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  2. I have 2 orders and would like you to combine them into one shipment. There would be a reduction in shipping costs for me and reimbursing the credit card would be great. Order numbers 7061 and 7062. Ordered about 5 minutes apart. Thanks, Mark
  3. Yes the voltages are correct . Send me a PM we will try replacing your Shanti
  4. I have the same voltage 5.38 and 5.28 Forget not a new Shanti must burn in a lot of weeks. I hear a diffence with a new.. and the one the play a two weeks . My usb bridge signature is the same it goes only play better after two weeks play 🎶😉
  5. Hi Allo, I measured the output of Shanti. On the 3A rail I get 5.4V on the output. On the 1A rail it is 5.3V. I used UNI-T UT39 digital multimeter. By comparison the output on the Allo stock SMPS is 5.2V. Are the measurements correct? Is Shanti fully operational? Thank you! Marcin
  6. I have a Shanti...in my usb bridge signature. and it is a day and night difference between a ifi or a sbooster. If you hear not a diffence than you can better hold it simple with your audio 🔉 🎶 Or there is a problem with the Shanti or you ears or instalation 😉
  7. Hi Marcin We are suspecting there is an issue with your Shanti , it should be above any SMPS Please measure the output of 3A side using DC meter and see if you get around 5 to 5.2V, Usually universal voltage meters have inputs protected so you cannot reverse (damage) because of wrong polarity
  8. Regarding Dietpi update issue ,we got the replay from dietpi team that it will be corrected in 6.27 Version
  9. Hi Allo, I double checked my setup. Shanti is set to 230V, which is correct for my country (I live in Poland). I use the 3A rail to power USBridge Signature and the 1A rail to power the Digione Signature. I know that SQ is subjective, but when I connect Allo stock SMPS (that I still have from the original USBridge) to USBridge Signature and use the 1A rail of Shanti only for Digione Signature I get a much better sound. To be honest they are miles apart. With Shanti powering both units the dynamics is choked, the sound is much darker, the fine details are lost, soundtage collapses. I have a standard universal meter at home. If you let me know how to measure the voltage output of Shanti I can do that. I have one technical question - if I use Shanti only for powering Digione Signature and other power supply for USbridge Signature should I still connect the ground posts of Shanti and USbridge Signature + Digione Signature chassis? Thank you! Marcin
  10. Hello Kamuisan please check that on your Shanti AC voltage is correct for your country. Then please check that 3A output is connected to USbridge Sig and 1A to your Digione Sig. Do you have a way to check for voltage output on Shanti ? Its abnormal that you get better results with SMPS
  11. Hi Ambre, Would you be so kind and test on your new USbridge Signature three power supplies that you have - Shanti, Sbooster and IfIPower and let me know which one of them sounds best for you? I have the same setup as you + Digione Signature on top of USbridge Signature. Powering the whole setup with Shanti gives medicore results. It is much better sound wise to use two separate power supplies - like Allo Stock SMPS to power USBridge Signature and Shanti to power only Digione Signature. I am considering upgrading Allo Stock SMPS to iFiPower or even Sbooster, if funds allow. I plan on keeping Shanti for powering only Digione Signature. I would be courious what are your impressions of powering USbridge Signature with the power supplies you have at hand. If you can do such test and share your results, I would be very grateful. Thank you! Marcin
  12. I also went the dietpi upgrade route. Something's wrong with this upgrade. I didn't bother anymore and installed Ropieee. Much less hassle and it's comparable to dietpi soundwise.
  13. @Allo ... I am quite surprised to be the only one with this problem ...and also by your PM .. unless nobody care about upgrading dietpi OS. When I use the allo web gui image (https://dietpi.com/downloads/images/DietPi_RPi-ARMv7-Stretch_AlloGUI.7z) I can access the allo web page, The Allo image is based on dietpi V6.14 (sept 2018) .. last version is V 6.26... As soon as I upgrade the dietpi version ...the allo web page is faulty. That is probably due to a compatibility problem with PHP as PHP upgraded prompt a warning message , and is embedded into the dieppi upgrade. =>Thanks to Allo for providing a solution for this case. In addition I also have problem when playing 24/96 files with the signature is DLNA mode (GM Renderer) ... I need to investigate but I do not have such problem with the "basic" USBbrige ...
  14. Hi all, My new Usbridge Sig and Shanti installed. First impression a league better than my previous Usbridge feeded by Sbooster and IfiPower. But I use the 5v, 1a second power supply to feed my Project Pre Box S2 digital too with the Shanti supply. I my opinion UsbBridge Sig and Project makes 1 + 1 = 3 Ps. I use the Usbridge Os-DietPi as NAA for HQ- Player 4.1.2 in combination with the Uptone USB Regen and shunted (JS) smps. Next step might be to upgrade to USB to the Uptone USB Regen and Lp2 power supply. Dear Allo you have done a very nice step in development.😄 Ps. 2 Allo support told me for the time being not to update the latest DietPi version!
