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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.

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  2. Good news! The delayed oscillators were finally shipped yesterday from DigiKey warehouse to our factory.
  3. Dawid Grzyb, Hifi Knights & 6moons Full review available on 6moons now: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/jcat/
  4. For pure voltage transmission the OPTIMO 3 DUO comes with two high quality 1.2m PC-OCC 0.7mm² double shielded DC cables for each of the outputs. By default the cables come with 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC barrel plugs, but the OPTIMO 3 DUO can be ordered with any connectors that match your device - at no additional cost! Please specify the connector (or a device) in a purchase note when placing the order at our online shop at JCAT.eu
  5. The HighFidelity review is now available in English: http://www.highfidelity.pl/@main-1013&lang=en
  6. Customer's photo & report on the OPTIMO 3 DUO on fancy footers "No transformer humming! Fresh out of the box it sounds better than Keces P8 and ZERO-ZONE! "
  7. M12 SWITCH GOLD & OPTIMO 3 DUO reviewed by Soundrebels The article is available in Polish for now. The official English translation will follow shortly. For now, please use Google Translate: https://soundrebels.com/telegartner-m12-switch-gold-optimo-3-duo/
  8. Hi William, The manufacturer of the OCXO (SiTime) delayed the delivery again from July 8 to July 30, but after a conference call with them we managed to expedite the delivery to this week. Once we receive the oscillators, we will start the assembly. Hopefully we will be ship the orders by the end of July. I wish I could give you better news, so you could enjoy the cards sooner. Best regards, Marcin Ostapowicz JPLAY & JCAT Founder
  9. Hi Marcin, curious if the the clocks arrived and if you have an idea of ship dates. Thank you
  10. I wrote a quick start guide for JPLAY FEMTO including TIDAL / Qobuz / Spotify setup & screenshots http://jplay.eu/ml_post_slider/getting-started-with-jplay-femto/ I hope it's helpful. Regards, Marcin
  11. HQPlayer will only connect to its own NAA adapter on another computer over Ethernet or by a USB direct connection. I have tried NAA on a Mac mini years ago and found the additional step of another computer adds more noise and the endpoint is still a USB local to that NAA machine. HQPlayer can be an engine, such as a Roon front end, but the output is then local USB or NAA.
  12. @WilliamWykeham, I ran into trouble due to something I did without referencing the connections to a photo... anyway, this is how I resolved the Bridge not connecting for Win2016 and Windows LTSC. 1. Delete the existing Bridge connection, reboot 2. Connect say the lower port or the left port only to the network (router/switch), leave the other connection to the Lumin disconnected for now, but keep the Lumin powered on. It will say Network Error, no problem. 3. Using IPconfig /all, find the MAC address of the port where the network cable is connected to. 4. In your router settings, assign a permanent IP to that network MAC address, eg 5. Back to the Network adapter page, Bridge the 2 JCAT ports together, don't assign any IP/DNS/GW and leave it DHCP 6. Shutdown the server 7. Connect the Lumin U1 (it must be powered on) to the the right or top RJ45 8. Reboot the Server 9. Once settled, the router assigns the IP address ( to the network port and a DHCP address to the Lumin. 10. On the Lumin app, check the IP address, it will not show on Ipconfig (dunno why). 11. On the server, IPCONFIG /all again and check the IP address is assigned to the MAC address. If you end up with a 169..... type number, reboot and all should be good. 12. Trim the Config for the network adapters on the JCAT for 1GBs, I have all the offloads disabled seems to speed things up If either the server shuts down or the Lumin switches off or vice versa, the Lumin will always connect within 10s or less once the server is operational. The U1 is awesome, it needs a good clean Ethernet front end and configuring the JCAT will reap even more benefits. For now I have a Baaske filter on the network side, seems to keep most of the noise out. Also have a look at the bonding of the hard drives, chassis and mobo, this reduces more noise ending up with a really great image, height and if the recording is good enough, spatial positioning.
