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  2. Dear Allo team, I can't understand why I get no answer since you received my unit. Your support was reactive and appreciated, but since more than 3 weeks I got no feedback at all. Please anser and provide visibility, I start loosing confidence in your company. Regards, LB
  3. Hi, I am having the same issue with my Allo Boss DAC v1.2 (without USB-C port), the same results in dmesg output. @Audio_Allo could you please share possible solution? Thanks!
  4. help with apt-get update Type 'Reading' is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/your-repo-name.list
  5. Hello - I've recently purchased (2022-03-05) a Boss2 player which has been brilliant up to me doing a Diet-Pi update. Now, I can't ping the IP address (which I can see through my network software) and the screen remains blank. I don't have a micro-HDMI cable to see the boot progress. Can someone at Allo help me with getting it running again? Thanks! JK
  6. Same here. I have the RPi 4 and digione combo running Ropieee connected via Coax to the digital input of some Genelec powered speakers. Occasionally, the digital signal seems to flicker on and off. When there is sound, it is crackly and noisey. I have to reboot the digione + RPi to correct this.
  7. I am trying to find out if Allo Piano 2.1 is compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W - there are statements about Pi Zero, but not about Pi Zero 2. My expectation is that it is, but maybe someone knows for sure? Thanks!
  8. Afaik, Airplay2 does limit to max 16/44 at the moment, and is said to support 24/48 in the future. However, streaming is a fickle thing. Just bc a service "can" provide "up to" 192/ 24, it doesn't mean it "does" it "always" with "every" song on "all" hardware/software as marketing suggests. Simple example, Amazon UHD on Sonos does only play in 16/44.
  9. Their site says Ultra HD is up to 24/192. But Airplay might limit the bitrate???
  10. Are you sure Amazon HiRes offers higher bitrates than shown?
  11. Dear ALLO support team, Since you received the DAC as per your instructions the 28 April, I have no more updates, nor answers to my messages. PLease could you provide some visibility ? Regards,
  12. Hi all, When I play hi res music from Amazon Music on my Boss2 (via Airplay and Moode) I see what I always see on the display - 24 and 44.1. Two questions: Am I doing something wrong? Why does it always say 24, even when I play CD rips from a connected hard drive? Be gentle - this stuff is often over my head! Thanks in advance, Pete
  13. I've just bought a Boss2 (RPi4 2Gb) with Moode but I cannot manage to see my music database, at least the greatest part of it. I first tried connecting a NAS disk (about 2-3 Tb of music files) but the music library generation process in Moode was very slow and after several hours and different trials I was able to see only very few files. Then I tried connecting the disk through the USB port. In this way I managed to see more file but anyhow just a very very small fraction of the database. The library generation process seems to never come to an end even after many hours. Is there any limitation in Moode related to the number of files that the database can handle? Is there any config parameter that I have to set? Thanks! Lorenzo
  14. I can play DSD From it if my pc is the player (audirvana / hqpayer) through pi, but if i use GMRENDER via my phone or tablet. no such luck DSD = No PCM = Good
  15. I can play DSD From it if my pc is the player (audirvana / hqpayer) through pi, but if i use GMRENDER via my phone or tablet. no such luck DSD = No PCM = Good
  16. That's right I have a Topping D70S, Ares II. Last night this issue happen with Ares II, its LED indicators for bitrate and input were flickering and no audio. I was using an Audioquest Cinnamon Coax Digital cable; the one I use with Mojo2 is a Moon Audio Black Dragon coax digital cable. Still waiting for support 😔 @allo.com @Audio_Allo
  17. Hi I have just this combo, and it works fine here, I read somewhere about issues with the mojo2 USB connection, but you tried another dac... I use Roopie, but I had a similar issue with DietPi os.
  18. I tried wget'ing the drivers from allo but apparently they don't work with the CM3+ module - these are the results. Can anyone asssist? [email protected]:~# sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/install-wifi [email protected]:~# sudo install-wifi *** Raspberry Pi wifi driver installer by MrEngman. *** Performing self-update *** Relaunching after update Your current kernel revision = 5.15.32-v7+ Your current kernel build = #1538 Checking for a wifi module to determine the driver to install. Your wifi module is Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0bda:8812 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8812AU 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2T2R DB WLAN Adapter And it uses the 8812au driver. Your Pi revision number is a02100 You have a Pi CM3+ v1.0 Checking for a 8812au wifi driver module for your current kernel. A driver does not yet exist for this update.
  19. I have another issue with the USBridge Signature. Could you please have a look at your messages when possible? Cheers :)
  20. my Comfast CF-912AC I purchased from Allo was working prior to the latest update to the dietpi image (apt upgrade). The usbridge works fine via wired ethernet. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the adapter working. The adapter does work fine plugged into my pc and into my laptop. lsusb finds the adapter on the usb bus. i tried editing the blacklist file (adding the "##" to the blacklist) but it still does not recognize the wifi dongle. Any ideas? I note that Allo appears to be selling a different dongle now.
  21. Hi, I’m in UK and wondered if anyone has purchased from the Allo website recently and had to pay any VAT/import fees? I’ve had a look and it’s not clear where the ‘EU’ items on the store come from. I’ve emailed the site but no response :-( Thanks
  22. Me too... I have the same problem. Try disassembling and reassembling the boards, it improves things but doesn't fully resolve the problem.

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