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ULPS and Taiko diy caps and hdplex cases

ULPS and Taiko diy caps and hdplex cases

1,270.00 USD

  • Price 1,270.00 USD
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I decided to discontinue my diy taiko dual cpu and ulps project. These are the parts I have left over. Also listed separately is an optane pcie drive for the OS. I'm happy to sell as a whole, or piecemeal. Also have connectors for the cases, can discuss if interested. Prices discounted to sell. Please also see feedback on usaudiomart or audiogon. Paypal ff preferred. Local pickup ok too in San Francisco.  Prices decreased. 


Saligny rectifier  $45 sold


Softstart  $55 sold


Mundorf cap 47,000uF 80vdc (2 available) $145 each


Mundorf cap 22,000 uF 80vdc (2 available) $85 each


VCAP ODAM O.1uF bypass cap (2 available) $55 each


Hdplex h5 cases (newest version with larger cpu cooler for lga-3647 as needed for diy taiko dual cpu build. Use 1 case for the motherboard etc, use both cpu coolers - just need to buy extra longer cooling pipes - and use the other case for the ULPS. $350 each. Shipping included for the cases.  


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I purchased most of the original items in this listing. Everything was prompt and as expected. 
Thank you for accommodating my special payment request!



Thanks for the purchases to drjimwillie, was a pleasure doing business! I hope your server rocks!

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