. I could have used the EtherRegen on the A side, but the cabling distance is too far to strech the B side, some 20m between the B and the Lumin would be the consequence, not going to happen. The olde NET FEMTO is now in the main file server in teaming mode, replacing the single Realtek 2.5GBe NIC. The Realtek either RTL8125 / RTL8125B(S)(G) came with an Asus mobo. I couldn't reach the transfer rates for files with the Realtek alone, the NET FEMTO does a far better job with throughput, about 20-30 MB/s higher speed. Both the NET FEMTO and NET XE use the Intel i350 NIC. Particular benefit of the i350 is winding up the transmit and receive buffers to max, data just flies.
  22. 1.08 seemed definitely better, than before. I seem to have now worse skipping with 1.09. I can't tell whether it's the version or something else, will try to check Euphony again
  23. Hello Just like you I found version 1.08 to be stable with Qobuz and track skipping. I am getting them again with 1.09. I doubt this is a Qobuz issue. In the past I used Roon, Audirvana and Mconnect and did not experience skipping with Qobuz. Thank you.
  24. Anyone else still having issues with tracks skipping in Qobuz using JPLAY for iOS? switching to Ver 1.0.9 solved the “sending to renderer” issues I was having from Ver 1.0.8, but it reintroduced the track skipping from Ver 1.0.7. is the consensus that this is really a Qobuz issue? thanks JS

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