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  2. Yes, it's a good question. Why do we include only a single 8PIN connector for the CPU with our OPTIMO S ATX? Simply, because it is enough. According to CPUs up to 95W TDP even 4-PIN CPU connector is enough. 8-PIN can withstand 36A which is more than OPTIMO S ATX can output and way above the requirements. Adding another CPU connector, so that it made any sense on our motherboard inside the OPTIMO S ATX is not possible. On top of that, it would open potential issues with ground loops. We considered this, but we don't see any benefits for SQ. I hope this answers your question. Should you need any further assistance please let me know. Best regards, Marcin
  3. @Marcin_gps Curious if this question was ever addressed?
  4. Hi Tim, Send me a PM and I will upload the latest FW files for you. Regards, Marcin
  5. Trying to upgrade the firmware on the JCAT XE. As per this link it all looks ok but when you click the download link for the upgrade programme (it goes to the link below), the zip file contains a file called ASM3142MPTool_V1122.7z https://cdn.shopifycdn.net/s/files/1/0485/3766/5699/files/KU5211_Upgrade_Tool.zip?v=1620987138 This file does (obviously) not match the files in the pictures on the page (where there are install programmes). Any ideas what to do now? @Marcin_gps Thanks, Tim
  6. The Darlington transistor could well be part of the magic. Great find. Some other people have applied here: https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/tc-750-phono-pre-amp-continued.150/
  7. My favorite power supplies for the jcat usb xe cards are the Fidelizer Nikola 2 and the Jcat optimo 3 duo. The Nikola 2 excels in timbre while the duo excels in heft. Really great combo to use both power supplies at the same time, one to the usb xe and the other the net card xe.
  8. I have tried the XE card in my server (i9-10900K in the GB Z490 Aorus Master). It is recognized in the x4 slot. I have tried supplying it with: 1. a DIY MP Audio HPULN (LT3045s) in series with two Alexey LT3045 modules: HPULN (7/3A) -->LT3045 (6V 1.5A)-->T3045 (5V 1.5A) 2. the Uptone Audio LPS 1.2 (gets hot!!) charged by PH SR7T. 3. an industrial linear supply (5V 3A using the LM723 regulator) . 1. & 2. allow the card's excellent resolution to shine. However compared to 3., much less fun factor! 3. allows more body, more PRaT - the 'can't stop listening' type! All subjective of course. These supplies can be found under different brands (Power-One/Bel Power Solutions, International Power, Condor, SolaHD etc and can be obtained very cheaply on ebay used - for the DIYer on a budget. You need a case, fuse, wiring, plus connectors to put it together. Mine is this one I believe: https://www.amazon.ca/SOLA-SLS-05-030-1T-POWER-SUPPLY-LINEAR/dp/B005T5A6TG typical datasheet: https://www.mouser.ca/datasheet/2/373/Linears_DS-14479.pdf https://www.mouser.ca/c/power/power-supplies/linear-power-supplies/?number of outputs=1 Output&output power=15 W ATB b.
  9. We are assembling second batch of OPTIMO S ATX. First units will ship this week.
  10. From now on all USB XE cards ship with the updated firmware code which guarantees compatibility with all the latest motherboards.
  11. Please ask Piero at AudioLinux - he has the USB XE in his system and it works for him. regards, Marcin
  12. I've just updated audioLinux menu .. system update and latest 5.17 kernel but I can't get sound out of my USB xe card .I plugged in a different version of audioLinux and the card works . So do I need to update the drivers on the usb xe ?
  13. @baconbrain Does your DAC have a panel where you can adjust buffer size / latency? This is the key factor of playback stability. Another thing is power saving feature in control panel -> device manager -> device properties for USB controllers, or in DAC driver panel. Good luck sorting out the issue. Regards, Marcin
  14. Hi ASRMichael, No, unfortunately it does not and the Win 10 installation is only 10 days old. Perhaps I will give Euphony a try next and see if I have more luck with Linux.
  15. Does your mobo have dual bios? You could try reset bios to default settings? Also, reinstall OS?
  16. Marcin, The good news is that I experience signal drops also when using a 3.1 USB Port on the MB, so the problem is not an XE specific one. The bad news is that I cannot for the life of me figure out what exactly is causing my issues. Even with a basic WASAPI connection it drops. Sometimes after an hour of playing time and sometimes within 10 minutes. I have disabled just about every possible thing in BIOS attempting to find the culprit, but to no avail. Realize this is not really related to your product thread so I will discontinue the discussion here. If someone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them, so please send me a PM. Bacon
  17. I'd try reinstalling USB DAC drivers and make sure that the playback settings are stable. Also, please check if you're getting the same issues when the DAC is connected to a USB port on the motherboard. Regards, Marcin
  18. Thanks for the link and great application. Really gives an incredible amount of information. Unfortunately, the overall conclusion of the app was that "my systems appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts."
  19. Analyze your system with LatencyMon. Maybe you have outdated drivers or other problems.
  20. @Marcin_gps Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I cannot maintain a stable connection currently with my T+A HA 200 Headphone Amplifier/DAC and the XE Card under a fresh Windows 10 installation. Regardless if I use the DAC Manufacturer’s ASIO Driver, or WASPI, sooner or later the signal drops. I currently have the card installed on an Intel 590 board and am powering it thru the molex connector with a Taiko Audio ATX SATA 5V Port. I just had my Headphone Amp tested by the Manufacturer and they found no issues with its functionality. I have tried 3 different USB cables with the same result. Realize that the troubleshooting possibilities are quite broad but was hoping that you might have a couple of good suggestions for me.
  21. Absolutely. x1 which covers maximum USB 3.0 bandwidth of 5 Gbps. Regards, Marcin
  22. @Marcin_gps When using a DAC which requires 5V from the USB Port, will the XE USB card provide this when powered through the molex connector? Also, what is the maximum number of PCI Lanes which the card can use?
  23. This depends on many factors: CPU model, RAM, expansion cards. However, for OPTIMO S ATX this is no issue as it provides plenty of power. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Best regards, Marcin
  24. I guess what I meant was, exactly how much power (Volts/Amps) is needed through the 24pin connection to power a Z690 motherboard properly? Thanks StreamFidelity! I've read your thread with great enthusiasm!

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