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Ball Joint Isolators

Ball Joint Isolators

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Sold as one set containing (3) units.

I'm sure you’ve tried them all from inner tubes, to tip toes, and some exoctics that may have cost as much as the component that you are trying to isolate. All isolation devices will alter the sonic signature of your stereo system. What the Ball Joint Isolators will do is enhance the resolution without adding artifacts to your sonic presentation.

Simply place three units under your DAC, CD Player, Preamp Linestage and Amplifiers. They also work great under loudspeakers and subwoofers. If your component has a smooth bottom surface and feet less that 1.25” in height, installation is simple. Just place the three piece system under the component. If your component has larger feet or a grated bottom, use a ceramic tile from a local hardware store and place it beneath the component and place the Ball Joint Isolators under the tile. It’s important to make sure that Ball Joint Isolators are contacting the smooth side of the tile.

Product Dimensions: Diameter 2.00 inches; Height 1.25 inches

GROUND SHIPPING $5.00 to contiguous United States

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What component will benefit the most from a set of Ball Joint Isolators?
A: All components will benefit but Source equipment such as DACs, CD Players and Music Steamers will benefit most

Q: Will my CD Player move or sway if I have to push a button on the player?
A: Yes, but it will alway return to its original position. Most use their remote controls

Q: Will my component move or fall off the Ball Joint Isolators over time?
A: Airborn vibrations will produce microscopic movement. Your component will remain stable and not move over time

Q: Can I use (4) Ball Joint Isolators instead of the recommended (3)?
A: Yes, but in most cases, three is more stable than four as weight is more evenly distributed

Q: How much is a single Ball Joint Isolator?
A: $25.00

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