  15. Greetings. I am owner of rpi3b+ paired with digione signature, thinking about upgrade to usbridge signature. Do you know if usbbridge signature will work with Exogal Comet dac via usb?
  16. Amazing how support for devices connected to this endpoint has stalled, they released the new Allo Sig, I haven't been able to use my bridge, what am I supposed to do just tossed it in the garbage and purchase a new one? I'm stuck with this paperweight
  17. I'm enjoying an Allo DigiOne signature on an RPi3 since more than a year now. I have been following this thread from the beginning, but still I do not understand if there is any benefit for DigiOne signature users in swapping their standard RPi for a USBridge signature? Like many others I found that a very good LPSU feeding RPi and DigiOne signature makes a nice difference even to batteries and furthermore I found that a Cisco 2960 in front of the RPi gives a nice improvement too. The influence of PSU quality for RPi and the influence of the switch in front of it was a clear indicator that DigiOne signature is sensitive to what's going on in front of it despite its claim for being galvanically isolated from RPi. I understand that Allo has adressed many weaknesses that are inherent within the standard RPi hardware. Much of that seems to contribute to a better audio USB output performance, very welcome to those using USB DACs. With DigiOne signature it seems, the main advantage of USBridge signature vs. standard RPi melts down to the improved performance of the LAN input, would you agree? I can only guess if possibly the Cisco 2960 switch has some similar "cleaning" effect on the standard RPi LAN input? And to what extent? Thus I wonder if a USBridge signature / DigiOne signature combo goes beyond a standard RPi / DigiOne signature combo with the Cisco 2960 switch in front of it? Anyone tried that?
  18. I freely believe that it is pointless to argue that USB is better than SPDIF or the other way round. It all depends on the specific interface implementations both in the transport and in the DAC. My DAC only has SPDIF inputs. Thus, what I am really interested in, is the quality of a SPDIF output. Here, I would be interested to know how the DigiOne Signature (this is what I currently use, hosted by a RPi 3B+ running upmpdcli under a very minimal Raspbian system) compares to other transports with SPDIF output. What I can say from first hand experience is that, in my system, the DigiOne Signature (powered by JS-2 and LPS-1.2) sounds differently but as good as a Shiit Eitr or a Mutec MC-3+ USB when these are connected to a Sonore UltraRendu.
  19. Brightness often comes from the amplification stage and less often speakers as well (amongst other things), if you are getting the result from every USB DAC you try I’d suggest the issue could be elsewhere in your chain and quite likely the S/PDIF sounds better because it’s more treacly (darker) sound and lesser detail is helping disguise the brightness of another component downstream. But everyone’s hearing is different and we prefer different things when it comes to music...
  20. Speaking of which, the Digione Signature arrived this morning. Had to disassemble the whole rig to get it on the USBridge Sig, but got it all set up and fit into the new box. Took a few reboots for Moode to recognize the Digione but it's working fine now. I have to say I'm very impressed. The Digione+/RPi had a touch of that coax "glare" to my ears, but I don't hear that now. Just playing PCM and I have to figure out what the limitations are, but it sounds great with the Moode player or Audirvana. I'll let it break in a while before I start comparing it with USB.
  21. hi there @greyscale! Seems as though you might be having some issues with the Black Friday coupon .... I just tested this on my end, and everything is working fine as it should. BF5 will reduce the Shanti by 5% ... if there are other items in the cart then only that product will be reduced. You can also apply BF10 to get a 10% discount on other products. Have you used the coupon already? If so, that might be why you cannot get it to work, as each customer can only use each coupon ONCE ... Can you provide some more details on what error you get? Can you email me directly ([email protected]) so I can check if you are an existing customer and see if you've already used that code? Thank you!
  22. I've always preferred USB to coax. Is it because it sounds more "natural" or because it adds a comforting layer of analogue-like "hash" to the sound? Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying the Digione Sig with my USB Sig.
  23. The old kernel may not be outdated but given that the workaround involves using moOde 5 rather than moOde 6.4, I wonder if the older software incorporates the drivers that are specific to the Usbridge Sig like the newer moOde does? The newer moOde also has an updated version of MPD and a lot of other bug fixes and improvements. Having said all that, moOde 5 is still playing beautifully with my Chord Qutest.
  24. Hi, Does the USBridge Signature cap the bit depth when it is being used as a Roon endpoint for any given sample rate, or is this all down to what the DAC can accept? Thanks, Best Regards, Gary

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