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Fanless NUC8 - HDPLEX Case

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I am putting for sale a fanless NUC I built over the Christmas period. It sounds amazing with the Teradak LPS, but what I did not realize was that my existing audio PC can also use the LPS and as they sound more or less the same, I decided to part with the NUC. The PC is based on: 


A NUC8i5BEK2 (i5 8259u)

16 GB of DDR4 RAM

HDplex H1 V3 + NUC kit + M2 to SATA Riser Cable - This is the only available case in the market allowing to add a PCIE card (USB/Net/etc) to the NUC - bought just 3 weeks ago for 255 euro

500 GB Samsung EVO960 SSD - bought last week (see below). 


The Riser cable is currently installed hence the M2 SSD I had previously in the NUC is currently not installed. I can deliver the PC with the riser cable packed and install the M2 instead - this will make a 2 SSD box. 


I am currently running Audiolinux on the box - I cannot deliver the SW as it licensed to me. Will deliver with any requested OS. 


Shipping in EU at a cost TBD. 


My price is 540 EUR. 80 EUR for adding the extra M2 (Samsung Evo 970 that costs 140 EUR new). 






Recommended Questions


May i see some pictures? Did you use PciE card with the riser? I have jcat usb card but i know riser needs additional 5v to work


How much for terradac and nuc? 


Does euphony offer tidal upsampling ?

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