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  2. As Allo do seem to be monitoring this forum, could I ask that they make some statement on the current status of the company?
  3. Just joined the forum. I've followed the Allo section of this forum for support. Hoping we can get Allo to be more active again here with support.
  4. Got an email from them on the day of post. This can be of interest for others: "Unfortunately we do not have an estimated date of new production for Boss2 players."
  5. I have three of them and never had trouble. Question: Did you check the 110v/220v Switch next to the IEC inlet to see if it is set to 110V? bob
  6. I found the Rev's quality of the ESS9038q2m implementation unbeatable at that price point (2 years ago, that was!) If you only need a single usb input for your digital source, that's it. If you need toslink or coax input you may look elsewhere. if you need balanced output, too ! I am here atm with my adopted family:
  7. That's great advice :)) I was planning to return the unit, that's why I was so concerned about distortion and stuff. My first contact with the Rev was mixed impressions: I liked what it excels in, but also I felt like it took what I liked the most from my previous setup. There is the alternative of Schiit Modi Multibit 2 which, as described and recommended by the same person who recommended me the Rev, gives me exactly what I lost - "timbre, tonality, smoothness, macrodynamics, stage depth, and a more lively presentation". I wanted to experience DSD, and when I heard distortion I got really mad... So if it were the case for the Rev to have a DSD problem, it would've just complicated my choice even more, as I wanted to have it at its full potential, right? And more so now that I will most likely keep it. 3 days left to decide. Buying the multibit 2 and finding out I liked the Rev more would be a huge disappointment ad a big waste of money on transports. Yes, as my Rev and multibit 2 friend says - audio is more on the psychological side than on the mathematical, it's more philosophical than numerical. Thanks! Same for you! And thank you so much for all, you've been of much help!
  8. try with these: @Allo @allo.com @[email protected] or mail to: [email protected] (disclaimer: this mail is widely available in this forum)
  9. I tried to reach them all the possible ways they offer on the site: - skype - contact form - this forum to no avail. I see many of their products are out-of-stock. While I am interested in their player, or DAC board, become hesitant to pursue these products somewhere else where they may still be available. Has anyone information about what's going on with Allo?
  10. Please don't get to obsessive about that. Otoh, I had a similar experience There are situations s that single components in the signal chain or their combination may underline a certain notable distortion. Your 600 Ohm headphones may be part of that, I have used a 109 pro [34 Ohm) from Baia Mare's Meze Audio, and a Schiit Heretic HPA on low gain. However, while I can still hear a moskito in a room at night, I would think my hearing is limited to 12 - 14k at best. One thing about these things is, that our brain seems to be incapable to make them unheard . Enjoy your weekend
  11. Hmm just noticed something - foobar has a peak meter. I've listened to the original studio master for the 44.1 PCM version with the peak meter, and it doesn't show clipping above 0dB. The timestamps you mentioned have indeed audible distortion even on this original 44.1 on the right channel. Here are all the other timestamps I've heard distortion on the 44.1 mastered track: 1:00 1:43 1:49 2:18 2:27 2:40 3:03 3:07 3:17 3:46 3:55 4:14 4:30 4:46 4:54 Quite a lot of them. And they all occur at times I might imagine it could really be a mastering fault (loud guitars and instrument impact from synchronization reunion). Just to be sure, I checked on all 3 Tidal available 44.1 versions as well - distortion in the same places as mentioned. Then I listened to the DSD64 version played at 44.1 (Default output exclusive mode on fb2k) - there is even more distortion than in the mastered 44.1 version every 2-3 seconds or so, both audibly and shown on the peak meter. Back to the original 64 - unbearable amount of distortion everywhere. As in the downsampled converted 44.1, but even harsher and maybe even more present. The peak meter doesn't work with this version, as it doesn't work with any other DSD track (why's that?). I was hoping you would hear lots of distortion too tbh so I could 100% conclude I am not . To my ears, it is present every time and was present ever since my first listening. If it doesn't distort as much for you, than why does it happen to me in such a high amount? I have no idea whatsoever... Could it be because of some setting on fb2k? Although I've configured everything to my knowledge. I'll listen to some more DSD tracks these days and hopefully never encounter the same problem again believing this track is really faulty. I'll leave you the 44.1 mastered version so you can see what I'm talking about. David Elias - Morning Light, Western Town.flac
  12. not sure, never tried my VPN allows me to select countries
  13. scratching on Jriver and FB2K right channel 1:01 1:50 2:40 It's the recording, imho
  14. you should generally avoid sharing music over this site .. however this seems to be a free sample ...
  15. Oh great, I didn't think it is possible to upload such large files here! Oh you can select your country manually on this forum? Ok this is strange as well 08 - David Elias - Crossing - Morning Light Western Town (DSD64 2.0).dsf
  16. my VPN points to the centre of Europe ;-) and all the other files on the page are avilable, just the one you pointed out is connected to the artist's homepage ... same in Chrome however, if you copy the dl link you see here, I could go to the downloadpage directly like (taken from the oppo page ): http://download.oppodigital.com/hra/davidelias/07 - David Elias - Acoustic Trio - Rodeo On A Ridge (DSD64).dsf
  17. I'll send you the track, just tell me your email address. Ok, this is really strange, it still works for me. Maybe it's because of the VPN? Micronesia might not be the most agreeable country of all, who knows :))) That's right. However, I'm still eagerly wanting to verify wether or not I'm the only one hearing distortion here.
  18. Talking about my DSD512 or about Oppo's FFA downloadable DSD demo tracks? :) Good to know Morning Light by David Elias in DSD64 stereo? Right click on "DSD64", copy the link address, and paste it into a new tab. It should start downloading. I have no idea what the raw recording has been made on. I see there are MQA versions of it too. Tidal has non-MQA 44.1 available. EDIT: Apparently DSD64 is the raw recording. Now that I've been listening for a while on PCM, I can hear distortion not only on the DSD64 version. But I want your take too, I don't trust my ears atm and I'm not an expert. What do you mean?
  19. - when you don't upsample for DSD512 you are actually in no need for conversion and proccesor. - to work out where is the problem (your file or your software or your DAC, both or all of it) you need to develop your personal test scenario that indicates on of these options. More often than not it is about the settings of the player. The quality of manually upsampled files can also be less than reference level. If you bought it at a trusted shop, you can point out and reclaim. - your reference files isn't up for download anymore, maybe you have a 5.1 version ? If you are not doing upsampling with HQP and some powerful pc based filtering, the quality of DSD in my view lies mainly in a perfected source quality (the recording and mastering) and less in the DSD technolgy, yMMV ...
  20. Hello! Thanks a lot for your help! A foobar user from Hifi-guides told me it is better to keep as few DSD plugins as possible "as they have a tendency to conflict with each other" and recommended I remove DSD converter and DSD processor, which I did and it works fine like that (I think, it seems so). Everything else is configured as yours (except the buffer). But there is a song where I can hear audible distortion. Like.. really audible. It is from Ollo's DSD demo tracks Morning light by David Elias. Can you please check to see if you hear distortion too? I've set the ASIO buffer to the highest value possible and foobar to 30000ms (highest possible). PCM 44.1 doesn't seem to have any audible distortion, or if it does (I think I hear any but I may be mistaken, maybe placebo). PCM 176.4KHz does. My audio system is DT660 800ohm, LakePeople G103, and this Rev DAC. I'm worried my DAC is broken (hopefully not!) At 3:04 there is the highest amount of distortion in the whole track I think. My output is ASIO+DSD: Cem Solutions

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