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  2. Not in new release Since Volumio 2.502 no Subwoofer modes available, that´s very extrange this tuesday 2.565 was released and same problem
  3. It seems that Volumio user it's not alowed to do this, is it root password available ?
  4. Hello again I tried with user Volumio and get permission denied pleas see screenshot Thanks
  5. If you use a SBooster (5V) for the clean side (makes sense), you can improve it even more with the usage of a "SBooster Ultra 5V" (Ultra). I do this with "my self made Signature" (DigiOne Standard) 😉 ...
  6. Ad1. Yup both USB type C (digione signature is delivered with two adapters 5.5mm Jack -> USB type C) Ad2. In Europe you can buy SBOOSTER ( remember chose correct one, SBOOSTER COMES comes in many different voltage variations) company finds it self in Netherlands
  7. Hello all I am interested building a Digione based player to feed my Naim Dac and i have a couple of questions: 1) clean and dirty side usb ports are type c or micro usb? If I buy a linear power supply, are there any adapter cables in order to supply power to these ports? 2) I am reading about uptone LPS 1.2 considered a good option. Are there any recommended european alternatives at the same price level? I hesitate to buy LPS 1.2 because i will have to pay a bit at customs...
  8. The BOSS is awesome. Much better than the Hifiberry. Audiophile for the masses. Quality control is apparently an issue.
  9. The Allo Boss I ordered from Chicago ED was $8 more expensive. <sigh>
  10. Yes... Golfballbrett was the eBay seller. I really hope that the Boss I ordered directly from Chicago ED is a Boss 1.2. I just noticed that it didn't explicitly say "1.2" (Kind of assumed they ALL were nowadays) so I sent them a follow-up email minutes later asking them to verify that it was, indeed, a 1.2 or to cancel the order otherwise. Again.... this BETTER be worth it!
  11. Sorry to hear your troubles. I bought one from probably the same eBay seller Golfballbrett and it works great. I also have purchased one from Chicago Elec through Amazon. Amazon sent me an old board, probably a return. I contacted Chicago and they made it right. Have previous experience with Chicago (Hifiberry DAC+ Pro). They have always been very courteous, prompt and responsive to any concerns. Wish you the best of luck.
  12. Well, that's sad. A week after they said they'd ship me a replacement unit "within a day" they never sent it nor replied to any of the messages I sent to ALLOsupport. Their silence prompted me to contact the seller instead. The distributor on eBay from whom that I purchased the (new) Boss agreed to a return and they refunded my purchase price, so I just bought another Boss from a partner on the Allo site -- Chicago Electronic Distributors. It ended up costing more money ($8) but they guaranteed delivery by Saturday. This better be worth it. I *WAS* already considering adding a Volt amp but the lack of responsiveness makes me question whether it's prudent. Guess we'll see.... 😮
  13. Hello Allosupport Could you please explain at what folder I have to upload DPS modes Through SSH ? Thanks Sorry I see the procedure in Github right now Thanks
  14. Hello Allosupport Could you please explain at what folder I have to upload DPS modes Through SSH ? Thanks
  15. DSP firmware missing in Volumio new version. need to manually download the same through ssh login. https://github.com/sparky-sbc/sparky-test/tree/master/piano-firmware informed volumio and got info that new updated version will release soon.
  16. Dual mode select none and Subwoofer mode 2.0 and save the changes this required reboot , after that can see DSP settings (Lowpass )
  17. I'm a bit confused. Can the battery pack releasing 6.4V can safely replace a 5v power supply of the clean side of a Digione? I'm new to this. Thank you.
  18. I think both approaches are absolutely spot on. The dirty side definitely responds well to cleaner power in my tests, and the sound IME becomes even better-times, cleaner, clearer (particularly on peaks) and more transparent and tuneful in the bass 👍
  19. I'm using a JS-2 for both sides and it sounds awesome. I've not compared though, I don't have any other nice PSs. I may try the Allo PS in the dirty side. Out of curiosity, what is producing the noise, RPi components?
  20. Right, powering the clean side and the RPi side with the same PSU would defeat the galvanic isolation between the two sided. I am using a JS-2 to power the RPi side and the LPS-1.2 that powers the clean side of the Signature. This is most likely a great waste of resources but the JS-2 is very flexible unit and I think that I will be able to use it to power other devices in the future. It also looks very nice and the build quality is great.
  21. Had Digione less than a year and was experiencing intermittent playback a few times but rebooting usually resolve issue. However, lately, I have no sound from the Digione and researching on this forum brought out a few things to try. I am using RPI 3B+ with latest Volumio as of Version 2.565 just updated a few days ago. Although Volumio shows music is playing, there is no sound nor lock led illuminated. I am using an external SPDIF DAC since when I first received the Digione. Tried a different DAC but same result. Tried another RPI but same - no lock led. Tried another 3A power supply but still the same - no lock led. Anything else I can try? Btw, what is the warranty period on the Digione? Is it one year from receiving or ordering?
  22. Hello Again AlloSupport No luck for me! I tried to set Dualmode = None And Subwoofer Mode 2.2 First of all in my Allo Piano 2.1 DSP Options Menu there isn`t Lowpass Option I´m running 2.555 vers. Then when I select, Dualmode = None And Subwoofer Mode 2.2 then I press Save and it seems that is applying configuration (shaded screen and little balls moving in middle of screen) but after that no green pop up with succes message. If I get out config window and then come back I can see Dualmode = None and Subwoofer Mode = None, I tried several times with different SW1 Position and even removing power supply. Is it possible that DSP Subwoofer Conf files are not preload, as I told before I can´t see Lowpass option Thanks again for your cooperation Best regards
  23. I also have aluminum case USBridge powered with 2pcu and it runs 42 - 45 C° I don't really remember what were the temps before but early on I had to open it because it was bricked on update. At that time I used some quality cpu paste and put the thin film of it. Also I did my best to align pieces that were a bit sloppy aligned out of the box.
  24. Thank you so much ! I will test and post Great support 1 Thanks again
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