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Merrill Element 114 stereo power amp

Merrill Element 114 stereo power amp

8,500.00 USD

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Rare opportunity to buy a Merrill Element 114 in like new condition. 


COMES WITH THE MERRILL AUDIO DUST COVER (in the last picture amp packed wrapped in it).


Element 114 became available only in 2020 - the latest design in the Element lineup. Rerail $16000. This one here was used for 2 years.

Custom-made Merrill ANAP XLR interconnects (last pictures) are not included, but 2 pairs are available for sale. 


Merrill Element 114 is the best class D amp in the world! Only Element 116 and 118 could be better only because more watts. But this stereo amp could drive any speakers. Blew out of the water my BAT VK-655SE monoblocks (1500 VA each), and I didn't even change the level on my preamp. 

It's stable down to 1 Ohm and has phenomenal power.


Two secret ingredients for success are: GaN transistors and unique power supply. 

For the ultimate in musical immediacy, a proprietary multi-stage power supply using an LLC Resonant power supply with custom-built transformers is implemented in Element 114. The amplifier has a bottomless, instantaneous power supply and the ability to keep sustained peaks for longer periods of time.

Gallium Nitride Transistors are one of the cleanest, fastest transistors available today! They offer a fast, clean, low distortion power capability, and yet is natural and smooth in its musical capability. GaN transistors dramatically outperform other transistors, because they can turn on and off almost instantly, they avoid the charge and discharge times associated with channel/gate capacitance. They can switch hundreds of volts in nanoseconds. This, in turn, negates the need to compensate for any distortion or deadtime, and thereby makes the use of negative feedback unnecessary.


Merrill Element bested many class AB amplifiers, including Ayre, Simaudio Moon Evolution, and McIntosh.

Wyred 4 Sound or Bel Canto vs Merrill Element is like boombox vs Hi-end system, like 2D vs 5D movie. Well regarded Merrill Veritas monoblocks are somewhere in the middle, but not even close to Element tonal richness and depth wise. 


The reason for sale is Gryphon class A amp.


Element 114 has the same great bottom-end and dynamics as the best class AB amps out there, but with better microlevel detail, tonal purity and balance, and bass definition. Microlevel details are easily distinctive even at low volume levels, where you usually have to crank a solid-state amp up to hear these details. 


Smashing clarity with fantastic quickness and parsecs of transparency…and yet a sense of organic presence and rightness. The micro- and macrodynamics are amazing. Breathtaking suddenness of musical swings!



- custom 6-layer Printed Circuit Boards capable of eliminating all but the minutest amounts of parasitic inductance and capacitance

- the circuit design is proprietary

- all wire is heavy gauge silver plated OFC, in PTFE sleeving, and is hand-soldered for the best connections. PTFE sleeving is used as it has the best available dielectric of 2.1, next to air

- heatsinks of pure copper to maximize heat dissipation

- 20A Furutech IEC inlet

- top-tier WBT-0710 Cu mC speaker binding posts able to accommodate spades, banana plugs, or bare wire

- custom-made for Merrill rhodium-plated Cardas balanced input jacks (XLR)

- IsoAcoustics Gaia isolation footers

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