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Siemens CCa Tubes (compatible with 6922, 6DJ8, etc.)

Siemens CCa Tubes (compatible with 6922, 6DJ8, etc.)

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Two (2) of the legendary Siemens CCa Tubes. Purchased measuring NOS from Upscale Audio, and I never used them. They were manufactured in Germany on July 1972, and May 1973, respectively.  This tube is 100% compatible with all 6922, 6DJ8, E88CC, etc. audio devices as this is the exact same family of tubes.

These tubes were intended for a tube DAC that I paid for, but the owner of the company (Larry Ho of Light Harmonic and LH Labs) decided to just take our money and never ship out any DAC's. So, these have been sitting in my audio closet waiting for the tube DAC that will likely never arrive, so I am reluctantly selling them.

PLEASE NOTE: These are what Upscale Audio terms as "Driver/Buffer" Grade tubes. The reason is due to the microphony test score. As you will see from the pictures of the measurements on the Upscale shipping box, these would be Upscale's Platinum Grade for triode balance, with perfect grades for noise, shorts and gas. However, the microphony score was not deemed good enough to qualify for Gold or Platinum status on Upscale's stringent testing standards.

What does this mean? Upscale Audio says these are 100% perfect for use in a driver stage in amplifier, or output buffer stage of a DAC or CD player, where the microphony will not matter at all in terms of sonic performance.

Do some research and you will see these tubes are widely considered to be the very best tube in this 6922/6DJ8/E88CC/E188C etc., tube family, bar none. These are extremely expensive tubes when you can find legitimate samples out in the wild. You have to be careful here because there are a number of reports of fake CCa's out in the wild, usually from Ebay sellers.

Like I said, I have never used these tubes and have no idea to what extent the microphony would be an issue if used in a preamp or input stage of an amplifier. If you want to take a chance, you can, but anyone looking at these tubes should assume microphany will be problematic when used in a phono preamp, preamp or input stage on an amplifier as I don't want any unhappy buyers.

I had a long phone call with Kevin Deal (owner of Upscale Audio) before buying these, about using these Driver grade tubes in a DAC and Kevin was very clear that the microphony would not matter at all in my planned DAC. The only other data point I have is, another person I know (a member here on AS) used these exact same Upscale Audio "driver grade" Siemens CCa tubes in his Tube DAC (we purchased them at the same time) and he reported zero problems and confirmed Kevin Deal is right- search for the review of the LH Labs Vi DAC Tube and look for Junkers' review where he mentions using the CCa driver-grade tube from Upscale.

See this link for further detail:




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