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  2. If you issue a poweroff (immediate shutdown) on the RPi and then try to ping it or to do a remote login after the activity light stops flashing, you will notice that the RPi is unreachable. I would argue that at that time it is safe to disconnect the power. But you are perfectly right and I am not aware of any precise documentation on how to power off an RPi.
  3. I do have a similar behavior with the JS-2. From the moment I switch it off, it takes about 20 seconds for the LEDs of the RPi to go off. After powering off the RPi, I wait until the activity LED is off before I switch off the JS-2. I never had a problem with a corrupted SD card in 7 years and 2-3 RPi in my LAN. But, as I mentioned, I switch them off very rarely.
  4. The Shanti does have a power switch but with the super caps the voltage ramp down is so slow that it doesn't turn the Allo off until it gradually runs out of steam. That seems like the least ideal way to turn off the Allo. I usually power off the OS installed and wait til the red light stops blinking. You can also just unplug it. The only danger that I can see is possibly corrupting the OS or SD card.
  5. I do not know whether the Shanti has a power switch. The JS-2 that I use to power my RPi + DigiOne Signature combination has one and what I typically do is to 1) poweroff the RPi (with 'sudo poweroff') and 2) switch off the JS-2. The device is typically on 24/7 though. With the USB bus switched off, it only consumes between 0.22A and 0.24A.
  6. In my limited experience I would say that, generally but definitely not always, super caps tend to sound better than standard varieties. But, ‘better’ is pretty subjective. Some larger supercaps I’ve experimented with, at only around £100 - £150 each, sound rich and warm and very smooth, with great bass weight and imaging. But at least some of these also have, to my ears, shall we say less-than-optimal timing - at least in my system. Some smaller (and cheaper) super-caps have sounded somewhat ‘rougher’ and less full-bodied, etc (which some would quite rightly describe as ‘worse’) but have sounded seriously grippy and bang-on-the-money on the timing front (which others, equally rightly, would describe as ‘better’). I’m firmly in the latter group, BTW ;-) As ever, it all depends what aspects of music or sound are important to you. What I personally think is particularly helpful in these forums when we talk about improvements and so on, is to try and be clear about the criteria by which we judge improvement ...
  7. We discussed this briefly in another thread: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/57387-safe-shutdown-for-allo-rpi-systems/?tab=comments#comment-1007005 Bottom line: nobody seems to really know. The issue seems to be more a general Raspberry Pi issue than USBridge in particular. I learned over many years to avoid powering computer systems down without positive verification that the system has done a clean termination. That appears to be impossible with Raspberry Pi. If the disc activity light stops flashing for 30 seconds after a shutdown command, it seems that the system has terminated, but no way to be sure. It also seems that little or no harm occurs if you just disconnect power, but I have my ingrained prejudice against that approach.
  8. Hello again - best practice for turning off the USBridge sig + Shanti? Thanks!
  9. Dear Superdad, a number of people have been experimenting with adding ultracaps to the output of LPS and found sonic benefits. Several LPS have UCs as part of the design, including Allo's Shanti and Farad's Super3 etc. IanCanada has done a lot of work and reported SQ benefits with UCs. See https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/power-supplies/327105-develop-ultra-capacitor-power-supply-lifepo4-battery-power-supply.html Greg Stewart has found that increasing the capacity of UCs delivers better SQ. See #430 Of course, we must not forget the venerable LPS-1.2. Denis
  10. Considering purchasing a USBridge Sig. Have a couple of questions: 1- for those running Moode, do you find it to be reliable and stable and not require restarts or constant attention? 2- I’ll be primarily streaming Qobuz, for those using Moode and Mconnect do you find this to reliable and stable? Thanks
  11. not the way to ground neither Shanti or the USBridge if you really need to do it connection must be from a grounding terminal to the ground pin of a spare (wall) socket
  12. Thanks to you both for your replies!
  13. I simply soldered up some spare cable to a couple of banana plugs and connected the the two terminals together. can’t say it made any difference though. Of course YMMV OTOH, it can’t do any harm.
  14. Ok - just thought since both have terminals that grounding might just be beneficial. But I’ll just put it together and see what happens.
  15. start by ignoring grounding and just putting everything at work then *if* you have issues... ask again
  16. Hi, just received my USBridge Sig + Shanti. How should I ground the two devices? I see the grounding terminals, but since there’s no grounding wire included (that I can find) I’m wondering what type etc. Thanks!
  17. Why would you even want to do that? Great way to completely ruin the output of a decent LPS.
  18. Please also advise which version is compatible with the Usbridge Signature.
  19. Thanks for answering .. so why in your site there is an option for version rpi3 or 4 when filling the options for order?
  20. Yes Digione and Digione signature is compatible with RPI 4
  21. Hi allo.com Is it valid to assume that Shanti has overload protection. If a load attempts to draw more than 3A on the 3A rail, what happens? Does Shanti shut down? Or limit the output current by sagging the output voltage? Or what? What does Shanti do if I attach a very large UltraCapacitor to the output, say a pair of 3500F Maxwells in series? Does this cause a current surge and damage the Shanti? Or does Shanti protects itself?
  22. I am a very happy owner of the DigiOne and considering to upgrade to the DigiOne Signature! My question has to do with the Rpi I am using. For now as player I use the rpi3b+ but in the future I might upgrade to rpi4. Is my current DigiOne compatible with the rpi4? If I get the Sig for the 3B+ will I be able to us it with the 4? Thank you! (Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere..)
  23. No static when playing PCM768 through roon. It seems the problem is related to HQPlayer. @Allo, do you have any idea what is causing this problem?
  24. Hqplayer and Dietpi, yes, but also with ropieee (with hqplayer as well). What did Allo answer to you? Tonight I'll try upsample with roon only and see what happens.
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