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JPLAY delivers the finest technically advanced playback software and high-performance computer audio components since 2011.

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  2. Hello Marvin, any updates concerning a « netcard XE » ? bR
  3. The current lead time information for the OCXO SIT5711AC-KW-33E-20.000000F-ND is that they are expected to arrive at Digi-Key on July 8, 2020. We have other components in stock, so the assembly will start shortly. Regards, Marcin
  4. Best regards, Marcin Hi Marcin, Could you provide us with an updated delivery schedule of the XE card? Thanks!
  5. It's not hardware. It's a software player/playback engine optimized for best possible sound quality (subjective) http://jplay.eu
  6. I'm new to hqplayer and now I hear about jplay. What exactly is it.? I guess it's hardware? Can it be used with laptop?
  7. End of Summer. I will start a new topic with more details and some pictures from the lab. Regards, Marcin
  8. 1. 3.3V 2. The filtration and noise reduction is provided by the LDOs. You can see the exact specs here: https://www.analog.com/en/products/lt3045.html#product-overview 3. I don't know. But I can tell you that the PSU for the PC is still quite important and easily audible, if that was your question. As a matter of fact, we are in the process of designing a high-power version of a PSU for a PC. Regards, Marcin
  9. ⚡️Our OPTIMO 3 DUO linear power supply was reviewed by Wojciech Pacuła, chief editor of renowned HighFidelity magazine. Wojciech used the OPTIMO 3 DUO to power Mytek Brooklyn Bridge DAC/network player and wrote that the PSU added the biggest improvement that he applied. 🤩 The article is available in Polish for now. The official English translation will follow next month. For now, please use Google Translate. http://www.highfidelity.pl/@main-3722&lang=
  10. Appologies, more questions along the same theme of optimising my approach.. If using bus power only (no dedicated linear) then what voltages is the card using through the PCI express connection... 12v (stepped down internally by LT3045?), 3.3v or both? JCAT Website states "State-of-the-art LT3045 linear regulators and filters eliminate noise interferences from a PC" Would you be able to explain a little more about what filtering and noise reduction actually occurs at the PCI Express connection? If powering USB XE using an internal/external linear power supply, then is it true that the only source of electrically transmitted noise through to the USB XE will therefore be just the SMDAT/SMBus data collection pins? Do you know which voltage rail the SMDAT/SMBUS data tranmision pins are powered off? Thanks
  11. Very true - I would paint it in a very positive light as it could give the DIY community more information on how to maximise the performance of USB XE if different senarios where tested. That way (a bit like what I am trying to do) people can make their own judgements on where to prioritise spend on the other aspects of their server. It's pretty safe to say that without USB XE being available I would not be building a custom music server, I'm building the server around what USB XE offers.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. It's interesting, but a USB Card is only one piece of the music server puzzle. I think the results may vary quite drastically depending on motherboard, power supplies etc. Regards, Marcin
  13. Have you ever thought about undertaking J-Test measurements and publishing them? Seems like a worthwhile objective measurement of performance. For example: https://www.stereophile.com/content/innuos-statement-music-server-measurements and https://www.stereophile.com/content/roon-labs-nucleus-music-server-measurements I'm just thinking that a test such as this might also show what can be achieved using USB XE used in different server configurations.
  14. linear PSU for the motherboard is certainly good, but a separate LPS for the card is a different story. I'd strongly recommend a LPS just for the USB Card XE Regards, Marcin
  15. NEXT BATCH UPDATE I'm afraid I have unfortunate news. I've just received an email from Digi-key regarding availability of the OCXO oscillator we use on the USB Card XE. The original shipping date when we placed the order was June, 6th. Now the date is June 30, 2020, with an additional, approximate 6 business days transit from the manufacturer to Digi-Key. The SiT5711 is popular and SiTime has not been able to get ahead of the demand. Regardless, we are pushing to get the oscillators sooner, but it seems that the USB Cards XE will not ship sooner than in July. I know this is disappointing, but there is very little we can do. I will keep you updated. On the bright side: Best regards, Marcin
  16. I have preordered mine now! What’s the present ETA for June, early/mid/late? Also, I will be powering my motherboard with a linear power supply (Sean Jacobs)... I would imagine that this would largely remove the need for using an external dedicated linear power supply... any feedback on this?
  17. Hear the difference our OPTIMO 3 DUO linear power supply makes 🎧 Terry Ellis, the reviewer behind Pursuit Perfect System, was impressed so much with the PSU, that he decided to keep it as the part of his reference system! 👽
  18. USB Card XE + OPTIMO 3 DUO PSU sound demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYWlqfCaGG4
  19. Our USB Card XE gets a 'SPECIAL PERFORMER' award from Pursuit Perfect System "remember the sonic benefits from the FEMTO USB card, the XE card does that all over again but improving every area" Full review available here: https://www.pursuitp...-xe-review.html
  20. If you wonder what kind of performance does the Optimo 3 Duo deliver, here is a report from our Hong Kong dealer, Howen Int:
  21. Terry from Pursuit Perfect System explains why a high-quality power supply is essential in a hifi system. The OPTIMO 3 DUO review starts here

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