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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.
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  2. NET Card XE in one of the best systems in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul5zwEJa3cw
  3. OPTIMO nano ELEVATE YOUR COMPUTER AUDIO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Filter and enhance power coming from computer or so called ‘audiophile grade’ switching power supplies. It will revitalize JCAT cards and allow them to express their full potential. During development of OPTIMO nano we tested many computer like power supplies and we’ve seen noise level even up to 30 – 40 mV. OPTIMO nano drives this into uV range – close to more or less not measurable value. SPECIFICATION: 5V DC / 2A power supply active filter and buffer Designed to buffer and filter typically very noisy 5
  4. I was able to make USB XE work with Euphony, motherboard is also Asus Crosshair Hero VII, Ryzen 7 3700X, Jcat USB XE to Matrix xspdif 2 hdmi to PS Audio dac. At first plug in it didn't work, then i left it overnight, next day it was working. weird. I was talking to zeljko about this trying to figure out what I did to make it work for me.
  5. "Wow… this is seriously something different. What an immense amount of improved resolution with this new Jcat NET Card XE network card! Unbelievable. We’re not exaggerating when we say that everything just seems tighter. We hear more rhythm and microdetail comes off more easily and gets more of its own place in the whole." 😍 Alpha Audio review of NET Card XE in combination with OPTIMO 3 DUO now available in English 🇬🇧 https://alpha-audio.net/review/review-jcat-net-card-xe-optimo-3-duo-clean-stream/
  6. "Seduced by the intimacy of the JCAT Optimo. The Optimo 3 Duo has a wonderful balance of musicality, dynamics, and sparkle. Not to mention an ample amount of room-shaking bass and a large and deep soundstage." Full review available here: https://audiobacon.net/2021/08/06/the-worlds-best-audiophile-linear-power-supplies/5/
  7. Hi Marcin, I PM'd you and thanks for the advises.
  8. Hi Larry, Can you please check if USB memory stick is detected when inserted to USB card's port? If not then I'd check if 5V PSU connected to the card is OK. Regards, Marcin
  9. Has the issues with JCAT USB XE card conflicting with asmedia controller solved ? Any kind of patch can be smartly made ? I have been trying to set up my newly acquired SMSL VMV D1se DAC with my JCAT USB XE for the last two days until i saw this post. I had no luck getting the asmedia usb 3.1 controller to recognize the DAC. But the DAC works very smoothly with motherboard's USB 3.1 controller though. The DAC has only 7-day return policy, i can't even test the unit with much more preferred JCAT USB XE now.
  10. I've been user of Jcat usb xe card in over 2 month's now so is fully break in. I'm so happy with performance and decided to get ride of auralic G1 and play music from singel pc instead ( roon core and player). Compare single pc to pc + Auralic, music with usb xe become more realistic more control more natural. It's my second Jcat product and I know want stop there. Congratulations Marcin you been also helpful with my psu
  11. JCAT INITIO 3, USB Card XE, NET Card XE and USB+LAN Ground Conditioner reviewed by Hifi Knights: http://hifiknights.com/reviews/sources/jcat-net-card-xe-usb-card-xe-initio-3-2/
  12. As per many reports, JCAT NET XE works in Euphony. JCAT USB XE is the one with mixed reports - it works for some, for others doesn't - depending on mobo.
  13. Thanks, I'll try it and see what happens.
  14. FWIW it works for me. I’m using Intel Z490
  15. @Marcin_gps What is the status of the Netcard XE and Euphony OS right now? Is it plug and play or not?
  16. Hi Guys, I sent a board of USB XE to Euphony developer and I have some good news to share: Regards, Marcin
  17. An article and listening report including JPLAY FEMTO and JCAT USB Isolator was published in print in the June issue of Stereo Sound (No 219). https://www.stereosound-store.jp/fs/ssstore/ss219
  18. Many thanks to Lachlan Fennen of Passion for Sound for the excellent and very comprehensive review of our USB FEMTO and NET FEMTO cards "Both the USB and network cards were great upgrades to my existing setup." Full review in the link below:
  19. @AudioDoctor You can connect 2 different network devices to the NET Card. But you don't have to do it. The same is with USB card - some people connect USB DAC to one power and e.g. USB hard drive to the 2nd port. Best regards, Marcin
  20. Gotcha, I'm sure it sounds fantastic, I know mine does. BUT, you know how this goes.....I've been thinking of eliminating one "hop" just to try since I run fiber into listening room. So moving my high end wkst (running server 2019 with HQP) into listening room, getting a fiber eth card and a XE usb to go direct to dac. The advantage? Besides eliminating a hop (OR) I could use the windows drivers so as to use native DSD and eliminate the F&*%$ pops when switching sample rates (in some cases) AND you can run NAA (using the batch file) on same system to retain using roon (sep
  21. I've never actually considered that topology before. Right now I run Roon Core and HQP on the same server and use a network endpoint (Sonore Signature Rendu Optical and Optical module) to the DAC. In my opinion, it sounds pretty damn great. But the second ethernet port on the Jcat card has puzzled me.

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