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  2. Thanks Marcin, good news on the Intel Chipset then. Just thinking aloud here. Now to decide to include the EtherRegen to the existing NET FEMTO, or the XE and no EtherRegen. The XE would use the existing LPSU and two less connections with the EtherRegen. Also having a lot of difficulty with sourcing the EtherRegen power supply, it cannot use the same 5V as the XE/NET Femto which would keep that loop tidy. Introducing another power supply is a problem and cost I don't need. Common Mode noise from the switch/router is taken care of by a Baaske filter/transformer and
  3. Hi Marcin, Thanks, that seems to be the issue indeed. Running an older GP version from an USB stick made both cards work. I'll investigate further how to get it working with GP. Probably need to update that first, backing up the Roon database etc. Appreciate your quick and helpful support! Regards, Rob
  4. Hmm, and each card works fine on its own, but not if both are installed, correct?
  5. I did, trying different slots or interchanging the cards using the same slots. No difference. lscpi also doesn't show the usb controller on the USB card when the NET card is present. Regards, Rob
  6. OK, thank you for the information Have you tried installing the cards in different PCie slots? Please verify if the connection to PCIe slot is firm. Regards, Marcin
  7. Hi Marcin, Both are powered by a SR4. The USB card is powered by a SR4T, the Net card by a SR4. The mobo is one you're familiar with - Supermicro X11SCL-F Regards, Rob
  8. Hi Rob, Which PSU are you using to power the cards? Regards, Marcin
  9. Hi Marcin. Thanks for shipping the NET card XE, it arrived this morning. I installed it and it works all right. However, it is sitting in the next PCI slot to an Jcat USB XE card. The USB connection is not seen any more in the system with the NET card installed. Upon removing the NET card the USB card is seen again. The system runs on Gentooplayer. Do I have to do something to let both be seen to the operating system, or did I do something wrong? Regards, Rob
  10. Yes, the same chipset. The improvements over NET Card FEMTO are: - OCXO - power supply section - Upgraded RJ45 connectors wiith better isolation properties Regards, Marcin
  11. @Marcin_gps, does the XE have the Intel i350 NIC like previous NET Femto card? I like this chip, has a great throughput and is very configurable.
  12. Most orders shipped on Friday, the remaining will be dispatched today. Regards, Marcin
  13. Cards are here now and we're preparing all orders to be shipped tomorrow. Thank you for your support 🙏 Best regards, Marcin
  14. To be fair on Marcin! Various ports in Europe have 30 day delays due to Brexit (over ordering)! looking forward to mine coming also!
  15. Happy New Year! As auricgoldfinger wrote, The NET Cards XE have just been released from customs. Tomorrow is a public Holiday in Poland, so all orders will ship on Thursday / Friday at latest. Best regards, Marcin
  16. Here is what Marcin wrote me: The NET Cards XE have just been released from customs. Your order will ship on Thursday / Friday at latest. You will receive tracking number automatically.
  17. I emailed Marcin late in his day today to inquire. I haven't received anything either.

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