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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.
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  2. JCAT USB XE and Sablon panatela reserva usb 2020 both arrive in one day... I'm very lucky. I'm still awaiting linear power supply, so the sound is thin in the lower registers running off my ATX power supply (I presume this is the cause based on past experience), however immediately apparent is the absolute clarity of this combination... vocals are off the scale in terms of realism. Burn in.... boring!
  3. Only 2 pins in the LP4 molex are connected: 5V and GND (RED and BLACK wires) Thank you for the report! It will keep improving up to 250 hour mark. Enjoy :) Best regards, Marcin Ostapowicz JPLAY & JCAT Founder
  4. Received the card. It appears to be doing just what I had hoped: an improvement over my motherboard’s usb which was somewhat flabby and diffuse. For the past several months I had found myself preferring the tightness of my SPDIF connection (via allo Digione) over the super upsampled sounds from my motherboard’s USB. Initial impressions, but I feel like I’m getting the tightness of my SPDIF without the slight treble glare. Look forward to developing a more refined sense of this card as it burns in.
  5. Hi Marcin - thanks for posting. Mines due Friday :-) Do you have a diagram for powering the card via LP4 molex? Just that typical LP4 molex diagrams show 5v+ and GND, Rather than 5V+ and 5V- as per usual DC connection. Also, PCI bus, vs DC Barrel Jack vs molex - how is the card configured to select the relevant power source. Does it have a jumper on it? Thanks
  6. Boxes with USB Cards XE are here :) We will be busy today preparing packages for you guys. Please check your email accounts for tracking numbers. I will post a message when the packages are picked up by UPS. Best regards, Marcin
  7. The cards are still in customs agency They should release the packages today as I was contacted yesterday by UPS customs agent about translation. They usually release shipments afterwards. Regards, Marcin
  8. SO that HQPlayer can offload processing to it via CUDA
  9. Its not for gaming, it has two programs on it, Roon and HQPlayer.
  10. Why would you want to use a linear PSU for such a build which I presume is for gaming?
  11. No, building a true linear PSU for such a beast would increase the size and the cost drastically.
  12. Optimo ATX nominal continuous output current will be 23A on each of main rails (12, 5 and 3.3V). The capability to support 95W processor platforms comes from Intel recomendations for power supplies. TDP has nothing to do with actaual power consumption of processor. It stands for Thermal Design Power it is more theoretical term describing the chip ability to generate heat.
  13. If UPS delivers then the USB XE cards will be dispatched this Friday! Regarding NET XE, I don't have a confirmation on delivery yet. This year for sure if it's any consolation Regards, Marcin
  14. What's strange is the above specification says capable of 23amps, but then same it's capable of 95w TDP. (At 12v is circa 8amps. So maybe the it's not a continuous 23amps, maybe @Marcin_gps can confirm? I currently use 10a LPS, (12v) & run my i9 9900k @5.0ghz with HQPlayer (128DSD) and HDPlex case. If JCAT is capable of continuous 23A then i9 10900k should work with ease, but will need good cooling, only passive case I know that can do that is Turemetal UP10. If using a CAPS watercooler or fans then it should work.
  15. so... for those of us with PCs similar to the CAPS server Chris built, is this even remotely enough to power it?
  16. I’m using today an atx power supply to feed a server only (not player) and the impact of this atx is huge. Depending on the price not sure it would makes sense to me to invest. Perhaps more designed for people having a player/server based PC. Time and budget will tell 🙂 at this point of time, waiting for the netcard XE 🙂 anyway this is a really good move forward for audiophiles people. Congrats @Marcin_gps
  17. Competition for Sean Jacobs DC4 then!!!! Exciting times!!!
  18. I am not trying to hit any price. With the level of quality and reliability we are are going to provide, we can't compete in terms of pricing. This is a pioneer product which does not have a competition. For now I can say that it will be more expensive than the OPTIMO 3 DUO. But it will deliver the sound that is not just a little bit better from today's solutions. More details to come... Regards, Marcin
  19. @Marcin_gps with your Duo LPS being a competitive price point. Are you expecting your new ATX to be of similar price? or what commercial price point you trying to hit?
  20. The same here but I'm afraid about the price... 😱

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