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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.
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  2. Our INITIO 3 power supply powering Lumin U1 mini in a customer's system 😍
  3. M12 SWITCH GOLD main unit can now be purchased without accessories at a significantly lower price. This is great news for all customers who wish to upgrade power supply to our INITIO 3 or OPTIMO 3 DUO or use different M12 LAN cables. In stock now: https://jcat.eu/product/m12-switch-gold/
  4. Please try this: https://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=6653#7vista
  5. Tried that Marcin. No luck. I tried un-installing and reinstalling the network adapter. No Luck Removed my NAS from the Edge Router and plugged it directly into the second RJ45 port on the NetCard and my Win 7Pc now sees the NAS. Short term solution as the rest of my network cannot see the NAS. Further background. Until this last change, I had two PCs connected to my Edge Router. One with Win 10 and my audio PC running Win 7. The NeTCard XE is in the Win 7 PC. Both PCs and my NAS were connected to the EdgeRouter.
  6. Question: I have followed the special instructions from Marcin and modified my Adapter settings. When I did that, I lost the connection to my NAS inside ROON. Both my NAS and Win 7 PC with the XE are both connected to my EdgeRouter X-SFP. I know I can go back to all default settings but was hoping you guys could point to the one or two settings in the adapter that broke that connection. Things I have tried: 1) Reenabled File and Printer sharing 2) Reenabled Client for Microsoft Networks 3) In ROON I have deleted the NAS and re-added it
  7. If you ever get a chance, try disconnecting your internet from your system all together if you haven't yet. This is pretty much the trend now and streaming Qubuz,, etc. sounds so much better without.
  8. Great to hear - enjoy :) Regards, Marcin PS I sent you a PM with a bonus PDF
  9. Update : My system has improved greatly since adding the NET Card XE. After a day of settling in, my sound stage has become even more 3 dimensional. I couldn’t be happier with the performance of this card. Thank you Marcin!
  10. As a neophyte in putting together PC hardware, I have followed my nose and have my new NET Card XE installed via riser cable in my ASRock Z87E ITX motherboard. After fumbling with how to power it, I learned it was powered by the MOBO. Then I wanted to power it using my new HD Plex LPSU and worried about it having two power supplies. Of course I then read the card would sort that out so I inserted the 5v output from the HD Plex. That whole process was plug n play - thankfully. I could have used a guide or manual of some sort but have figured it out. SQ wi
  11. Initio has landed in our webshop: https://jcat.eu/product/initio-3/ http://jplay.eu/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
  12. I suppose it is. It is running the same intel chipset as the NET Card FEMTO
  13. Is the net card plug and play on the latest 20.04 LTS release of Ubuntu?
  14. We're pleased to annnounce that our highly-acclaimed USB XE and NET XE cards are back in stock and shipping now in our new upgraded packaging :)
  15. Check out this little beast. The INITIO 3 power supply, at half price of it's bigger brother, OPTIMO 3 DUO, is a giant killer! Last chance to order INITIO 3 with 10% discount: https://jcat.eu/product/initio-3/ The offer expires next week.
  16. OPTIMO ATX – world’s first truly linear ATX PSU for audiophiles – heat management. One of the biggest challenges in linear power supply design is heat management, as heat generation is inherent for its nature, especially for high-current PSUs such as OPTIMO ATX. Full article in the EDITORIAL section here: https://jcat.eu/optimo-atx-worlds-first-truly-linear-atx-psu-for-audiophiles-heat-management/
  17. here it is: http://forum-hifi.fr/archive/index.php?thread-19558-1.html
  18. We're building first batch of INITIO3 PSU this week. Here are few shots from the production: Ships in few days to first lucky customers :) Regards, Marcin
  19. Will be announced in March. We should have the first production unit next week :)
  20. No, they said it would be the next release before it worked. I got it to work with AudioLinux. It worked for one day then stopped working, so I gave up on it and went to a different solution. Others may have more success. This is not a reflection on the product, as I know others have spoken highly of it. Colin
  21. Does the USB XE card work with Euphony now as well?
  22. Enthusiastically following this thread. Wondering if a release date eminent.
  23. The ground is connected to the steel PCIe bracket and then to the enclosure. Some customers use this or other similar products to 'improve' grounding. Regards, Marcin
  24. Hi @Marcin_gps - Can you explain the grounding configuration of the JCAT USB XE with regards to performance of USB output and how it can affect the attached DAC? Thanks

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