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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.

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  2. Have you ever thought about undertaking J-Test measurements and publishing them? Seems like a worthwhile objective measurement of performance. For example: https://www.stereophile.com/content/innuos-statement-music-server-measurements and https://www.stereophile.com/content/roon-labs-nucleus-music-server-measurements I'm just thinking that a test such as this might also show what can be achieved using USB XE used in different server configurations.
  3. linear PSU for the motherboard is certainly good, but a separate LPS for the card is a different story. I'd strongly recommend a LPS just for the USB Card XE Regards, Marcin
  4. NEXT BATCH UPDATE I'm afraid I have unfortunate news. I've just received an email from Digi-key regarding availability of the OCXO oscillator we use on the USB Card XE. The original shipping date when we placed the order was June, 6th. Now the date is June 30, 2020, with an additional, approximate 6 business days transit from the manufacturer to Digi-Key. The SiT5711 is popular and SiTime has not been able to get ahead of the demand. Regardless, we are pushing to get the oscillators sooner, but it seems that the USB Cards XE will not ship sooner than in July. I know this is disappointing, but there is very little we can do. I will keep you updated. On the bright side: Best regards, Marcin
  5. I have preordered mine now! What’s the present ETA for June, early/mid/late? Also, I will be powering my motherboard with a linear power supply (Sean Jacobs)... I would imagine that this would largely remove the need for using an external dedicated linear power supply... any feedback on this?
  6. Hear the difference our OPTIMO 3 DUO linear power supply makes 🎧 Terry Ellis, the reviewer behind Pursuit Perfect System, was impressed so much with the PSU, that he decided to keep it as the part of his reference system! 👽
  7. USB Card XE + OPTIMO 3 DUO PSU sound demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYWlqfCaGG4
  8. Our USB Card XE gets a 'SPECIAL PERFORMER' award from Pursuit Perfect System "remember the sonic benefits from the FEMTO USB card, the XE card does that all over again but improving every area" Full review available here: https://www.pursuitp...-xe-review.html
  9. If you wonder what kind of performance does the Optimo 3 Duo deliver, here is a report from our Hong Kong dealer, Howen Int:
  10. Terry from Pursuit Perfect System explains why a high-quality power supply is essential in a hifi system. The OPTIMO 3 DUO review starts here
  11. Bob from Rhapsody Audio in NY just got his Optimo 3 Duo: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/network-improvements-and-their-impact-on-sound-quality.30455/post-646570
  12. There are no further information yet. I just mentioned what you already observed about the high price of such power supplies. Regards, Marcin
  13. Hopefully next Femto Ethernet card has SFP Fiber capability.
  14. Hi Matt, In theory this should work, but I haven't tried this device, so can't be sure. The USB Card XE works under Mac OS. (This is new, because USB Card FEMTO is not compatible with Mac OS) Yes, host computer PSU will always be important IMHO We're designing our own no compromise ATX iinear PSU, but, as you already noticed, it will be very expensive. Best regards, Marcin Ostapowicz JPLAY & JCAT Founder
  15. @Marcin_gps When powering USB XE with a really high quality linear power supply, do you still find that the host computer power supply is as important? For example, some people here are spending large amounts of money on linear power supplies for their server builds (7700k, 8700k, AMS 3900x - all 95 watts)... high core count, large cache all sound better. With JCAT USB XE would using a standard high quality ATX SMPS for the motherboard and CPU no longer be a compromise? I ask because >8A of 12v linear power supply is very expensive and rare.
  16. @Marcin_gps Hi Marcin, would like to use your new USB CARD XE with a new MacBook Pro with TB3 output to this device: https://www.sonnettech.com/product/echo-express-sel-tb3/overview.html Does the XE work with this device and can you recommend such a configuration when using a HQPS for the XE? Do exist devices which are superior to the Sonnet, maybe passive cooled without fan? Thank you Matt
  17. No, this is the current NET Card FEMTO. The NET XE is still in development.
  18. Hello, this is also the next version of the Netcard Femto ?
  19. We are currently accepting pre-orders for the next batch of cards available in June 2020. Current batch is sold out!!! In case you wonder if it's worth the wait:
  20. The first batch of USB Card XE is on the way. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Please give the card up to 200 hours burn-in before forming your final opinion - the LT3045 LDOs on the card need time to open up. Please share your feedback here on the forum or leave a review and star rating on the Polestar platform: https://audiophilestyle.com/polestar/computers-networking/jcat-usb-card-xe-reviews-r293/ The card has an external PSU option which eliminates computer as the source of power. The OPTIMO 3 DUO power supply is highly recommended for absolute best sound quality: https://jcat.eu/featured/optimo-3-duo-linear-power-supply/ Looking forward to your impressions! Yours sincerely, Marcin Ostapowicz JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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