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  2. Hi Leo, afaik kind of a pre-production issue, and if it occurs to your device Allo will for sure handle it. Cheers, Tom
  3. Thank you very much for such a thorough answer. I should have understood everything. Another question ... that you know, given the youth of the product, are there different PCB revisions on the market? There is a risk of finding a relatively obsolete or problematic model? (I read in the other topics of cases of collapse of the USB connector, or loss of output)
  4. Revolution DAC USB connector only have data connection and GND, not using the power. And we can use any good cables.
  5. Mine is Audioquest Pearl, a cheap but very good entry level. I don't know if Revolution works with a data-only USB cable. Asc support... :-D
  6. I'm enjoying my new Revolution DAC with Nirvana power supply very much, and am looking for a good quality, inexpensive, USB cable to replace the cheapie cable that I'm currently using. The micro USB port limits the selection quite a bit. Any suggestions? Also, does the Revolution require the 5 volt wire be in place in the USB cable, or can it operate with a data only cable (or a cable with the voltage wire snipped) that lacks the voltage wire?
  7. Hi Allo Support, I purchased a Revolution DAC plus USBridge Signature combination (with Volumio) at the end of October 2020. Very light usage since then, about 10 to 15 hours a week on average. They are inter-connected using the special flex USB cable. The USBridge is powered by a Nirvana, and Revolution by the 3A side of a Shanti. The only source I use is a USB memory stick. They have become unusable. After startup, music will play for about 2 minutes, then I hear a very loud burst of what sounds like white noise for 1 second or so, and then silence, no out
  8. Update: This morning I had a peek in the parent directory and found the Thysecon update utility from Cem Solutions which in turn finds my device, at I would assume that's the tool for future upgrades on the thysecon firmware.
  9. Bona sera Leo, in short: You may have no need to change in Linux or IOS, because both FW offer the same level of happiness (features). FW Upgrade from XMOS to Thesycon is possible with WIN10, LINUX86 or RPI. I have noticed that you can use 2 different firmwares for the Revolution - one works driverless with XMOS and is limited to DSD256 with Win10 and MacOS, with LINUX its up to DSD512 - the other one works with Thesycon drivers you need to install on Win10 (Cem Solution) and does ASIO and DSD512, for OSX its is USB 2.0 compliant Depending on which firmware you have on the Revo
  10. Hi, Could you please forward to me as well? Suggest: maybe make it public, as it may concern others? Thank you.
  11. I think it's a driver related problem: i have the same problem, using "CemSolutions_UsbAudio_v4.82.0_2020-05-20_setup".
  12. I am looking to upgrade a standard SMPS with a much better power supply for a Primare NP5 (streaming bridge) which just takes 5 volts. I really would like to avoid the expensive linear PSU rabbit hole (SBooster and the likes) - when in fact I could get the same quality feed from a well designed SMPS like the Nirvana that took two years in the making. Also from what I have read - the expensive SOtM sPS-500 dedicated PSU is a SMPS but gets excellent reviews despite not being a linear power supply. If I try the Nirvana I'm sure it will be better than a stock SM
  13. Please Allo, could you kindly write the clarifications regarding the firmware publicly? I can't understand the difference between the various versions, also if I buy it from Audiophonics or Max2play I don't have the possibility to choose so what do I get in these case? I also don't understand if the firmware update procedure that is indicated on your website is necessary, and if so, for what. Can I switch from Theysicon to Xmos by updating the firmware and vice versa? Another thing I don't understand is if it supports ASIO drivers. Finally, I take this opportunity to ask for fur
  14. I looked at it. Pretty useless. It can be turned on/off in the OS.
  15. I found solution: Revolution driver is ASIO compatibile, so i install Foobar2000 components foo_out_asio with DSDTranscoder. Then in LIBRARY > CONFIGURE > PLAYBACK > OUTPUT > ASIO i select DSDTRanscoder. Double click on it then configure like the image in attach (all DoP converted in DSD stream). Last in LIBRARY > CONFIGURE > PLAYBACK > OUTPUT select DSD: ASIO: DSD TRanscoder. Now, when i play a DFD file or a SACD ISO, Allo Revolution display "DSD<nnn>" message. :-)
  16. Will close this out. There was an issue in the dc female jack in the board. I sent it back, got it fixed. Sounding good now.
  17. I have a USBridge signature unit running the current Allo-supplied PiCoreplayer distribution. It's set-up as a squeezelite player (via ethernet) and is served by an LMS server on the local network. I have the ffmpeg libraries installed and my music files are in ALAC format. Playback of files with resolution higher than CD quality consistently yields intermittent pops/clicks. I've spent hours messing with squeezelite settings and reading forums for advice, to no avail. The issue is reproducible using different DACs. I need help figuring this out or I can't take advantage of my high-res music, p
  18. Hello i have tried to get my screensaver working with revolution dac. The screen never turns of and this is not a good thing for the screens. anyone that can help me. I have tried everything on ms support site. When I disconnect the dac its working anyone else with same problem?
  19. I found a photo where it seems that Revolution can handle direct DSD (https://chicagodist.com/products/allo-revolution-dac). My Revolution show only "Dop<nnn>" on display. :-(

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