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  2. hello - i've been trying unsuccessfully for several weeks to get an update after following the instructions. Given that the green and orange lights on the NIC are constant, you mentioned this means the Pi 4 is defective. I'd like to understand the replacement process as I understand the warranty is 12 months. May I ask for an update on this, please?
  3. The amp I was using to listen to the output was bunk. Whew! Problem: fixed.
  4. Got the jack replaced, and now it's misbehaving even more; dang it. I need this little guy working! Is mailing it back to Allo for repair out of the question? The static-y music coming out of one side, I think I have some wires touching somewhere, or grounded incorrectly or something awful like that. I'll follow up on this again in a few weeks after I get back from work. Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I'll just pick up another one for the interim.
  5. I really like Allo's stuff. Seems to me that they paid great attention to their DAC and really hit it out of the park for quality and value. Both this BOSS 2 and the BOSS. I've had both of them, and their little AMP+. At the moment, I'm on a Allo Digione Signature Plus into a Denafrips Ares II. I don't think I could pick it out in a blind test; but I haven't done one. I should.
  6. Great, now back to some good listening. What do you think of the Boss2?
  7. Got it replaced. I think what happened was whomever soldered the original wire to RCA connector got it too hot perhaps? The inside sleeve fell out of the RCA connector. Hopefully I did a better job ;)
  8. I have a Boss2 and will look at it later. If it was my problem I would run a couple of tails out the back of the unit to new RCA sockets. I would use a cable tie to ensure you don’t pull the ends out of the board.
  9. I am capable of this repair for sure; but of course I'll have to monkey with it for a while to get to the parts. The screen, for instance, seems to be glued onto the inside of the bezel, which is covering up a screw that fastens the internal HAT board down! Good times. Have you @reprap done one of these before? I'd like to make sure I'm not missing anything before I needlessly rip into the streamer. thanks for the reply!
  10. That’s not a good look, but a relatively easy fix. First take lots of photos of the connectors to guide you on reassembly. Remove the nuts of both connectors, and gently slide them out. Unsolder the bad one and replace it. There is plenty of slack in the cables so you can do the soldering outside the box, and not drop any solder on the circuit board. If in doubt get a skilled friend to help. Good listening.
  11. I was able to pop the blue aluminum case off, but of course it was the lower of the two RCA outlets that broke! The center got pushed in - I'm pretty sure I got this little blue streamer 9/2021, no idea about warranties. But if I'm gonna keep trying to fix this, there's a really good chance I'll break something else! Any ideas? https://www.allo.com/sparky/boss2-player.html Is this a return/fix thing? or an "I'm on my own" thing? thanks!
  12. Hello does somebody have a solution for the boss2 display with the actual version of ropieee (ssh is no more supported) regards August Harder
  13. Lol .. wasted 10 mins of my life with no response from OP .. so what if it beats my Antipode oladra cx and ex if no further info as nicely requested my mdr ... 3+ yrs ago 😅
  14. I am running the digione signature on a rp4 with shanti power supply. I use Roon. The combo sounds wonderful. But it will simply not output sound above 96 kHz. I have tried the power up sequence of clean then dirty power and rebooting etc. No luck. What am I doing wrong?? Thank you for your help!
  15. Rajesh ,After connectiing RPIwith isolator& Katana J30 closed. Did it work smoothly using the 3PSU. Iam also plannign to connect similar way as you mentioned above.RPI+ Isolator to Katana using 3 PSU. Thanks in adviance
  16. I've since updated the Shanti with new cables and plugs from VHAudio and Oyaide, respectively. The VHAudio V-Quad works great for DC applications, even better than the OCC silver wires I used previously. The 3-in-1 IEC are from Aucharm. I'd use a Furutech NCF, but adding a separate fuse holder and switch was too much of a hassle. Hope this helps!
  17. Hi, May I ask where you optained the cables and the IEC socket? I am in the mood to do some mods :-) Thank you very much.
  18. Hi, my Boss2 is struggling to keep functioning. I have the 16 Gb card that it came with that has been reflashed to the allo dietpi image, and a 32gb that has the same. On boot, the raspberry pi screen does show up on a 1080p TV, but is degraded. It won't show at all on a 4K TV. After an initial 8 green flashes, the green led stays solid. The red starts and remains solid. The last time it was running, things were fine but it kept falling off my wired network. Are there any additional troubleshooting steps I can take? Is there a chance this Pi is defective in some way?
  19. Matt, did you hear from Allo? I have an issue with a new Digione but despite posting on here and using their contact details on their website, I’ve heard zilch.
  20. I did save changes last night on the DietPi interface. How can I verify that the OLED configuration has been properly installed?
  21. I did reboot last night using DietPi interface. When I try to reboot from the Allo web interface I just get a continuous spinny circle. I just did hard reboot again by powering down the BOSS2 and RP4. Same thing on display "NO BOSS2". Can I somehow verify that the OLED configuration is indeed installed?
  22. Allo GUI , Audio device need to configure for Allo Boss2 , save changes and then reboot.
  23. Hello, I was asked in the mOde support forum to let you know about my issues here. Heavily distorted sound is coming from the USBridge Signature, they vanish under very specific circumstances. The details of the case can be found here: https://moodeaudio.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=4952 I uploaded a video, demonstrating the problem: https://youtu.be/n0Unwt9BKNs Please let me (us) know what this is about, hopefully you can help to solve this problem.

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