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Audible Illusions M3B preamp

Audible Illusions M3B preamp

3,000.00 USD

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  • Circuit design is Pure Class-A, Single-Ended Triode, Zero Feedback, Dual-Mono
  • Audio Circuit has no Cathode Followers or Buffers
  • To prevent unwanted AC-induced distortions, the M3B features an External Power Supply housing three separate regulated supplies and a large-shielded custom-wound transformer
  • The main chassis has three-separate, fully-regulated FET power supplies driving the audio circuitry in addition to separate filament supplies
  • Automatic-timed muting circuit with Dual-Color LED indicator
  • Low-light illumination for Selector Switch and Volume Controls
  • Standby Mode avoids cold starts and prolongs tube life and circuit components
  • Active Tape Output Circuit is FET regulated, set for unity gain
  • Circuit boards are OFC copper and hand-soldered with silver solder. Polypropylene and Polystyrene capacitors used are proprietary designs of Audible Illusions.
  • Resistors are 1% film Vishay-Dale and Roederstein
  • Proprietary gold-plated RCA Jacks with Teflon Insulators
  • Volume-Balance controls are precision stepped attenuators

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