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  2. Think this unit was very recently released and just started shipping so it may be a while until you start seeing reviews.
  3. I've had problems with DietPi updates in the past. I've found easiest way to fix a problem is to reflash the card. I try to keep a spare 16GB card with the latest software on it so I can just insert a known good configuration if something goes wrong. Also not sure about your use case but if a Roon endpoint is your primary requirement then consider using RoiPeee instead of Diet. Very lightweight, works great and updates that really work.
  4. My USBbridge Signature indicates that an update is available. When I run the update, I receive the following error message: cp: error writing 'boot/dietpi/patch-file' : no space left on device Reboot the device allows me to recover operation of the USBbridge Signature, but the Dietpi update remains unprocessed. System status indicates total storage 14913, free storage 10519. Please advise recommended steps to follow to implement the update.
  5. Hi, Haven't seen any reviews yet of the Revolution DAC. My pal is looking for a DAC so would be good to hear any feedback or reviews on this that I can share with him, as I have been very impressed with the Allo products I have. Regards, Andy.
  6. Hi, I've am loving my first foray into computer audio using USBSig, MOode and Tidal into an RME ADI-2 DAC. I'd like to seek advice on the best way of listening to my CD's please once I have ripped them somewhere, as I can never remember what I have, so would like access to them. For optimal sound quality is it best to use a SSD connected to my network switch, or a USB flash drive into the USBSig, or something else please? I've got a macbook so could potentially use that if any good for storage, but would love to know what you guys think is a good set-up to aim for. Thanks, Andy.
  7. Hi, I ordered a Mini Boss Player on the 24th of April. Didn't get any updates in 2 weeks so I emailed allo support. I got an update on the 16th of May that it would be sent the week later but till today, I still haven't gotten any updates on whether it has shipped or not. Considering, its been about 1.5 months since I ordered it, I'm getting a little worried. Could I get an update on my order? I've already sent an email multiple times and even tried to contact allo skype support but havent gotten any news. Hopefully, I could get some assistance on this, thanks in advance.
  8. Which hardware revision? Mine is 1.7 which seems to be a new one, from posts across the various forums the last I've seen was 1.5. It seems to be a driver issue as the DAC works, but once the driver is selected the WiFi stops communicating and reverts to AP mode, despite the SSID being set and very much available. Hopefully someone from Allo will show up with a fix/solution?
  9. I am having exactly the same issue. works great on Ethernet and able to configure the WiFi but just not working.
  10. Hi, I received a boss player exactly a week ago, it came with volumio pre installed and RPI 4. , Boss 1.2 Hardware revision 1.7. Now I configure everything without the DAC selected, no problems works on WiFi, as soon as the DAC driver is selected and the device is rebooted it switches to AP mode, I've tried also with rune and the my preference moode, all latest versions without any luck. I've tried moode with a separate PSU for the DAC 2amps and it was working overnight, after I added it to my system it had gone back to AP mode. I've literally spent 6-8 hours a day on this for seven days. I did manage to get volumio working with a dongle. I get the feeling that the DAC is interfering with the pi's WiFi module. I've even reset my router without any luck. Any solution for this?
  11. Hi there, My audio setup is a Digione card on RPi 4. I'm running piCorePlayer and my musical library in on a HDD self-powered. The power supply that I'm using is this one : AUDIOPHONICS LPSU25 Linear Regulated Low Noise Power Supply USB 220V to 5V 2A 25VA. With 24 bits 192 Khz and 24 bits 96 Khz Flac files, I'm experimenting either no sound or stuttering sound. The reason is surely that the amperage of my power supply is too weak for a RPi4. I plan to buy the allo Nirvana power supply. Do you think, as it supplies only 2,85A, that it will be enough for a RPi 4 which needs 3A ? I could buy the Allo Shanti power supply but it's too expensive for me at the moment. Thanks in advance for your advices.
  12. Hello - Bought a DigiOne in November of 2019. Used it running with DietPi configured as a Roon endpoint. Output from coax S/PDIF port connected through an Anthem AVM-20 processor (as DAC). Worked great for a few months. Stopped working (the DigiOne wouldn't stream to the AVM-20) a couple weeks ago. Have tried: Reflashing with DietPi. No help. Reflashing with Ropieee XL. No help. Reflashing with Volumio (just to use/test as a streamer, not a Roon endpoint). No help. Attached is a screenshot of the Volumio install trying to find the DigiOne HAT. The Pi seems to be working fine (as far as I can tell). Fear the DigiOne HAT may be dead, and will follow any troubleshooting steps that might help. Thank you! Regards, Mike
  13. How about RPI 4, 4 gb ? Can I use 4 gb with this bundle?
  14. Thank you. email sent as requested. Awaiting response.
  15. Have sent PM to Allo as requested included some documentation no reply to date. I know they are shipping product but don't if office staff is back to work. Does anyone in the Allo community know if sales and support staff are back to work?
  16. Greetings, I ordered a Plug N Play USBridge/Digione Sig Shanti bundle on 5/24. I received order confirmation immediately. I'v sent emails requesting status updates and also sent a request via the web page support link. No response from any of my inquiries. Could someone from ALLO please contact me on this order?
  17. Hi, the Roon Remote loose its connection with the Roon Server when I set Qobuz service to 24 bit. The playback stops. My configuration is : a Intel NUC running ROCK with Roon Server version 1.7 Build 555 connected to the DigiOne Signature itself connected to the DAC thru coax. I set-up a 2nd configuration with a Roon Bridge installed on my MAC, the MAC connected to the NUC thru HDMI, and as well connected to the DAC thru USB. in this configuration playback works fine at 24 bit. So it should be an issue with the DigiOne. Any help would be mostly appreciated. Thanking you in advane for your help
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