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EtherREGEN v1.2 switch by Uptone

EtherREGEN v1.2 switch by Uptone

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EtherREGEN  v1.2

This is one of the best audiophile network upgrades on the market today. This is the 1.2v which I believe is the very latest version.

  • EtherREGEN has two isolated data/power/clock domains. Each isolated domain is re-clocked using 10GHz-capable ultra-low-jitter (less than 0.8 picoseconds) differential flip-flops.
  • The clocking system runs from an advanced, programmable, jitter-attenuating clock synthesizer with four differential outputs. It is referenced to an ultra-low-jitter/phase-noise Crystek CCHD-575 oscillator. Importantly, the clock distribution system (for the switch chip, the special Ethernet format conversion chips, and the high-speed flip-flops) is run differentially throughout. Special conversion buffers are positioned just millimeters from chips that require single-ended clocks.
  • Even the magnetics of the four Gigabit ‘A’-side ports are special. We chose an RJ45 module that utilizes 12 transformer cores in each port (most Ethernet ports have 2~6 cores), and ground their center-taps through capacitors in a way that blocks port-to-port AC leakage currents.
  • To support its performance, the power networks of the EtherREGEN are as sophisticated and costly as the rest of the design. We use 12 of the world’s lowest-noise, lowest-impedance integrated voltage regulators—the famous Linear Technology LT3045 and LT3042. Supporting both the voltage regulators and the data chips are 195 low-inductance, X7R and X5R capacitors sized and selected by their derating curves.
  • The EtherREGEN incorporates two newly introduced Ethernet transceiver chips—one on each side of the ADIM™. These advanced chips were very new at the time of design; UpTone was among the first OEM manufacturers in the world to engineer a product using them.


Dimensions are —112mm x 110mm x 30mm

DC power input range — 7V/1.4A, 9V/1.0A, 12V/0.8A

DC jack size — 5.5mm x 2.1mm, center-positive.

Operating temperature — 48~52C (118~126F)

Here is the link to the EtherREGEN User Guide.


Ran out of room on my rack and needed to consolidate the AD clock, AD LPS, EtherRegen and LPS 1.2. Spending a LOT more money to do so.

9/10 Excellent. I am the original owner and purchased these items new Handled twice to install and a third time for this sale. All in excellent condition. Very small hairline scratch on top which is only visible up close with full lighting and did not even come out in the pics. Presents as new from more than a foot away but consistent with a used piece of gear (see pics).

$640 + $35 USD shipped

Free USPS. Will double-box for safe transport and require direct signature for delivery. Will ship only to US address.

No returns accepted.


"The UpTone EtherREGEN is one of those rare products that delivers high-end audio performance at an affordable price. Not only does it deliver “surprisingly audible sonic improvements” as claimed, it holds its own against the best-sounding competing products out there, that cost 3x its price or more.... I don’t use the word “bargain” lightly, but in this case it’s true. The EtherREGEN is one of high-end audio’s bargains. If your audio system uses Ethernet for streaming audio, you owe it to yourself to try the EtherREGEN."

An in-depth, seven page review of the EtherREGEN has appeared in the print and online editions of the The Absolute Sound, December 2020. Here is a link to full review: The Absolute Sound EtherREGEN review by Stephen Scharf. That fine review lead to a major award in the category of "Technology Breakthrough."


The well-known Dutch audio reviewer Hans Beekhuyzen recently posted a detailed video review of the EtherREGEN on his popular YouTube channel. At the end of his review you will see that for him, the EtherREGEN came out on top—versus even a nearly 3x the price competitor!

Of interest to home theater/high-definition video enthusiasts will be this fascinating review with carefully produced photographic proof of the impact the EtherREGEN on imaging performance.


NOTE: I am owl on Audiogon with 20+ year history of 100% satisfied buyers for many 5+ figure sales. Buy with confidence. Price is firm and includes shipping.

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