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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.
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  2. OPTIMO ATX – world’s first truly linear ATX PSU for audiophiles – heat management. One of the biggest challenges in linear power supply design is heat management, as heat generation is inherent for its nature, especially for high-current PSUs such as OPTIMO ATX. Full article in the EDITORIAL section here: https://jcat.eu/optimo-atx-worlds-first-truly-linear-atx-psu-for-audiophiles-heat-management/
  3. here it is: http://forum-hifi.fr/archive/index.php?thread-19558-1.html
  4. We're building first batch of INITIO3 PSU this week. Here are few shots from the production: Ships in few days to first lucky customers :) Regards, Marcin
  5. Will be announced in March. We should have the first production unit next week :)
  6. No, they said it would be the next release before it worked. I got it to work with AudioLinux. It worked for one day then stopped working, so I gave up on it and went to a different solution. Others may have more success. This is not a reflection on the product, as I know others have spoken highly of it. Colin
  7. Does the USB XE card work with Euphony now as well?
  8. Enthusiastically following this thread. Wondering if a release date eminent.
  9. The ground is connected to the steel PCIe bracket and then to the enclosure. Some customers use this or other similar products to 'improve' grounding. Regards, Marcin
  10. Hi @Marcin_gps - Can you explain the grounding configuration of the JCAT USB XE with regards to performance of USB output and how it can affect the attached DAC? Thanks
  11. Interesting as I;ve just got another order from dealer in France. Can you post a link to the discussion?
  12. On the french forum, they didn't really had an impact on sound
  13. The JCAT USB XE card now works. A fresh install of AudioLinux with the latest version, then made sure the PC was completely powered off and back on. Thanks to Piero for the fix. Colin
  14. When I was considering buying the new JCAT XE Ethernet card I was thinking to myself? is this now at the stage of diminishing returns?! Well after the card breaks in you say to yourself No it’s not diminishing return & how is this even possible when I use buffer, cache network turned of when playback? But yet there is such a profound improvement in everything! What we think we know about digital audio is just the tip of the iceberg. Well done @Marcin_gps to you & everyone involved! Big thumbs up from me! I’m not very good at reviews, so maybe som
  15. I contacted Piero and he made some suggestions. This could help others, so I’ll post his response here - Hello, both chips are supported in mainline linux. The kernel 5.10.x is the last kernel with the realtime patch, equivalent to last mainline. If it is not working in Audiolinux, it should not work on all distributions using the last kernel. Another user of the card has verified that (booting with Auiolinux) it was working in one PC but not in another. What can you do? 1) Try to poweroff completely the PC. Detach the power cord, re-attach it and boot. Some cards with
  16. Hmm, then it seems sth specific to AudioLinux. Please let me know if you want me to contact Piero or would you perfer to do it directly?
  17. Marcin, yes, both cards are getting power. If I use Euphony, the Netcard XE works but the USB XE doesn’t, as you mentioned. If I switch to AudioLinux, neither card works. Colin
  18. There is no issue with Euphony and NET or NET XE card. The issue is only with Euphony & USB XE
  19. Colin, please verify if the cards are getting power. Regards, Marcin
  20. I can also confirm new JCAT XE Ethernet is working with Euphony.
  21. Well, some good news anyway...my standard jcat Ethernet card is working with euphony.
  22. Hi Marcin, or anyone, can you confirm whether or not these same issues also apply to the standard (non xe) version USB/Ethernet?
  23. Hi Marcin, I have the latest AudioLinux kernel and neither the USB XE nor the Netcard XE work. I have emailed Piero at AudioLinux for his comments. Thanks Colin
  24. Last year was challenging for all of us. We took that time to work hard on our products, so that you could enjoy music at home at higher quality than ever before. We are pleased to inform you that our efforts paid off: three of our new products received BEST OF 2020 awards from Pursuit Perfect System USB ENHANCER - STAND OUT PRODUCT 2020 NET XE & USB XE CARDS - BEST HIFI DIGITAL 2020

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