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Uptone Audio ISO REGEN - Uptone USPCB A>B Adapter & Uptone PSU

Uptone Audio ISO REGEN - Uptone USPCB A>B Adapter & Uptone PSU

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Uptone Audio ISO REGEN - Uptone USPCB A>B Adapter & Uptone PSU


The UpTone Audio ISO REGEN is the first device—designed specifically for quality music systems—to deliver both true high-speed galvanic isolation and extremely high signal integrity in a single, small and affordable package. (Uptone Audio)



Without the UpTone Audio ISO REGEN in place, recordings were flat, lean, sterile, and not very involving. The ISO REGEN applies a nice layer of rich texture, warmth, and roundness to the music. This is especially in the presence region where it matters the most. The bass region is not only prominent and weighty, it’s also very detailed. The ISO REGEN also has the capability of layering and separating all components of the music in a very coherent, smooth, and natural way. Voices and instruments are better localized and well-focused with the proper timbre. This level of authenticity and nuance conveys an incredible listening experience.

Other USB conditioners seem to aim for a specific signature. The ISO REGEN, on the other hand, is effortless, honest, and accurate. I don’t sense any coloration, just musicality. It breathes life into the music without overdoing it. There’s really something compelling about the ISO REGEN, even over the venerable SOtM tX-USBultra. Although the tX-USBultra imparts a more realistic fabric of sound, the ISO REGEN was just really fun and less fatiguing to listen to. It also doesn’t require two USB cables. As mentioned, the combination of the two is so good it should be a sin. The ISO REGEN certainly blows the other USB conditioners I’ve tested out of the water and rendered them obsolete. A new bar has been set. (Review by Audio Bacon)

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