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  2. PiCore player suggested below steps to install OLED on picoreplayer version 8.0.0 onwards Please follow below steps Resize FS on webGUI ssh login with user tc Password piCore tce-load -wi allo-boss2.tcz Then add “boss2_oled_run.sh” to the user commands reboot the player
  3. has anyone got the oled to work with picoreplayer 8 64 bit, if you have do you have some advice to help. thanks.
  4. Thanks for the response. I will look into these options. Apparently iFi has a new iPower2 they just launched. I haven't been able to find a lot of reviews of it, but it is supposedly a significant improvement over the original iPower, and the cost is a bit more budget-friendly. They also have the iPower X, which is also supposed to be a significant improvement over the original iPower (but less budget-friendly). Since the digione signature requires separate power for the clean and dirty sides, I will probably start by getting one clean(er) PSU and then get a second o
  5. I bought an Allo Digione Signature from Pishop.us a month ago and it has problems playing back hi-res music. There are some pops and cracks, sometimes no sound at all when switching from a lower sample rate song to a higher (>= 96 khz) sample rate one. I had an Allo Digione Signature last year with the same problem and was told by allo it's because the digione is incompatible with my dac back then (Teac UD-505). I sent the Digione back and got a USBridge as a replacement. However, I didn't like the sound of the USBridge so I sold it a few months ago. Since I got a new dac this y
  6. I also had no issue playing DSD256 via HQPlayer NAA on CM3+ of the original USBridge Signatue with CK kernel. Just curious if with the modified CM4, the USBridge Signature can use RT kernel or not.
  7. No problem for me with the latest kernel and kernel CK for the original version (CM3) of the USBridge. I listen to DSD 256 from HQP and I even tested PCM 1.412 (DAC Musician Pegasus)... it's fine. I have micro clicks and pops when loading music or without music with the Pegasus, previously no problem with my RME ADI-2. I'm going to look for it but it might be related to the R2R configuration.
  8. In Dietpi Allo GUI ,selected sound card as Allo Boss 2 DAC and rebooted the player? Can you please login to the player through ssh and share below command result aplay -l (Lower case of L)
  9. There needs to be a section warning that the Allo Boss2 DAC will seriously deteriorate your health. Yet again I've found myself sitting stationary for 'X' amount of hours listening to album after album..............just saying.
  10. Yes, It should be RPI 4 version. I won't try rt kernel with DSD 256,but CK version is Ok
  11. Thank you for the sharing. Do you need to use the RPI4 version of GentooPlayer or the RPI3+ version? Have you tried GentooPlayer RT kernel with your CM4 modified USBridge Signature with DSD256 yet?
  12. My Allo Boss2 with dietPi has been running well for a couple of months. However it no longer shows up as a Roon endpoint on I am getting a "No Boss2" on the unit's screen. This has happened since updating latest Roon version. Any advice on how to reconnect would be much appreciated.
  13. Just to button this up for anyone reading. My assumption is that the unit was defective. I ordered a replacement BOSS2 Aluminum case and a Nirvana supply directly from Allo, and it arrived within a week. Equipped with MOODE on the bootable SD card, the unit played perfectly right out of the box. I then installed PiCorePlayer 8.0 which worked as well, though I needed to consult tech support to get the OLED screen working. I might be missing something about licensing, but it would be nice if ALLO could distribute the latest builds of the common OS'es with the OLED function alr
  14. Hi, I connected my Allo Boss to an android smartphone through Bluetooth. After few minutes no audio comes from the speaker. On phone audio is still going on. If tap on pause and then play I can listen to the music again. Same with other android devices. How can I solve? Thanks Alex
  15. Swagmanlab in Hong Kong have been used by many people. I have one for an Audiolab M-Dac, which was well reviewed in the UK and a few comments on this site. This is a proper company specialising in power supplies and has been going for many years. They are around $125 for your voltage/ampage requirements . I replaced the electrolytics in mine with Mundorfs which was well worth it if you want to do it yourself. They have a higher component quality option which they can quote you on. Just yesterday I had an order from another small specialist HK dealer and that only took 10 days to get to the UK
  16. I just ordered a DigiOne Signature and case from PiShop.org (already have an RPi4). Unfortunately the Shanti and Nirvana PSUs are both out of stock. I checked both PiShop.org and Chicago Electronic Distributors. I could get one direct from Allo.com, but with the $35 shipping and 1 month wait for delivery, I'd rather wait and see if PiShop or CED gets it back in stock. Since I don't know how long that will be, does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative PSU to power the DigiOne Sig? There must be other quality PSUs besides the Shanti and Nirvana. In the
  17. The RPi4 generates a ton of heat, and I've heard concern on this forum and elsewhere that this could shorten the lifespan of a DigiOne/DigiOne Sig (since they sit right on top of the RPi4 with very little room for airflow). Has there been any response on this from Allo? I don't want to invest in the Sig only to have the RPi4 kill it with prolonged heat. Has anyone found ways to mitigate this? Is there room for a heat sink? (Not sure that it would help to cram one in there anyway.) I wouldn't want to put a fan on it. Or since I'm looking to build it now, should I
  18. Yes ,shanti will power the both CLEAN and DIRTY side of the Digione signature player. No need of two separate power supplies And you can use Moode or volumio OS with Digione signature player.
  19. I think it is . At least, dsd 256 is smoothly than cm3 module
  20. I'm considering getting a DigiOne signature to replace my Sonos Connect (currently used just as a transport connected to my DAC). I'm fairly computer-literate, but I'm totally new to the RPI. I will likely get the player version just to simplify things, but I have a couple of (probably obvious) questions. First, will the Shanti LPS actually power both the clean and the dirty side? The description is not clear, but I know the Shanti has two outputs. Is this the preferred arrangement (DigiOne Sig + Shanti)? Or do I actually need two separate power supplies? Second,
  21. Thank you , that is very helpful. Was there a sonic improvement with the CM4 module?
  22. to make RoonBridge work, you can't keep Hqplayer open, or at least you can't keep it open on the same audio output... what is cm4.deb? gentooplayer has its own cm4 and does not use any cm4.deb, which are packages for debian and derivatives...
  23. Mine is away for over a month now. Have not heard anything form my supplier. Will call again today
  24. I have the same issue with Katana - the controller board is very hot. The sound volume is very low and distorted ... Please let me know what I can do.

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