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Singxer SU-1 : USB D to D Converter XU208 CCHD575 - Max Modified by @Energy

Singxer SU-1 : USB D to D Converter XU208 CCHD575 - Max Modified by @Energy

350.00 USD

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Heavily Modified by @Energy - Max Upgrades

Singxer SU-1 : USB Digital to Digital Converter XMOS XU208 CCHD575 CPLD


It should perform better than a stock SU-6

 Price Reduced from $400


5x LT3045 voltage regulator boards (lower noise)

1x CRYSTEK CCHD-575 (USB Input)

2x NDK NZ2520SD (I2S Output)

5x Nichicon R7 capacitors (lower ESR)

1x Kycon USB connector (better grip)

3x White LED’s (resistor change = less bright)

1x DC INPUT with custom Canare Cable (for external LPS)

1x OCC Pure Silver Wiring (extra ground)

WITH NEW 2018 firmware (2.22 and 2.20) for DSD512 native is standard.

Product Details

SU-1 digital interface is Singxer team developed a high-performance USB digital audio interface, using the latest XMOS family and Xilinx high-performance CPLD / FPGA chip. Large FPGA. SU-1 is the rare use femtosecond system clock digital interface, CRYSTEK CCHD-575 (lowest jitter crystek crystal) is the ultimate output audio signal quality has laid a solid foundation. SU-1 digital input interface using a standard USB2.0 interface. SU-1 has a wealth of output interfaces, including coaxial RCA and BNC output S / PDIF, XLR balanced outputs AES / EBU, HDMI output IIS (I2S) (including DSD ON and MUTE signals) and BNC WCLK word clock output.

SU-1 is the first machine we have developed equipment that is positioned in the high-end interface, is used mainly in the following three main technologies:

1. Full isolation technology (ground isolation), using 150Mbps full isolation chip, can completely isolate the interference from the PC; (latest 2020 tech)

2. Source synchronization technology and FPGA shaping technology, reshape the I2S signal after isolation; thus eliminating the additive jitter brought by the isolation chip; (latest 2020 tech)

 3 The independent development of the system clock, using CRYSTEK CCHD-575 high-performance oscillator, low phase noise and low jitter.



1 SU-1 is the first using the XMOS latest xCORE-200 series of high-end USB digital interface products. New generation XMOS chip, using more advanced process technology, performance than the older U8 chip doubled, reaching 1000MIPS processing capabilities.

2 It is known, the weight of the core is digital audio algorithms. Our team in the field of digital audio work for many years, at the same time get XMOS FAE support team, we conducted a number of technical improvements and optimization algorithms on the basis of the original firmware.

3 The PCB motherboard with 4 -layer circuit board design, ensure that you have full power and ground plane layer, using the method of high-speed digital design, signal integrity and power integrity of the entire board. The clock signal for special treatment, using package design and precise impedance control, thereby ensuring the signal quality and increase the clock anti-jamming capability. Input and output signals follow a standard design, especially USB high speed signals using a 90 ohm differential impedance control.

Added Crystec Crystal CCHD-575 (USB Input).PNG

Added LT3045 Boards.PNG

SU-1 2.PNG

SU-1 3.PNG

SU-1 5.PNG

SU-1 front.PNG

SU-1 External PSU Input.PNG

SU-1 1.PNG

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Thank you for accepting my offer. The system will not allow me to contact you via the link in the listing? How do we proceed to close this sale? My email address is -


[email protected]   Please contact me directly.





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