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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.

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  2. I'd check 1Gbit and 100Mbit link speeds - this is the biggest difference. Regards, Marcin
  3. The instructions from Marcin are great. Unfortunately a bit dated. I did'nt found all described settings. Of course I use the latest Intel drivers. But everything runs optimally with the guide. I had experimented a lot with the settings before. Also with the tool SG TCP Optimizer. That was'nt succesfull. I'm convinced that lowest latencies are the key factor in streaming. I therefore test each setting with the tool LatencyMon.
  4. I installed my card yesterday and followed Marcin's guide in order to set things up and adjust the card's settings. I am powering it with a 5V rail from my HD-Plex 400W LPS. Have people experimented with any of the settings and have anything to share? I plan on letting things play as is for a while but then I may adjust things. Marcin, which are the most influential settings that you would recommend people play with?
  5. BEST PRODUCT 2019 award for JPLAY FEMTO & M12 SWITCH Magic from High Fidelity
  6. 🔥 EXCLUSIVE FOR JCAT - WORLD'S BEST RJ45 CONNECTORS ON SIGNATURE LAN CABLE GOLD 🔥 Japan Telegaertner Limited MFP8 IE GOLD RJ45 connectors, the same as being used at the International Space Station (ISS), are now available on our Signature LAN Cable GOLD which guarantees even more reliable transmission of audio signals and higher sound quality. The MFP8 IE GOLD connectors are available exclusively on JCAT Signature LAN Cable GOLD. No other manufacturer outside Japan is allowed to use these prestigious connectors. We are very proud! The cable is in stock and can be purchased directly in our webshop: https://jcat.eu/product/signature-lan-cable/
  7. I finally got WS2019 up and running with Audiophile Optimizer and my JCAT Femto card. It sounds much better than Win10.
  8. M12 MAGIC SWITCH review by Wojciech Pacuła, chief editor of High Fidelity http://www.highfidelity.pl/@main-3603&lang= The article available in Polish. English translation will be posted in Decebmer
  9. I'd highly recommended using bubble UPnP on Android. If you must use iOS then mConnect or Kinsky. Regards, Marcin
  10. Hi Chris, I've just tried here and it seems that JPLAY FEMTO doesn't work with the latest version of Glider and Glider is no longer updated Regards, Marcin
  11. Hi @Marcin_gps I installed FEMTO and I can see it as a server and renderer using the Glider app on iOS. However, no music appears in the library. I checked the MusicLibrary file in C:\JPLAY and it's full of music. Here is a screenshot of the Glider app. I have the Windows firewall disabled via gpedit as well.
  12. No. Although I'd recommend updating the driver from intel once in a while. Regards, Marcin
  13. Thanks Marcin. I did follow your excellent guide when I bought my card last May. Are there any new configuration changes that would apply specifically to WS2019? Thanks!
  14. 'One thing that’s clear about the JCAT Signature LAN cable – it doesn’t sound like any other Ethernet cable I’ve heard. It’s the most transparent, quickest, and quietest Ethernet cable in my arsenal.' 😊 Link to the full review below https://audiobacon.net/2019/11/02/the-jcat-signature-lan-a-1000-ethernet-cable/ Regards, Marcin
  15. There is a guide I wrote available for all customers who purchased the card. Please send me a PM if you have not received it. The article is not publicly available - it's a free bonus for everyone who purchased the card. Regards, Marcin
  16. Yes, running WS2019 Core with JCAT usb and net Femto cards with great SQ.
  17. I do not think it's the OS. What bothers you? I got very good experience configuring the network card following this guide: Computer Audio Best Practices Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/computer_audio_best_practices_guide.pdf You should also change some settings in the network adapter. For example, disable Interrupt Moderation and Green Ethernet (reduces latency). Did you load the latest drivers? There is a lot to consider and it would be nice to get a compendium of the recommended settings from JCAT.
  18. I am still enjoying this card but feel that my server OS is holding things back. Has anyone used it with Windows Server 2019? Thanks!
  19. Good to hear! Give it a good burn-in (about a week) and it will sound even better. Enjoy! Best regards, Marcin
  20. Thanks, that's all set up and running nicely. I'm using an EVGA Z370 Micro which has very pleasant and open sounding USB ports on board, but it lacks the rhythm that my older gaming boards such as the Maximus VIII Impact had. Listening with the JCAT installed it seems to have got its rhythm back. There's also more detail and weightier bass than before, so all good so far. 😀
  21. JPLAY manual is now available in Japanese too: http://jplay.eu/日本語/ Regards, Marcin
  22. Thanks. I hope you will be satisfied with the performance. 1. It has the latest 2.0 firmware 2. If you want to double check, please run the firmware again - it takes only a few seconds: https://jcat.eu/usb-card-femto-gets-a-free-update-to-ver-2-0/ 3. I'd remove all jumpers from the card. Then only the USB chipset and the clock will be powered (no 5V via USB ports) Please let me know if you have any further questions. Regards, Marcin
  23. I've just ordered mine in the hope it will be delivered before Bexit. 😱 My SoTM card broke and the PPAv2 was never as good as the SoTM one. So now I'm hoping the JCAT is better than both... Can I check a few things though: 1. If it was dispatched from Poland this week, which version of the firmware will it have? 2. How do I check the firmware number? 3. What are the best jumper settings to drive an original HiFace EVO with a single USB cable and powered by a MCRU 5v LPSU? I don't believe the EVO needs power from the USB port, but I'm not 100% sure on that (I could toggle the ground-lift switch on the back of the SoTM card without issue) and the MCRU should provide decent regulation. Thanks
  24. Exactly. And using a good linear PSU with the USB (or NET) card unveils true potential of the USB connection for audio playback, which some people consider not worth using in a high-end audio system. The full USB chain must be pristine in order to enjoy sound quality at the highest level. Regards, Marcin
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