  13. Whoops.. needed to add an IP to the Network Bridge Adapter. Good article - https://www.windowscentral.com/how-set-and-manage-network-bridge-connection-windows-10 However I can't get HQPlayer to recognize my endpoint, despite verifying that it's now connected to my network
  14. Could use some help getting my JCAT Network card bridged correctly. Here's what I've done and what happens: Installed the network card on a Windows Server 2019, using a LP4 connector to a 6pin molex attached to a HDplex DC-ATX (attached to the area on the DC-ATX designated "SATA" and not "PCIe" since I need a 5V input and not 12V.) Both USB ports are attached to my switch; both are functioning. So here I go into network settings, select both adapters, right click and select "bridge". I get an error that says "an unexpected error occurred while connecting the Network Bridge". So I right click on the new Network Bridge icon and see that only one of my ports is checked under "Adapters: Select the adapters you want to use to connect to computers on your local network". I'm not sure about this but assume that both need to be selected, so I click the checkbox for the other adapter. Now my internet goes down and, and I click troubleshoot under the Network Adapter and it tells me it can't find an IP address. The only way I can get the connection back is by removing one of the adapters from the bridge. So now I go back and read instructions online about bridging and see that you need to set a static IP address; I set up a static IP for both ports using the same IP address that is already assigned to these ports. I go through the above again and get the same result, an error message saying an unexpected error has occurred. I'm also not 100% sure that I'm doing this correctly, but here's an example of what I input for both ports when I set up static IP addresses: IP address: Subnet Mask: Default gateway: Preferred DNS server: Alternate DNS server: I enter the same information above with a different IP address for the other port, and just use the information I found under ipconfig /all, with the exception of the Alternate DNS server, which I just guess since it can't be the same as the Preferred DNS server. Using the above details, the connection is fine for both ports before I try to bridge. I delete the adapters, try reinstalling the drivers, same result as above. I wonder if maybe, actually only one adapter should be selected when I right click the Network Bridge, and connect one port to my endpoint - but the endpoint isn't getting any signal (I've verified it works fine when connected to my network via a switch and not bridged.) I'm obviously a novice with this stuff -- would really appreciate any help you guys have.
  15. Richard, I prefer 1Gbit/s It sounds better in my system. Regards, Marcin
  16. Hello, in fact i was fed up of trying to understand how to setup the optimized setups of Marcin and gave a try to windows 2019 server. I’m running this OS now and quite happy vs Gentooplayer and AudioLinux. There was some options in gentooplayer but impossible to understand the parameters behind. I should give a try with the new AudioLinux 2.5 while I would be on holidays in august.
  17. Hello Patatorz Did you Dive and still manage to come back to the surface with regards to the correspondance between windows optimisations for net card and Linux based OS ones?
  18. Hi Marcin, Does it mean you have to privilège 100Mbits Over 1Gbit or reverse? If in à configuration with à server with JCAT net card and à separate player you put an Etherregen (which is 100Mbits on B side) in between what would be the suitable speed settings for JCAT net card in the server? Sorry I am not network savvy... Richard
  19. Hello Marvin, any updates concerning a « netcard XE » ? bR
  20. The current lead time information for the OCXO SIT5711AC-KW-33E-20.000000F-ND is that they are expected to arrive at Digi-Key on July 8, 2020. We have other components in stock, so the assembly will start shortly. Regards, Marcin
  21. Best regards, Marcin Hi Marcin, Could you provide us with an updated delivery schedule of the XE card? Thanks!
  22. It's not hardware. It's a software player/playback engine optimized for best possible sound quality (subjective) http://jplay.eu
  23. I'm new to hqplayer and now I hear about jplay. What exactly is it.? I guess it's hardware? Can it be used with laptop?
  24. End of Summer. I will start a new topic with more details and some pictures from the lab. Regards, Marcin

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