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Roon / HQ NAA endpoint based on Jcat XE USB card

Roon / HQ NAA endpoint based on Jcat XE USB card

900.00 USD

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The end point is built around the excellent Jcat XE USB card (latest rev.1.1), a simple Intel board with the N2800 Dual Core CPU, 8GB RAM and a 64GB SSD. Since the USB card itself is $920 + shipping, you are basicly getting the case, MoBo, RAM and SSD for free.


According to my friend, for whom I have built an identical end point. connected to Keces P8 liner PSU and his dCS Rossini DAC, this end point sound better than the SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo he had used before (on the same PSU and DAC). 


The endpoint is completley silent (no moving parts inside).


Comes preinstalled with ultra light Linux DietPi + Roon Bridge. CPU load in this configuration is only 2% with RAM utilisation at 0.2GB RAM (out of 8GB available). If someone does not like Roon, the device can be turned into a standalone music server by installing KODI, Logitech Media Server, Sqeezelite, MPD, HQ Player NAA, etc. from the available list.


Alternatively, I can install Windows Server 2012. With Roon Bridge installed, the CPU load is similarly low (~2%). According to many, Win 2012 sounds better than Linux, especially after you install Audiophile Optimiser/Fidelizer/Lasso.


The unit requires 12V/3A PSU, with a standard DC 5.5/2.5mm connector. Lots of different PSUs are available - from a generic $10 SMPS to various linear ones. USB card runs out of the MoBo, but can be powered externally with 5V/1A PSU.


Worldwide shipping via UPS express @ 90 USD. PayPal please add 3.9%. 

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