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For sale a handcrafted Sean Jacobs DC4 LPSU in excellent physical/working condition with FREE ($200) ZenWave Audio DC output cable. This is the ULTIMATE Level DC Linear Power Supply Unit (1 rail; 5V) with all-new DC4 modules and CX filter sections. Probably the best (at reference level) and most powerful (5A max) power supply unit for an add on card in a unique beautiful DC4 LPSU style. This LPSU was build with the close guidance of Dr Sean Jacobs the managing director of Custom HiFi Cables Ltd.


Believe me the build of this particular LPSU looks really neat with high levels attention to detail. The Streacom chassis is of such better quality than the one used by Dr Sean Jacobs, sturdier and with much more weight.


I used this gently to power my JCAT XE USB card & Pink Faun USB bridge on my DIY music server but for the network connection I have successfully used the Startech PEX1000SFP2 PCI Express Gigabit Fiber Card (same card that is used by Taiko Audio in the Extreme Music Server) which eliminates any network noise interferences. So, this is a much cheaper option without the need of buying a network card and two rails LPSU.


Buying a new SJ DC4 power supply will set you back at least £4800 (~€5450). 


I hate to see this go and I'm only selling this power supply because I'm moving to an all in one streamer/dac and no longer need my USB cards. Expect that this power supply will give you a sound improvement with a more analogue-sounding and lifelike with lots of detail and more 'texture' to notes and vocals. Note that this will work well with any music server.


The LPSU will be shipped safely in Streacom's original package. Shipping worldwide via registered postal with insurance from Cyprus.


Buyer pays for PayPal fees and shipping cost. (arrangement regarding lowered customs value declaration can be discussed privately)


Price: 1,999.00 Euro 


You may check my feedback:


on Audiogon: Demetris


and on eBay here


More photos available upon request and strictly for those who are actually interested to buy this power supply.


No return or quarantine since this is a private sale.




Feel free to contact me for any questions



LPSU DC4 Specification


Full width all-aluminium shielded Streacom casework. Case height is approximately 120mm including the IsoAcoustics Gaia feet.


IsoAcoustics Gaia feet are used to reduce chassis vibration from external sources. These are superb units that really improve the sound of equipment, if bought separately they are around 200 GBP for a set but I feel that the improvement that they make is well worth it at this level of equipment.


Furutech gold-plated IEC inlet for mains AC supply complete with a rear panel mains power switch, chassis grounding post and special fuse for this particular power supply as being suggested by Dr Sean Jacobs. For further noise reduction, the USB card/I2S bridge can be grounded using the grounding post and a hookup wire that can be purchase here


Custom-made ultimate specification toroidal transformer (400VA for single-output DC4 PSU) with multiple shielding layers, fully enclosed in a stainless steel shell for additional shielding and noise suppression. Vibration isolation mounting system is used to eliminate chassis vibration which can affect the regulator circuitry.


An all-new module design is used for the DC4 rectification and reservoir capacitor arrays. The new PCB is 2.4mm thick for additional rigidity and is gold-plated. Low-noise Schottky diodes are used for rectification, and the reservoir capacitors used are our usual Mundorf capacitors - twice the number of capacitors are fitted in comparison to the equivalent DC3 PSU. Additional noise filtering is provided by a new higher-spec set of parts than the DC3 design, with a lower impedance and higher current handling capability. The PCB uses vibration isolation mountings in order to isolate the components and the DC wiring loom from chassis vibration.


The entire DC wiring loom is made using Mundorf gold/silver wiring with PTFE insulation - all expertly routed and bound with our usual high levels of attention to detail. A neatly bound cable loom reduces noise due to current loop areas as well, so it brings a sonic benefit as well as looking nice!


The DC4 regulator module also contains our new "CX" module - this acts to drastically reduce incoming DC noise from the reservoir capacitors, by factors of up to around 1,000 at low currents. The module has an approximate limit of 2A though, at which the noise reduction factor becomes close to 1, and so the DC4 regulator module has a link which allows the CX module to be manually bypassed if the output is supplying more than 2A of current. DC4 regulator modules can supply up to 5A continuous current as standard, unlike the DC3 design which required a separate boost module.


The DC4 regulator PCB, like the rectification/capacitor PCB, is also gold-plated, and the circuit layout is completely optimised for performance, low noise and low impedance. This is due in part to using different components that allow shorter circuit paths to be created, with lower parasitic inductances/capacitances.


The new DC4 regulator design uses the very best components - a full set of Vishay Z-foil "naked" resistors for the regulator section, and extremely low noise resistors for the (non-critical) CX section and for one filter network of the regulator itself. Also the Vishay bulk film capacitors for all decoupling duties, as well as some very special Audio Note KAISEI capacitors for all the important regulator module capacitors. These are a relatively new capacitor, designed by the same team behind the legendary Black Gate capacitors. The CX module section uses the same Nichicon FG "Fine Gold" capacitors as the DC3 design, as we found that the KAISEI capacitors made no noticeable difference here.


The DC4 is supplied with output cable made from OCC wire with PTFE insulation by ZenWave Audio and fitted with Oyaide gold-plated 2.1mm DC connector.


INPUT: 220-240V AC

OUTPUT: 5V/5A(max) DC

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